How to Use SMS Advertising to Promote Movie Theaters?

SMS advertising is a simple medium of promotion to expose products and services to a wide range of customers using mobile phones. Many companies are sending information to their subscribers with the aid of SMS advertising services to increase their brand awareness and build trust with the audience.

SMS Advertising

Entertainment is an essential part of life. In the busy schedules, people do not get enough time to relax and sit with their loved ones or friends and reenergize themselves. Weekends are often treated as family and friends’ time.

The most popular entertainment activity for weekends in the United Arab Emirates is heading to the movie theater and watching some latest or favorite movie. Increased foot traffic on the weekends does not mean satisfaction for all.

Some people fail to secure the best seats, and others suffer due to screened movies as they do not match their preference. So, movie theatres end up running the weekend instead of providing quality entertainment. However, SMS advertising is a lifesaving option to promote theatres, as well as meet the expectations of the visitors.

Benefits of SMS Advertising for Cinema Industry

Here are some of the major benefits of SMS advertising for the cinema industry

  • Increase in sales
  • Increased offer availing rate
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Improved loyalty of target audience
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Boosts customer engagement
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Top 7 Ways SMS Advertising Can Increase Foot Traffic in Theaters

SMS advertising has emerged as one of the fastest and most effective promotional strategies in recent times. It helps the authorities stay in touch with their target audience and provide them quality service accordingly. The cinema industry can also utilize the texting option to serve their target audience.

Here are the top ways SMS advertising can increase foot traffic in theaters.

Advertise New Movies

At times, people are not aware of when the new movies will be screened in the cinema. At other times, they miss the timing of securing their seats in the first show. SMS advertising is one of the

best options to keep the audience informed about the new movies. Most theatre authorities acquire the help of companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai to stay in touch with their target audience and advertise the new movies.

Share Schedule Details

Another important way of utilizing SMS advertising to promote your cinema is by sharing the schedule details. At times, people miss the screening of some movie and want to watch it.

They visit the cinema just to inquire about it. You can make the life of your target audience easier by sharing your schedule detail through SMS. It can also prompt them to buy tickets in case you are screening their favourite movie.

Share Discount Offers

One of the best ways to increase foot traffic in cinemas through SMS advertising is to share the discount offers.

You can inform your target audience about a discount on tickets at a specific time, day or genre of movies to attract more and more people. You can also share an offer about the discount on particular cinema branch.

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Inform About Booking Details

Booking movie tickets is one of the most time-consuming tasks for most cinema visitors. Some people go to the cinema to buy tickets and then go again to watch the movie.

Some others wait in long queues to secure large bookings. You can easily manage the bookings, as well as online payments through text messaging, which will ease the suffering of visitors.

Remind About Reservations

At times, people book their seats one or two weeks before the screening. The gap between booking and screening, as well as their busy schedules, can make them forget about their reservation.

They will have to go through the same cycle of waiting if you do not remind them about their reservation. You can remind them about time, seat and show through text message.

Ask Movie Recommendations

If you are facing a slow turn rate in your cinemas, this is a high time to ask about the preference and recommendation of movie lovers.

You cannot do so before, after or even during the show as people are too busy to share their concerns. You can ask about their opinion and recommendations through text messages, which are quick and easy.

Inform About Classic Screenings

Movies are equally popular among children, young and old people; however, they all have different choices. Older people specifically like classic movies which are not screened in routine, unlike the movies preferred by youngsters and children.

You can get in touch with companies offering SMS advertising in Dubai and inform your target audience about the screening of classic movies so they do not miss the opportunity and secure their booking.

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Use SMS advertising to attract more movie lovers!

Watching movies is the favorite pass time of the young generation of the twenty-first century era. Now, the quality of filmography and cinema screening has improved to such a great extent that the number of cinema-goers has increased significantly.

Improper management of cinemas can add to the difficulty of visitors. So, collaborate with text advertising companies to fix management issues and ensure smooth communication with your target audience.

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