How Virtual Data Room Protect You from Camera-Based Attacks

A virtual data room is a safe online repository for electronic document storage, commonly used during the due diligence stage of a transaction. It is commonly used during the due diligence phase before a merger or acquisition, to review, share and distribute company documentation.

Businesses often use a virtual data room to house sensitive corporate information. Some companies use VDRs to maintain compliance requirements related to securities laws. Virtual Data Rooms provide companies with a cost-effective, reliable, high-volume way to manage the electronic documents that constitute their business records.

Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room provider in India has now become the necessity of every organization that has to deal with third parties daily. As an emerging economy, Indian policies have now built up the ground for new opportunities to the budding players of the market in the field of VDRs.

Due to this tremendous increase in online working, the threat of cyber-attack also exists, which can be diminished through the use of FirmsData secure VDR. It’s new and one of the highly used Virtual data rooms in India. It provides the best out of the present services for the users of virtual data rooms. FirmsData built-up high tech features in its VDR to protect you from camera-based attacks.

Virtual data rooms provide many benefits, such as

  • Improved collaboration and information sharing
  • Simpler interdepartmental communications
  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Reduction in capital expenditures
  • Increased employee productivity

Furthermore, virtual data rooms offer superior and flexible data management services. They are capable of supporting secure application security, access control, password protection, and data encryption, among others. They also have advanced functionality to manage and protect confidential documents, such as

  • Email access
  • Password storage
  • Locking/deleting document lists
  • Scanning documents for suspicious content
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Let’s have a look at some of the issues and their solutions in the world of virtual data room now

  • Issues using ordinary applications for work

While most, if not all, organizations do utilize email to ensure the daily running of their business units, the platform simply doesn’t offer the degree of security required for the transmission of sensitive organization information.

Indeed, even profoundly made sure about email servers can be targeted or breached through the carelessness of clients, as was found in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election in the US. Another issue of customary document sharing stages that also tends to be overlooked is their vulnerability to camera-based attacks.

While the name is very alarming, camera-based attacks allude to the utilization of cameras to catch sensitive data on documents, which are frequently distributed or sold because of their affectability. Usually, when you send a document to somebody employing email, you expect that only they see the report and that they don’t impart it to other people or the public at large.

Unfortunately, this depends totally on trust as there is no physical or advanced approach to keep somebody from sending the email or printing it out and circulating it. Often you may not realize that such a breach has happened and it tends to be challenging to follow, particularly when the documents have been distributed physically.

  • The Solution to the above issues

To combat this issue and to take into consideration an increased degree of security when sharing documents, virtual data rooms (VDR) employ a host of features designed both to prevent unsolicited viewing and tracing guilty parties. Likewise, FIRMSDATA secure VDR software is one of the most used VDR providers in India, which allows you to share your documents without any fear of leakage or duplicity.

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On an essential level, VDR protects you from camera-based attacks, use access controls & consent to figure out what the beneficiary of a document may do with it. As the proprietor of the document, you could confine the recipient from reviewing certain pages, printing certain pages, or in any event, having the option to download the document.

Coupled with a single-access password or ‘key’, this can guarantee that only the planned beneficiary can see the information and that he/she can’t physically or digitally distribute it. Camera-based attacks attempt to dodge this limitation by using a camera or the screenshot work on a laptop to make a duplicate digital image copy of the document in question.

These pictures would then be distributed and can contribute to further unsolicited viewing. Fortunately for business, FirmsData virtual data room has security features in its VDR to protect you from camera-based attacks have features, for example, fence view and digital watermarking, which focus on both forestalling and disincentivizing data breach.

Fence view is a deterrent measure that obscures most of the document with the goal that it is unreadable but leaves a small window, which can be moved by the solicited reader as they progress through the document.

While this can’t forestall a camera-based attack wholly, it makes it significantly more of an inconvenience to potential attackers. Digital or dynamic watermarking is an element of virtual data rooms that includes certain data being naturally inserted into every single page and document viewed or downloaded from the data rooms.

The data contains individual subtleties, for example, the name of the viewer, IP address, and area so that in the event of a breach, the source can be effectively recognized. Being able to identify breaches (both purposeful and inadvertent) is maybe the most grounded security measure in FirmsData secure VDR to protect you from camera-based attacks. It leaves the individual liable to possible indictment or fines.

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Alongside extra features in VDR to protect you from camera-based attacks, for example, document expiry, these security tools utilized by virtual data rooms intend to protect data secure and safe from undesirable eyes through deterrent and motivation measures.

Summing up

We are an optimistic virtual data room provider to provide a world-class facility to our customers with highly certified security and encryption. This feature of digital watermarking turns into the result of highly secured data protection from leakage and duplicity.

This features a built-in virtual data room to protect you from camera-based attacks. FirmsData secure VDR assures excellent protection and client compliance services. When choosing a virtual data room service for your business, the foremost thing to look for is a provider that offers the best features for your business needs.

The ideal virtual data room solution should include various advanced functionality to

  • Manage multiple companies
  • Projects, departments
  • Locations, or individual records
  • Support collaborative communication with project partners
  • Provide accurate, quick, and secure backup of documents
  • Integrate seamlessly with business software

However, it is very important for data collection providers to also meet the needs of document providers by ensuring easy accessibility of documents and safe storage of documents. Providers must also provide secure and efficient document delivery and collaboration services.

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