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Used Cars Valuation and 5 Tips to Get Good Resale Value

Getting a good resale value of your used car, especially if you are in a very competitive market like UAE or Dubai. If you have the experience to sell used cars in Dubai then definitely you will agree with me. However, to get a maximum resale value from your used car, you should use some methods which will increase the value of your car and also help to attract more buyers.

You can use a car appraisal tool online to provide you with the most accurate price for your current car, so you will be able to make the best decision when it is time to sell or trade. You just need to enter the year of the used car, the make and model of your car, plus any options feature the car have, to get your free value for the car

The car appraisal tool will not just help you to make a smart decision on your trade-in or used cars purchase. It will also give you an accurate price for your used cars. The car appraisal tool will help you to decide whether to trade-in or sell your used car when you are ready to buy.

So, let’s discuss the top 5 tips which will help you to generate a good resale value from your used cars

Used Cars Valuation

Paint Your Car

Yes, good paintwork of your car will give it an extra shine to attract the buyers instantly. Also, it will give your car a new look. A dull-looking car will create a negative impression and take a lot of time to attract a buyer’s attention. Also, with a new look, you can ask for good prices for your used car which and the buyer will not be going to think a lot to pay you the amount.

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Install New Headlights and Replace broken one

Dim headlights are a big hazard for the road and a buyer will avoid that. So, change your car’s headlight or repair it. Or if it’s already broken then replace it before listing it online. If you have a broken headlight, the buyer might wonder that the car might go through some major accidents. With new or brighter headlights, it’s easier to convince your buyer that they’re making a smart investment.

Rims are Essential

Good looking and shiny rims are a symbol of a well-maintained car. A smart buyer will check the car’s rims if they are damaged or tires are new or not. If your car rims are extremely damaged then you need to change them and if they are not damaged then just clean and polish to make a shine and they will look brand new.

Improve the interior

A well-looking interior will give a feeling to the buyer that they are sitting in a brand new car as they drive. A good and new looking interior will add some resale value to your car because the new owner does not need to work on it and it will save a good amount.

Get Vehicle History

It’s hard or nearly impossible to sell used cars in Dubai that has a fine or remaining load payment. A smart buyer will never show interest in your car until you show him detailed financial information of your car because they don’t want to face any problem. So always keep ready all of the financial information of your car to make the process faster.

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All the above five tips are tested and they will help you to generate the maximum value of your used car. These will help you to be a smart seller in front of a smart buyer.

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