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Why is Google Chrome The Best Browser on the Internet?

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There are many types of web browsers. Most people have their favorite web browser, or at least they think they do. However, those who are unfamiliar with web browsers are probably wondering what browser they should choose. They probably also want to find out which is Google Chrome is the best. It is quite a task to choose among the various web browsers available today.

Each browser has its pros and cons. You should consider your own needs when making your choice. Most people will be looking for a web browser that allows them to surf the web quickly. But there is a browser which has proved to be the best in its class. Now, let me introduce you to Google Chrome which is the most used web browser in the world.

Usability of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser. It was designed by Google to handle every type of computer program you can think of. If you are looking for an application that will allow you to surf the internet, it is definitely a good option.

Google Chrome comes with many useful applications, for example, the Software Reporter Tool and the Cleanup Tool. They help Google chrome to run smoothly on your computer. The software reporter tool analyzes your computer for any conflicting software which may create any problem with Google Chrome. And if it finds any problem its Cleanup tool eliminates that risk.

Chrome is definitely one of the better choices because of its amazing features. A few of these examples are Chrome Flash Support, Pin Tabs, Synchronize Bookmarks, and application shortcuts. Google Chrome was built to simplify the user’s browsing experience which it did very well. Google Chrome has a web store with so many extension you can use to create documents, edit photos, play games, listen to music, and so much more. You can add the extensions to your Google Chrome to make any webpages you visit more useful to you.

The other main thing about Chrome is that it has been designed to work on almost any type of operating system. Therefore, you will be able to use the browser on your personal computer, on your laptop, on your notebook, and on your desktop. And this is one of the major reasons that more than 65% of people have chosen Google Chrome as their primary browser.

Google Chrome was also created by the open-source community, which means that it is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This makes it possible for any person to modify the code to create a customized version of Chrome. These modifications often times change the feel and look of the browser and even the way it works.

The other types of web browsers available on the market today are used primarily for surfing the internet to a very limited extent. They tend to have very limited features and usually lack the flash support mentioned above.

Opera is another browser that is designed to play a small role in the internet world and lacks the features Google Chrome has. You see the users today are not just looking for features like a search bar, a history, or bookmarks. They want a browser that can do multiple works and has a low impact on the computer system.


Google Chrome has emerged as a champion in a very short period and this is because of the reason that people are loving this Browser. It works smoothly on any computer and doesn’t let any other software interfere with its work. And the Chrome Software Reporter Tool makes sure to that. So, now you know why Google Chrome is the best browser on the internet. But the best option will be to use all the other browsers yourself and then you will know the true difference.

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