How to Use Video Feedback to Give Students Good Feedback

Video feedback enables teachers to fulfil an important point in the students’ learning process: to give good feedback. It’s easy to do. The document submitted by the students is opened on the desktop of the computer, and then the activity of the desktop is filmed as well as the person giving feedback – in a small window in the corner of the desktop.

In this way, the students virtually accompany the reading and correction process, which makes it possible to directly identify which area, section, or sentence the lecturers are referring to with their comments. Above all, much more detailed feedback is given, as much more is said than is written. If I speak for two minutes, that’s about 400 words.

Of course, nobody would write that as a comment. The students, therefore, not only receive a comment such as: “It’s spongy here”, but the text is dealt with more intensively, and the commentary is more detailed, whereby topics from the seminars or the lecture can also be taken up.

How to Use Video Feedback to Give Students Good Feedback

The students value this clear and detailed feedback and the personal contribution very much, as they see that the teachers have really dealt with their entire document. According to the students, they have the feeling that the relationship with the teachers becomes more intense and personal through the video feedback, which is also an important point for the learning process – a good relationship with the teachers.

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What are the hurdles when using video feedback?

First, there is the threshold to just do it. The technical steps to match the existing infrastructure at the different universities must be carefully considered.

  • Which learning platform do you have?
  • So does a link need to be posted to the video, or can the entire video file be uploaded to the platform?

Then you have to think about how the video feedback should be structured. Do I want to read the document first and add comments or markings, or do I just start spontaneously? This certainly differs from type to type and from subject to subject, but these steps should at least be internalized.

Another threshold would be to see and hear yourself on the screen. You have to get over it first, of course, but once that is done, it works great. The students appreciate it very much, and in the end, it is faster than with the conventional methods.

How to Use Video Feedback to Give Students Good Feedback

In any case, if you don’t fall into the trap of claiming that the feedback should be perfect. There is always the possibility to edit the feedback to improve it. You can’t even start with that.

What do you notice in conversations with lecturers?

Most of them don’t know what I’m talking about at first. When I explain it, you can really see how the penny falls, and you think: “Why not?” In and of itself, video feedback is nothing new and nothing special either. It is also not associated with an unbelievable technical effort. All you need is a laptop and a screencast program. Then you just get started.

How to Use Video Feedback to Give Students Good Feedback

Which tools can be used for video feedback?

There are various free programs but also paid versions, depending on what options you have. RecordCast screen recorder would be a program that is available both for free and in a paid version. With the latter, you can download longer video recording sessions without watermarks.

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The program is recommended because it is extremely easy to use and works on all operating systems. If you have the resources to buy more expensive programs, then Camtasia Studio would be very good as it could be used for flipped classroom movies as well.

All in all, you could start a screencast directly via the platform, which is then assigned directly to the students. That would make a lot of things easier.

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How to Use Video Feedback to Give Students Good Feedback

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