Using Google Translate App as a Free SEO Tool

Google Translate is basically a free machine translated web application developed by Google, specifically to translate websites and text from one language to another. It provides a user-friendly web interface, an Android application for iOS and a mobile application for Android.

Basically, this application works on the premise of automatic translation with a human translator being present for when an error arises. This is actually useful for users who are trying to get in front of a potentially global audience and translate their content to other languages so that it will be more effective in search engine results.

For example, you can write articles on your website about your business, products or services in other languages and post them on your website, blogs, or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also post them on these social networks in the form of posts or comments.

What happen when Using Google Translate App

When these comments are translated into other languages, it will come across as more than just a simple conversation between two people. With the help of Google Translate app, you can make sure that your post gets picked up by search engines and will be seen by millions of potential customers or buyers around the world.

Google Translate App

In turn, you will be able to sell your products and services more effectively to a more global audience and increase sales. In order for the Google translate application to work, you first need to sign up with it and have your profile filled out with all the different languages where you intend to operate your business from.

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Once done, you can then login and use the Chrome browser to input text in your desired language

The Google Translate app will then take note of any words or phrases and translate them for you automatically. From here, you can then insert a link to your website or blog on the translated document or you can insert your URL address directly in the translated document so that the search engines will be able to get to your translated documents more quickly.

Aside from using Google translate app for the purpose of translating websites and blogs. Google has also integrated it into its own Chrome browser so that users can get quick and instant results when they type in a term on their search engines.

In addition, you can also share documents through your social media accounts

You can share your Google Docs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in a document sharing program such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Google translate has many other uses too.

For example, if you are creating an online tutorial, you can use the Chrome translate app to provide a user-friendly, interactive interface with interactive help that will let the user navigate the tutorial step-by-step and view results of their input.

Similarly, you can also upload your own or other people’s videos, documents and images onto your blog or website so that others will be able to view it. Aside from the many uses of the Google Translate website, it also has some drawbacks.

Since it is not an official Google program, it lacks some essential features like the ability to edit documents and even customize settings and add-ons. That is why if you intend to use it for business purposes, you should be aware that you may not be able to add and update existing Google features while still using Google Chrome.

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But the good news is that you do have the option of downloading the Google Chrome extension and installing it on your browser for a more interactive experience. This extension is usually available at no cost but if you plan on using the Chrome browser exclusively for its translation and video capabilities, it is recommended that you pay a small fee. for the extension so you can get access to the same functionality that Google offers for its paid service.

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Using Google Translate App as a Free SEO Tool 1
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