Why AngularJS Technology Important For Business?

When it comes to web development, AngularJs is one product that keeps getting better. Created by Google, the framework is very easy to use, simplifies the entire application development process, and supports JavaScript’s latest standard.

This is probably why big enterprises like Freelancer, Netflix, Upwork, PayPal, and YouTube opted for AngularJS Development Company using Angular JavaScript Technology for their web application development.

  • But is AngularJs a great match for your business applications?
  • How can AngularJs prove a true catalyst for your business?
  • Do you know the reasons to choose AngularJS technology for your business?

Find answers to such important questions in the section below.

AngularJS Makes Prototyping Easy and Fast

Prototyping is one area where AngularJS outranks all its competitors by a fair margin. If you have a UI idea, then the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework must be your go-to tool for rapid prototyping. Angular comes bundled with tons of mature component libraries, which means best AngularJS developer teams can use pre-built design components.

AngularJS Boosts Security of Web Applications

AngularJS Technology Important For Business

In the digital age, a website allows organizations to build a strong online presence and promote their products and businesses to a larger online audience. However, data security remains a growing concern for website owners all over the globe.

As per the reports, 34% of businesses witnessed malware attacks that took a week or more to regain their data access.

AngularJS offers website owners a perfect respite in this regard. Applications built using the AngularJS framework use the HTTPS interface, which means every bit of data transferred between a browser and website server is well encrypted.

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Even if they are intercepted, it’s not possible to read or alter the data. Plus, AngularJs has a rich repository of security libraries. These libraries are easy to integrate and implement for any application environment.

AngularJS Offers Flexibility in Data Management

Data is at the core of any enterprise application. Ideally, AngularJS applications are implemented using RESTful APIs. This offers a great deal of flexibility as data is not tied to any single resources or methods.

This means the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework applications can handle multiple types of calls, return different data formats, and even change structurally with hypermedia’s correct implementation.

What does this mean for an organization?

As enterprises grow in size, so do their data sources. A considerable amount of data is produced, consumed, and stored in a variety of formats. RESTful APIs allow for seamless integration of these data sources and lay the groundwork for in-depth analysis and well-informed business decision making.

AngularJS allows Rapid Development with Minimal Effort

For any enterprise, time and resources are its most valuable assets. With Angular JavaScript material, enterprises get a complete solution for rapid front-end development. By allowing developers to split an application into MVC elements, AngularJS does most of the integration work by itself.

Moreover, the framework has a declarative HTML approach, which means the syntax is similar to natural language. The declarative approach makes coding more easy, collaborative, and scalable.

AngularJS Makes Testing Easy and Efficient

The creators of AngularJS designed the framework keeping testing in mind. Traditionally, testing has been slow and error-prone. But with Angular JavaScript, it became more comfortable for developers to perform Unit Testing for directives and controllers. This has been a significant leap over traditional testing approaches.

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Further, application developers can also perform end of end testing of AngularJS. This allows developers to test the application from a user perspective and quickly identify new areas and elements for improvement. Fair to say that Angular JavaScript makes it easy to address issues and facilitates continuous improvement of applications.

AngularJS Facilitates Easy Maintenance

Applications built using the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework are easier to maintain. This ensures that applications are always running at full capacity, attracting new visitors and boosting return traffic. From a business point of view, this provides exceptional ROI and contributes significantly to branding.

Angular Js owes its easy maintenance to object-oriented design. Part of the applications that are facing issues can be easily updated without any need to make large scale changes across the application’s entirety.

The Technology Promotes Easy Collaboration

Collaborations are at the heart of any application development. Effective collaborations act as a catalyst in the success of the project. It ensures all stakeholders are completely involved, and common business needs are met seamlessly.

“If the development team is not on the same page, there is a high risk that the end product will never meet expectations and in the worst case may even surpass the budget.”

AngularJS is based on Component-based Architecture, which facilitates dependency injection whereby teams can easily transfer tasks of creating components among them and use them directly whenever needed during the project development phase.

The benefits of dependency of the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework injection are not limited to collaborations alone. They are well extended to Unit testing, code reusability, and readability.

AngularJS is Easy to Learn and Master

Unlike other application development frameworks, this JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework has a comparatively easy learning curve. Any developer with a good understanding of JavaScript will have little trouble in attaining proficiency.

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Moreover, AngularJS developers need not compose an MVC pipeline, which reduces code size significantly and saves time. The modular structure is ideal for parallel coding, which reduces the apps time-to-market significantly.

AngularJs Boasts a Huge Developer Community

The developer community is a great way to judge a technology’s popularity and adoption. As far as its developer community is concerned, This JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework ticks all the right boxes. It is easier to find and hire quality AngularJs developers. Plus, it is also fairly easy to find information and solutions on fresh updates and features.

Hard-to-ignore AngularJs Stats:

  • 58,000+ stars on Github
  • 100,000+ professionals on LinkedIn
  • 3,600,000+ Angular websites

Now that we have covered almost all the key points that make the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework a great framework for creating amazing front-end applications, let us look at some excellent popular applications built using this technology.

  • PayPal
  • iStock Photo
  • Forbes
  •, and lots more

Final Thoughts

AngularJs is a wonderful front-end framework to build enterprise applications of all scale and complexity. The JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework applications are capable of handling high loads and deliver outstanding performance consistently.

Add to it the detailed documentation and wonderful community of developers. You have all the things you need to create the business app that you have always wanted.

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