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What does Color represent in a Business Logo Design?

The color of your logo speaks more about your business than one could imagine, professional logo design services work hard on it, as it can emboss your company’s core strengths and bring in the right consumers. And, if not handled deliberately, the wrong colours can also pose a bad impact on your business.

According to a recent study by Kissmetrics, 85% of buyers decide to purchase or leave the product just based on its color. And the logo is included in it. The further study tells that logo color can boost brand recognition up to 80%, making you stand tall in the crowded market. Now, before we take a look at the colors, lets briefly see how the understanding of colour psychology helps make successful brands;

Color Psychology and Marketing

Color Psychology, as the name suggests, is a study of colors and its impact on human behaviour. And, since brand marketing is mostly about conveying your brand’s message through logos, whose basic part includes colour, it’s essential for brand marketers and logo design services to be clear about what each color represents, as it will help produce better logos that will attract more consumers, and hence lead to brand recognition. Without further ado,

Here’s a list of colors and their impact, according to the color psychology:

Logo Color


Red is an attention magnet, it represents excitement, passion and anger. Red works best if your brand is loud, playful, youthful or modern. Red does no work with mature, classic or serious logos. The first color a newborn sees is Red, other than black and white.

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Some scientists suggest that humans have an inborn ability to see Red color easily because of evolution, as it made us learn more easily to identify fruits growing on trees. Hence, today red is associated with emotions such as love, anger and passion. And while triggering emotions, the colour is also proven to increase appetite, no wonder why an array of restaurants and food logos consist of red colour.


Orange associates with friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence. Go with orange and it can make you visible in the crowd. Though not as popular as red, but it’s still vivifying. If your brand aims for luxury, feminine, or serious tone, keep away from Orange, as it will not put the impression it should.

The word Orange has its origins from Dravidian language, and since then has carried on with many other languages, such as old French, before reaching the English speaking people. Which then named the prior named, ‘red-yellow’ colour after the orange fruit as ‘Orange.’ This colour resembles Change, imagine orange skies at sunrise and sunset, and autumn leaves. Brands who imagine themselves like something out of ordinary and better, tend to use Orange as their primary colour.


Blue is a sign of strength and boosts confidence and coolness. If you want to experience the tranquillity this color brings with it: Simply, on a clear day head out to a beach and relax there with your eyes up at the sky… (unless of course, you haven’t paid your bills yet, things could be different then). Anyway, back to the topic; the beach and sky also carry similar strength as blue.

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Blue is associated with feelings of dependability, solidity and reliability. And the leading tech brands such as IBM, Intel, Dell convey their message through this blue colour and deliver solid products that you rely and depend on. So, choose blue for your logo to show professionalism and trustworthiness of your business brand. One last thing though, avoid blue if your brand is about food(it decreases appetite) If you like blue, then keep away from dark tints of blue, towards the brighter hue.

Here are some other colors and their impact on a human response

  • Yellow evokes optimism, clarity, and warmth
  • Green evokes peace, growth, and health
  • Purple evokes creativity, imagination, and prudence
  • Gray evokes balance, neutrality, and calmness

Choosing the right logo color

The color you choose can lead to positive or negative emotion in the subconscious mind. So emphasize, just as professional logo design services do, that the color you choose for your logo has a story behind it, and you need to reflect that in your brand when reaching your target audience

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