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Virtual Event: 7 Powerful Tips to Host Online Events

Would you like to have a virtual event to construct, develop, and scale your online business? It’s an incredibly astute promoting system in the event that you need to see large outcomes FAST.

There’s no other method to pick up so much force and commitment in such a short measure of time. The best virtual events are so effective in light of the fact that a great deal of arranging and work goes into them off camera.

What Is A Virtual Event?

Now, you may be pondering, precisely what is an online event?
An online or virtual event is an intuitive event that happens altogether online or on the web as opposed to in a physical area. Like live face to face events, they are exceptionally captivating and have a significant level of vitality.

There are a few unique kinds of virtual events, contingent upon one what the particular objective of the event is. For instance, there could be a virtual public expo, work reasonable, meeting, or gathering.

Most virtual events (or as I like to call them, virtual highest points) unite a choice of the top specialists on a subject to convey introductions or meetings that participants can watch and partake in.

A virtual event can develop your crowd while at the same time creating income for your business. A compelling model is to offer a restricted time (for example 24-48 hours) free survey period when individuals register with their email address and they are then given an alternative to redesign by buying the All-Access Pass for lifetime access to the whole event.

Let’s dive into the 7 powerful tips to create your own wildly successful virtual event in your industry

Virtual Event

Define a strong WHY behind your virtual event

One thing that I’m sure that we can both agree on it that there is a lot of noise in the online space. Fortunately, virtual events naturally stand out more than blog posts or podcast episodes because they are more unique.

But even so, it is essential to define a strong WHY behind your virtual event so that it stands out and attracts your target audience.

You might have a few different virtual event ideas but before you jump into action mode, it’s so important to choose a topic that you are passionate about so that you will see the project through to the finish line. It’s the only way that you will see the results that you deserve.

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Leverage Virtual Events as an Entire Business Model

Virtual events are the most underrated marketing tactic available to businesses today, according to one of the biggest content marketing websites in the world, Virtual events are more than a tactic or strategy… they can be an entire business model!

There are millions of blogs on the Internet… over a quarter of a million podcasts awaiting you on iTunes… and you probably get at least a few webinar invitations per day sent to your inbox!
But how many people are actually leveraging virtual events?

Not too many at all are doing it well… which is why it’s such an underrated strategy that you must pay closer attention to. If you want to get your business and brand off the ground, or to grow your business faster, summits are the answer.

Think about a virtual summit as a webinar on steroids. You can leverage multiple experts in your industry who will promote your summit to their audience, instead of just one at a time. It’s like influencer marketing at scale!

VSM Graduate Liam Austin from EntrepreneursHQ hosts of several successful virtual summits on different topics EVERY year!
Moving his business over to a model centered on hosting virtual events transformed his entire business for the better.

The continual influx of new attendees from hosting multiple events gives him an ongoing supply of leads to join his membership site (which also includes all the summits he hosts) and a stable source of recurring revenue.

Pick a specific virtual event topic

Even in a crowded market, it’s still possible for your event to be successful.
You may have heard that the “riches are in the niches”, and it’s very true when it comes to virtual events. A virtual event for everyone is really for nobody. Narrow down your niche until it really hurts.

Craft a unique hook for your virtual event

Even in a crowded market, it’s still possible for your event to be successful.
Crafting a unique hook for your summit is often overlooked, but it’s crucial if you’d like to experience the same success as the VSM students featured in this post.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a unique spin or hook will help to make your summit stand out

  • Do something that hasn’t been done before (e.g. largest conference, most speakers, first online event etc.)
  • Invite different speakers than you see on other summits in your niche
  • Create a cool and unique “theme” around your summit
  • Have a different focus or format of your summit
  • Become the go-to online event in your industry
  • Look more professional with a better site design
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Your hook should flaunt the unique difference of your summit that will help to draw your target audience in. I’d even argue that your hook is even more important than your summit name!

Create an irresistible offer for your virtual event

An irresistible offer hones in on exactly what your audience wants and needs so that it is simply too good NOT to purchase and they can’t refuse.

There are a few ways to put together a no-brainer offer, but one of my favorites is to include relevant bonuses in your All Access Pass that help people to implement the content from the event.

You could include

  • Audio files of sessions
  • Transcripts of sessions
  • PDF Action Guides of sessions
  • Private community or mastermind
  • Live Q&A sessions with you and speakers.
  • Special offers from sponsors or partners.
  • Other bonuses (e.g templates, swipe copy, checklists, cheatsheets, guides)

These are very specific bonuses that would help to save event attendees a lot of time and stress, which is what makes them so valuable.
The bonuses you include should help your buyers apply the content shared on your summit in some way so they can get even better results faster.

DON’T just include bonuses for the sake of including more bonuses if they are not related to content on the summit itself. You don’t have to go overboard and include everything you possibly can think of.

Plan your virtual event the right way

It’s incredibly important to create a plan for your virtual event and decide on the details how it will run before you jump into action mode.
You don’t need to have a virtual event planner, but you should have a clear outline of what needs to be done and work out a rough timeline for completing everything according to the dates of your event.

When making your plan, you should

  • Choose your summit dates (and how many days it will be)
  • Work out when your promotion will start
  • Decide how many sessions you’ll have and how many each day
  • Decide on the format of your summit sessions (e.g. interviews or slide presentations, session length)
  • Decide whether your sessions will be live or pre-recorded (I recommend pre-recorded if it’s your first summit to keep things simple)
  • Work out if you’ll need a team to help you (e.g. you might want to hire a virtual assistant, designer or video editor)
  • Work out your production and marketing budget
  • Work out what tools you’ll need
  • Start thinking about how you will promote the summit (e.g. affiliates, blogs, websites, podcasts, paid advertising, contests, email marketing)
  • Clarify your goal for the summit and set “good”, “better” and “best” results to aim for

Once you are clear about what you need to do, it’s much easier to get started and make your summit become a reality.

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It’s also a good idea to create an organized system for everything during this step, before you start creating things and wasting time when you can’t find things again!

I’d recommend setting up a separate folder for your virtual event and creating an ideas document to keep track of your thoughts as you go throughout the planning process.

Build authentic, powerful relationships before you need them

Something that I stress over and over again is the importance of building authentic, powerful relationships with influencers before you actually need them.

This is something you can start doing today, even if you’re just starting out without any connections with influencers in your industry. If you want to host your virtual event in 3-6 months from now, then start by adding value to influencers where you can.

You can begin by making a list of the top influencers in your industry of whom you would like to invite on as guest speakers for your virtual event (most online events tend to have anywhere from 20-30 speakers, so make a list of around 50-100 potential speakers in your industry).

Then, start adding value to them by leaving thoughtful comments on their blogs, sharing their content, interacting with them on social media, leaving a book review, signing up to their email list and replying to their questions, or even being a case study for them (implementing what they teach and sharing the results with them). Just look for opportunities to help them without expecting anything in return.

Doing this will not only make it easier for the influencers to say to YES to be a speaker on your virtual event, but they will also go out of their way to promote it to their email list and on social media to help you out.

A big ninja trick for getting speakers on board to speak at your virtual event is to send personalized video invitations to them. Very few people take the time to really do this, besides my Virtual Summit Mastery students of course, but it has a big impact to make your invitation to stand out in their inbox.

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