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What is Instagram Shadowban and How to Avoid it

Instagram Shadowban is the act used to block content on Instagram in such a way that the person that shares the content won’t know what is happening. Nowadays, all the business are getting exposure on the internet and social networking sites such as marketing reach, audience engagement, drive sales, etc. In this modernizing, developing market,

Social Networking sites Instagram; Facebook is building their business online by gaining potential customers through their posts, followers, etc. The changes in the Instagram Moderation practices like using hashtags in known as Shadowbanning. The word shadowban means the use of banned hashtags or repeated hashtags many times on the post by the Accountant. There is a term named shadow banning in where users can view hashtags from the feeds and searches.

Instagram Shadowban

What is the origin Instagram shadowban mean?

In 2006 the term shadowban was introduced by twitter. The Instagram committee are taking out abusive tweets from their platform and are applying timeout on users who broke their rules and policy. And afterwards, they have informed about this to their users.

But on Instagram, they don’t inform the user; instead, they hide the post from the user, which doesn’t follow you. In the future, it may create an obstacle to getting more followers. And all the Instagram hashtags and Strategies fail.

Shadowbanning is a controversial topic from its effects on its continuation. But many users are telling a different story every time on the site. Instagram claims the inexistence of this term. According to Hubspot, on 28th February 2017, Instagram addressing a user complaint that uses are using a Facebook Business Account.

Instagram has recently experienced a “hashtags glitch and altering algorithms” to promote their higher quality content. Jenn Herman remains unconvinced that whether Instagram plays a covert content silencing or not.

What Instagram shadowban means?

It is an act of blocking someone’s account from an online community in such a manner that they don’t even realize that they are being banned. In this, they hide and post from those who don’t follow them. If your account has been banned on Instagram and the used hashtags also only those people can see who follows you, and you follow them. It collapses the purpose of Instagram of growing an individual Instagram community.

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What leads to Instagram Shadowban?

This term only exists for those users who do inappropriate behavior and are using banned hashtags on the post. Recently they had said that they would focus more on business Instagram rather than focusing on hashtags.

According to Instagram, it merely describes that the improvements are taking place in the system, and it also says that not to rely on the hashtags to grow your account. The whole point of shadowban comes from toxic behavior from the users. The use of similar hashtags repeatedly doesn’t seem like offensive that calls for shadowban. It seems you’re engaging with your community. A way to effective Instagram marketing strategy can be made by finding the best hashtags suitable.

What causes Instagram to penalize your account for using similar hashtags repeatedly? It is a strategy to crack down or influence force and marketing businesses to invest in paid advertising. Generally, hashtags are being used to make content more found quickly. If Instagram wanted to increase the paid revenue on ads rapidly, it would probably use more hashtags to reach more audiences.

Shadowbanning blocks the Accountant from viewing to a broader Instagram community and allows existing users to see the content. It significantly reduces the engagement if the policies and the standards have been violated.

Are you a target of Instagram’s Shadowban, let’s find it out?

To check whether your account has been shadowbanned or not, they here are a few steps to follow:

  • check your post in hashtags searches.
  • For the implementation of step one, you initially need to create a new post on Instagram by using unpopular hashtags in caption and 2-3 unpopular hashtags in the initial comment.
  • Check your post from someones else account who doesn’t follow you.

But at the same time, these ways are not 100% reliable.

Business depends on social media to reach customers from getting shadowbanned into the business bottom line. Research says that approximately 66%of users search for new purchases and products on sites. Losing thousands of views on content, by the user not yet to follow you, is a considerable risk.

The business produces social content for it to be seen on Instagram stories. It is difficult for the shadow banning for stories and traditional posts to be viewed, which harms the business companies that mismanage the hashtags and the content.

How to avoid social media shadowban?

There are four steps to avoid social media shadowban. They are

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Don’t use broken or banned hashtags

Around 700 million users use the broken or banned hashtags. It becomes tough for Instagram to find out. So to stop this activity, they will block the hashtag, or they will only allow the hashtags for a limited number of times. Because when they had to find out the hashtags on the post, which is not related to the job. It also means that the users have been violating the Instagram policy and guidelines.

Avoid usage of the software that violates Instagram terms and services

Instagram latterly updated blogs and algorithms, which include bots, auto-comments, auto-like, and a bot that grows your followers. If there is any automation, then it is a good chance that your account is going to be Shadowbanned.

If you use the software which posts for you, then also you are violating the Instagram policy. And Instagram would send you the notification, and you have to stop using that software. And you would be at risk of getting shadowbanned not on your post but at your whole account too.

Avoid bid surges in your Instagram activity

Are you aware or not about the fact that you can only like 150-200 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows/ unfollow per hour? According to research, your account’s ability to like feedback, follow, unfollow grows at every three months mark. However, at the same time, there are still other factors when determining other account limits. If you suddenly follow 50 accounts, then immediately unfollow the other 25 accounts; otherwise. As a result, your account has to face a shadowbanned.

Avoid being reported by the other users

Getting published by the different accounts is not enough for Instagram to block your account. Before blocking your account, they will make sure whether you have violated Instagram’s policy and guidelines or not. If you had, then only Instagram will block your account.

What can help you lift Instagram Shadowban?

There are a few ways to lift your Instagram shadowban. They are as follows:

Stop using broken or banned hashtags

if you use any of the banned hashtags, then your account will be in the target of getting shadowbanned. So stop using the banned hashtags or broken hashtags to prevent your account from getting shadowbanned. Sometimes Instagram will send you a notification to stop using banned hashtags and explaining that post has been hidden for meeting the community guidelines.

Avoid usage of the post and auto-posting software

You can save a lot of time by using an Instagram scheduler which automatically posts your photos to Instagram. If Instagram comes to know about this, they will get your account shadowbanned.

Take a short break from Instagram

According to research, users had said that taking a short break from Instagram for 2-4 days would lift their Instagram shadowbanned account.

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Report Your Shadowban to Instagram

An official support email (, but a better idea is the use of the “Report a Problem” in the Instagram app. For this, jump to the Instagram profile and select the “cog” icon. Then, scrolling down, select “Report a Problem.” A pop-up appears with certain options. Select “Something Isn’t Working,” and write a message that clearly defines the issue.

Switching business account to personal

Business accounts are the ones heavily impacted in a negative way by shadowban. Business accounts are also most likely who can buy ads by simply switching their account from business to personal. This change may lead to a downfall in Instagram’s radar. Some users have gained a positive impact by this switching.

Business recoup from Social Media Shadowban?

To recover from a social media shadowban, we have to build up our audience and raise engagement activity :

  • Put a new Instagram story regularly.
  • Maximum usage of hashtags on a post approximately 30.
  • Posting relevant content by using high-quality images and videos for the content.

Because of this, customers will purchase your product.


The usage for your Instagram account is in a genuine way and you don’t intend to use any automated services. The services like follow, unfollow or automated likes. A forward-looking to hashtags and uploading them once after reviewing will avoid the chances of Shadowban.

There are lots of proofs which state that the Instagram algorithms visibility on account that do not confirm the use of repeated hashtags or banned hashtags on the inappropriate post and content both.

Instagram’s algorithm keeps on changing, this arranges new traps every day in order to have a full stop on foul practices on Instagram. Situations keep on molding into new every day so keep your Instagram activity genuine.

The engagement rate keeps on varying, and the algorithm of Instagram also changes. It might vary on the graph each time. Don’t panic in situations of the downfall. It justifies commitment and engagement to be the only way for a growing account.

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