Why is Laravel Preferred as PHP Framework Software?

One of the most critical tasks for any business is to choose the best framework so that a robust web application can be created. PHP frameworks are not parts of the technology that got introduced to the world recently.

Laravel however, is a relatively newer framework, that today so many businesses are so fond of. Laravel has been able to gain all-round popularity, in a very short span of time. This is also the reason why Laravel development services have become more popular, compared to all its other contemporaries.

In addition to the above points about Laravel’s popularity, it is important that you are aware of the fact that, Laravel is considered to be one of the simplest PHP frameworks to work with. It is also wonderful and easy to understand. A huge number of websites, that has been created by making use of this framework are proofs of the fact that how creatively it has been put to use.

The amount of innovation you personally employ in building a particular website for your business, using the Laravel framework, dictates the amount of online presence your official website will experience by the audience.

To address the inevitable question, of whom the Laravel framework is most appropriate for, you need to know, that there exists mainly two types of business, one is a startup, the owner of which does enjoy the luxury and freedom of being a bit of experimental. They can afford to take risks, so they have the option of mashing up a number of frameworks, to fulfil their purpose fo attracting clients and the audience.

The second kind of business is an enterprise, the owner of which cannot even afford to take a single risk. Even a minuscule error on their part can lead to a huge loss. They will always have to choose the best available framework to build their official website.

The next question that might be poking the walls of your mind, is what makes Laravel the best framework for enterprise businesses. To say in short, there are a lot of reasons. This blog will focus mostly on the five major points that distinguish Laravel from all its other competitors. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will be armed with the reason why Laravel is the best option for you if you are serious about the growth of your business.

Following are a few points which prove the fact that Laravel is a superior PHP framework

Why is Laravel Superior?

A Rich Ecosystem

Developers all over the world love to build making use of the Laravel framework. Laravel comes equipped with the ability to handle a wide array of projects, starting from the smallest scale and ending on the most advanced ones. Its range begins with the smallest scale projects, like creating a small web application for sharing comments and photos, and ends at the point of creating a heavy-duty enterprise product.

What is even more exciting is the fact that even if you pay extra money to hire Laravel developers, to work on a particular project, your in-house developers can also contribute to the development process of the applications. They can choose to create new apps, or modify the existing apps created previously by hired developers, to meet the demands of the user-base of your business.

One example of a popular Laravel project that can serve both instances, is the Laravel Socialite. This project was created with the objective of authenticating a diverse range of social APIs.

Some popular examples of such APIs include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket. Apart from this example, there also exist many other powerful projects, which exist to serve the purpose of other major enterprise software projects.

Laravel is Completely Open-Source

This is a very significant benefit that you can have by hiring a Laravel development company for your projects. It is a known fact that to almost everybody that Laravel was founded by Taylor Otwell. A lesser-known fact is that Laravel is 100% open-source, which means that there exists ample room for modification, customization and extension, compared to any other frameworks.

Provide the fact that it is open-source, it is perfect for enterprise business owners as enterprise software, which comes with the open-source feature is immensely attractive for users around the world. The Elastic Container Service or the ECS, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is deployed making use of the packaging system of Laravel.

Best Choice in Design Patterns

The Laravel framework shares a good portion of its libraries, with another PHP framework named Symfony. Both of these frameworks are well-known for their practices and design patterns.

Have a minimal and easy to understand design pattern is specifically advantageous for enterprise businesses as well. This pattern enables large businesses to maintain a clean, efficient and minimalistic code base, which can easily be modified upon will.

Efficient Authentication for Users

With the Laravel framework, the developers have the freedom to add authentication features to websites and applications. The main purpose that authentication serves is that of security. Authentication helps in securing the company data and personal information of the users.

Laravel frameworks come with a number of authentication methods, which again provides the developers with the liberty to choose which one is appropriate for a certain website. One example of such a feature is the ability of a particular website to ask a user to re-enter his or her password before logging in.

It can Fix Web configuration Errors

Configuration errors are very common when a user is trying to interact with a particular website. The best example is when a particular user, by mistake enter incorrect information, and the step by step process ends with an error at the end. Errors like these are easy to correct as the user in most cases is just redirected to a different page, in which they are asked again to enter the correct information.

This whole process of detecting a small error in the information provided by a user, and then the process in which that user is redirected so that the user can re-enter the information. This whole phenomenon requires a huge amount of minute coding by the developer. This is where a Laravel framework comes in handy, as this simplifies the entire process.


Every Organisation is different from each other, and all of them tend to function in different ways. You will have a separate set of requirements which will depend on the type and scale of the enterprise software you have built or are planning to.

You need to factor in these points while making your decision, whether it be in case of a particular software which already exists or a one you are planning to build entirely from scratch.

You need to make sure that the frameworks and languages you have chosen are fully compatible with the project of your organisation os planning to undertake. According to reviews from developers all around the world, choosing the Laravel framework is the best decision you can make if you own an enterprise company.

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