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What is Social Feed Aggregation and How it Help in SEO

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Digital media revolution in recent years has affected the lives of billions of people globally with users endlessly consuming social media content and brands leveraging digital platforms for customer acquisition. Brands and businesses have realized that in the coming years it will all be about digital. So, they have started strengthening their presence through their website social feed, social media, and digital channels.

Especially their website, they are investing heavily in search engine optimization to stay ahead of the competition and capture maximum opportunities. Social feed aggregation is one such emerging trend that will help in boosting SEO performance and digital influence.

What Is Social Feed Aggregation?

Social feed or social media feed is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

So, the social media aggregation means the creation of social media feed by aggregating the most valuable and relevant content from social media into one place i.e. feed. The social feed is also known as a social wall or social media feed or social UGC feed.

For the process of social feed aggregation, you need to use a tool called social media aggregator that will help you link your multiple social media accounts and fetch your intended content from these platforms into your account. But you might wonder how social feed aggregation relates to the improvement of SEO performance?

Well! Not just aggregation but the social media aggregators help you to curate, customize, moderate and then embed that social feed into your website. Here we have listed a few benefits of social feed aggregation and embedding to boost your SEO efforts and results.

How Social Feed Aggregation Helps SEO?

Curating Valuable and Original Content

We all know how important content is on your website as it helps in delivering the right and necessary information to the users to help them make favourable decisions. So, it is important to have quality and original content on your website that lets you achieve these objectives. This is where social feed aggregation helps you to bring valuable social content to your website.

Having access to a hub of diverse social content will help you maintain premium, fresh, unique, original, and relevant content on your website that will attract users to your website. Besides, this will also help you save your costs of content creation and the time and resources for the same as you are just curating the existing content for your website.

Build Trust and Credibility Through UGC

Now, why is trust and credibility mentioned here or how they are useful in SEO? Well! It can be said that they are most useful when it comes to choosing content for your website. Search engines like Google have stated it many times and shared guidelines regarding the website content that is most fruitful for your search engine optimization.

They say it is important to have authentic, realistic, relatable, trustworthy, and interactive content that provides the necessary information to the users for their search queries. So, the best content for this purpose is User-Generated Content as it is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content out there that is shared by real customers based on their real experiences with your business and its products or services.

Therefore, you can curate the most valuable UGC from social media as it is a hub of user-generated content. You can display this content on your website to build trust, credibility, and brand image.

Improve Website Engagement and Dwell Time

Website user engagement is directly related to the search engine performance of the website and content plays a huge role in engaging the users to the website. So, displaying creative and diversified content from different social media platforms to your website will help you grab the users’ attention instantly and engage them to the content.

Since the users will engage more with the content, it will improve their website dwell time leading to reduced bounce rate and improved session duration. Similarly, it will also improve your search engine ranking bringing in more impressions and eventually more traffic to your website helping your SEO performance directly.

Keywords and Visual Content Opportunities

Keywords are the key components to ranking your website highly in the search engine results. But you can not just write keywords on your website or stuff the content with keywords to rank better. It is essential that keywords appear naturally as part of the content of your website i.e. authenticity. Social media content is filled with such content that might contain your relevant keywords.

Like if you display user-generated content using the social feed, so the UGC will contain words relating to your brand mostly in the long-tail keywords form. You can use these to target the long-tail keywords and rank better. Also, visual content is important from the perspective of users as they tend to engage better with images and videos. So, having such visual content from social media will also help you attract and engage traffic.


Given how important digital media and online commerce is becoming these days, it is essential to make efforts in SEO to build a strong base and plan for the future. Social feed aggregation gives you the perfect solutions to do so achieve higher traffic, grow social media reach, magnify awareness and exposure, boost website engagement, improve analytics, and build possibilities for better conversions. So, get started now with your social feed aggregation to uplift your website performance and ROI.

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