You can get the vinyl record player to blast your favourite old school tracks on the included bookshelf speakers that come with an impressive volume and Bluetooth connectivity. The vintage turntable player reproduces the original recording with bright treble, lyrical alto and smooth bass, to deliver a warm and detailed sound throughout your entire house.

  • Rich analogue sound
  • Special ritual of music reproduction
  • Stylish vintage design

These are three characteristic reasons why vinyl record player is back in fashion. Everything is more or less clear with the first two points: a high-quality vinyl player produces a deep and warm sound that cannot be achieved when listening to mp3 files on a . In addition, the process of playing records itself, physical contact with the player, and vinyl is a ritual that brings great pleasure.

Vintage Record Player

However, the exterior design of the turntable is vital, just like the sound. On some platforms, you’ll find copies with rare, authentic designs being sold out in a matter of hours. Of course, this surely rewards the former owners in a big way.

Indeed, a vinyl record player can be a stylish piece of furniture, an important decoration. Here, we look at ways to install your vintage-looking record player in your house. Let’s jump straight into the discussion.

How to create the perfect vinyl listening room?

A vinyl record player can be a full-fledged design unit, a real work of art, an elegant interior decoration. If you choose it responsibly and integrate the device into your home space, it can bump up the appearance of your living room. It is advisable to customize the vinyl listening room uniquely. A blend of the turntable’s design and your home’s interior can create a unique atmosphere in your room.

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There are many options for how and where to install a vinyl record player in an apartment. The most logical option is to place the device in the living room. Of course, we spend most of our free time in this room, so we will most likely listen to music there.

With the advent of the turntable record player and the collection of records, your living room will acquire a special charm and flavour. The very appearance of the player will arouse the interest of each of your guests as nothing unites as much as the love of music and its accompanying aesthetics.

Place it next to the bookshelf

You can place your vinyl collection in the living room next to the bookshelf. Agree; there is a certain kinship between them. However, we strongly discourage stacking the records at each other.

It’s vital to store records upright, use a cover or sleeve, keep vinyl record player away from light and moisture, handle records carefully, and periodically clean your records. From careless handling, the records will very soon become unsuitable for listening. Follow the basic guidelines for vinyl care and storage.

Turntable record player

Storing vinyl upright is easy since you only need to use special record holders or stands. Buying such a stand not only solves the problem of convenient and correct placement of the records but accords you the chance to get another stylish piece of furniture. Of course, in addition to the player itself.

The furniture wall is an excellent idea

Let’s go back to placing the turntable record player in the living room. You can also insert it into the furniture wall, if you have one, thereby freeing up space for other purposes. If there is no furniture wall, you can find various furniture designs online that provide space for a vinyl player’s flawless placement.

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Alternatively, you can get those turntables that are made in the form of vintage faux leather suitcases. Worth noting, these are complete and independent aesthetic units. Therefore, you get the turntable record player itself and a stylish frame for it in the form of a beautiful suitcase.

If you buy a Crosley turntable, you have to correctly place the device in the interior, focusing on the colour of the turntable, its texture, and dimensions. Already at the stage of choosing a device for listening to vinyl, think about how it will look in your room. In addition, consider whether it will suit the mood and its aesthetics.

For your best collection of turntables and other accessories, you can visit the 1byoneaudio website and explore various offers.

How do you achieve the perfect vinyl sound in your room?

No matter how expensive and high-quality your turntable, the room will determine how the music sounds. Experienced musicians or audiophiles can quickly identify sound problems in any room and adjust their equipment accordingly. In our case, we do the opposite: since we can’t tune the player, we need to prepare the room itself to listen to vinyl music.

If your room has a harsh and metallic sound environment due to the finishing materials, you need to soften it up. Think about curtains and carpets. These soft additions will absorb sound, resulting in a smooth and stable sound in all parts of the room.

Do you hear echoes when talking or listening to music? If so, consider some fabric wall coverings or partitions if they can be tastefully integrated into your apartment’s interior design.

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Turntables in the 21st century are not just about music. The aesthetics, beauty, and style of turntables are also important. If you choose the right choice, you will not only get stunning sound but the perfect decoration for your living room. Perhaps the most sincere gift you can think of.

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