Benefits of Virtual Phone Number for Businesses

A Virtual phone number is a cloud-based number to route customer calls to preferred agents. Virtual numbers let businesses expand their market reach. The virtual phone number allows business owners to use the same number on

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phone
  • Desktop handsets, and more.

Users can easily forward calls, record voice messages, and share the same number among employees. They can quickly and easily set up a virtual business phone number without technical knowledge.

Virtual Phone Number for Businesses

A virtual phone number also lets users call anyone in the world from almost any internet-connected device. It is what makes virtual business phone numbers becoming more and more common. Virtual phone numbers give professionals various communication options and privacy.

Why virtual phone numbers for business are important

Work-life balance

When you buy a virtual phone number for your business organization, you can answer calls day and night, even on vacation. Having a separate number lets you recognize whether a call is work-related and whether to answer it.

You need one phone with a virtual number. The virtual phone number uses an app, not a handset. So, costs are lower, and there’s no risk of forgetting the second phone or running it out of charge.

Remote or travelling employees

Travelling workers may be reachable by forwarding calls to their virtual phone numbers to their mobile phones or homes. Remote employees may take business calls on the go without paying long-distance charges.

A Daytime Phone Number

Using a virtual phone number might give potential customers the impression that your business is more significant than it is. Many individuals only check business hours before considering whether to call someone.

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The virtual phone number may be exclusively for out-of-hours/emergency calls, so consumers know which number to dial when they need to reach you quickly.

No Phone Lines Needed

Virtual phone numbers don’t need physical phone lines at your business. All calls to and from your virtual number forward to your existing VoIPVoice phone line.

You may also determine how long calls ring before going unanswered. If no one answers after the number of rings you set or 30 seconds, the caller hears VoIPVoice’s automated attendant greeting or a prerecorded message.

No Additional Handset

You may assume that having another number requires a new phone. Extra expense and difficulty come with carrying two units. With a virtual number, an app on your phone creates two phone numbers.

A local presence

Having a local presence in other cities or countries requires opening an office. Your company may have a local number with a virtual phone number in any area code. A virtual business phone number may help businesses expand into new markets without creating physical offices. It also supports new customers find your company’s contact information.

How do virtual phone numbers function?

Virtual phone numbers aren’t like landlines or phone numbers. These cloud-based numbers connect to your existing phone number. It is sometimes called cloud telephony.

Landline phones require you to wait in one area for a call. Smartphones are great, but you must carry one to be reachable. Virtual business phone numbers help you remain connected, whether working from home or travelling abroad.

Features of virtual phone numbers

  • Multilingual Assistance: Virtual number solution provides Automated calling campaigns on IVR for English, Hindi, and regional messages.
  • International Number: Get virtual numbers for multiple countries to expand globally.
  • Concurrent Calls: Respond to unlimited incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, boosting agent efficiency.
  • Call Routing: Call routing reduces customer wait time by routing calls to available agents.
  • Call Recording: Record both inbound and outbound calls in real-time to maintain quality standards.
  • IVR: Answer every consumer query using the IVR’s multi-level menu for immediate interaction.
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Benefits of Virtual phone number solution

  • Intelligent routing and call management: Customers can quickly contact the right agent. The same agent may handle repetitive queries, saving TAT per call. One dedicated number streamlines call handling. Your business service desk can manage multiple calls at once and track call centre performance better.
  • Remote work: Due to Virtual phone numbers, your staff can manage calls anytime, anywhere. They don’t have to be at their desk 24/7 to provide 24/7 support.
  • Scalable and customizable: You can resolve issues quicker with a customizable IVR. Real-time reports and precise analytics help you design marketing campaigns. You may manage a more significant customer base without worrying about using Virtual Phone numbers. As you grow, your system scales up to meet your requirements.
  • Cost-effective, reliable: Small businesses face cash shortages. Traditional setup is costly and has other disadvantages. Virtual Phone numbers save small companies money on design, infrastructure, and maintenance.
  • Virtual phone numbers are reliable: It’s more reliable than standard EPBAX systems due to reduced downtime as they can route calls across several servers in other locations.
  • Build your brand: Small businesses should brand at every opportunity. A professional IVR increases your business image and brand identity.
  • Single number for the team: It connects your team with a single number. Virtual Phone Numbers eliminate the need for several confusing numbers.

Why choose a virtual phone number for your business

  • Real-time Data Insights: You can buy virtual numbers online to get actionable data on call performance using call logs to improve client engagement and measure agent performance.
  • Optimize Operational Efficiency: Never miss a lead by routing calls based on availability, caller history, and location.
  • Number Masking hides customer and agent details during a live call to avoid lead leakage.
  • Omnipresent: Forward customer calls to agents’ mobiles and landlines to manage business calls remotely.
  • Quality Leads: Classify and nurture leads to decrease churn and simplify customer engagement.
  • Higher Conversion Rate: Track inbound and outbound calls that are possible business opportunities to increase conversion.
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Fonada virtual business phone numbers can help your business. Buy a virtual phone number for your business today. Fonada has a strong network operator connection. It accelerates communications.


What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number has no physical location. Virtual numbers work with VoIP desk phones, cell phones, and softphones. It’s perfect for office workers or those who work from home.

What distinguishes a virtual number from a toll-free number?

A virtual number is an indirect phone number. These numbers route incoming calls to the owner’s pre-set phone number. A toll-free number is one in which the calling party pays nothing, but the subscriber pays for the rings. Toll-free numbers start with 1800 and have 11 digits.

Is it safe to use virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are easy, secure, and inexpensive, making them the perfect tool for businesses and individuals.

Can a business have multiple virtual numbers?

Yes, businesses may buy multiple virtual phone numbers depending on their needs.

What does a VIP number mean?

VIP numbers are vanity numbers. It’s an easy-to-remember number with the numbers you want or your preferred format. These fancy numbers cost a small price.

Virtual phone numbers are the perfect communication tool for business organizations and their workers since they are efficient, safe, and affordable solutions to many communication problems.

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