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How To Use Gamification App To Build Business Awareness

Building social awareness of your business is a must-to-do thing in this world of the internet. The gamification apps have changed the world of business enterprise offered by mobile apps. Smartphones have been glued to people’s hands, and social platforms have been crowded with people of every age group.

Do you know why it is happening? Because the deadliest virus has affected people highly and thrown them into the online world. In such a way, businesses started to build their online presence stronger than ever before. As the competition has raised, business owners are opting for effective ways to stand against others and win the chance to grab more customers.

The strategy they are looking for is gamification. Have you ever heard the name of it? Let us give you an idea.

Gamification means incorporating gaming mechanics into your websites or online stores. Whether a person is young or old, he will love to play. This is why gamification app elements are added to boost businesses. When it comes to social awareness, a gamification app is a go-to tactic for everyone.

There is a wide range of gamification plugins for WordPress websites that you can easily install on your WordPress websites and start building social awareness of your business using gamification. myCred is on top of that.

Did you know?

As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5 percent of the global population. Of this total, 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices.

Why is Social Awareness Important?

To justify its importance, we have collected business success stories that have implemented gamification apps to their businesses and achieved incredible outcomes for building social awareness among people. Successful businesses will always motivate people, and you are the next one!


A very well-known chocolate candy company was built in 1940 and has been successful every year since then. M&M’s launched its Pretzel campaign in 2013 and worked amazingly on its content marketing. They published a game on Facebook in February 2013.

In this post, they asked everyone to find the little pretzel that has been lost somewhere among the candies. The results were surprising, more than twenty-five thousand people liked the post, approximately six thousand shares, and comments have reached the scale of eleven thousand.

The statistics can make you understand how well they built social awareness of their business using the gamification app.


Customers love rewards. Reward them, and they will reward you with a social building. You can call it a loyalty program when it comes to the gamification app success story of Starbucks. They brought a concept of gamification app with their Starbucks Rewards app, in which they set a standard to reward users on spending dollars.

They were offering 1 star per dollar. Once a customer collects sixty stars can redeem one drink for FREE. With such a gamification app technique, they have raised their revenue by around $2.65 billion.

It is a loyalty program for its customers, and people refer to others when they find something for Free from your business. The referrals can also help you in building social awareness. All this can be done through gamification tactics as Starbucks did.


A mouth-watering chocolate ice cream company, “Magnum” has launched a game in which a character “Magnum Woman” needs to find out the chocolate for herself. She had to jump from one website to another to find more chocolates, which has become the reason for this game’s virality.

This game allowed users to share their scores and levels to different social media platforms and challenge their friends to beat their scores. This is how people got to know more about this brand and build social media awareness instantaneously.


Nike takes care of your health and takes into account the health concerns of its users. In this manner, it introduced a fitness app, NikeFuel, which enables users to share their daily health statistics to social media platforms for no losing motivation.

It is a fact that if you do not have any health activity partner, you might get tired of doing so daily. This can affect your health and make you lousy. This is why Nike launched this app, it will help you build your health community, and the stats sharing will boost your motivation level.

Also, it rewards the users on each running; when a user completes a run, he unlocks an achievement which can also be shared on social media channels.

Do you get it?

It is how they succeeded in building their brand recognition. Besides, you can apply gamification app techniques using gamification plugins for WordPress websites. Let’s now talk about the gamification plugin we have mentioned above. Yes, myCred.


A global news publication website, Insider, collaborated with Facebook to create polls. Facebook can now add polls in live videos. Insider launched a game show named ‘Confetti’ in which it starts a quiz show and asks cultural questions.

Whoever answers correctly can have the chance of winning cash prizes. As we know that Facebook is a social channel, Insider built social awareness of its business using a gamification app.

myCred – Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin

It is a phenomenon to build a list of staunching customers that will help you grow your business and build social awareness as well with the use of gamification techniques. Entice your users with digital rewards such as points, badges, and ranks.

It is one of the most popular gamification plugins for WordPress, which comes with excellent add-ons that will help you build social awareness of your business.

Before moving to them, let us inform you that myCred is free to use an open-source plugin for the WordPress website. However, some paid add-ons will cost you a reasonable amount but provide amazing services and guaranteed results.

Now, we will discuss the myCred social add-ons!

myCred Social Proof

myCred social proof is an add-on that helps businesses monitor their social activities, such as who is commenting, sharing, and interacting with your website content like images, videos, music, documents, etc.

It sends real-time notifications to the admins that help them to keep an eye on all activities performing on their websites. It is a simple and easy-to-use myCred add-on.

myCred Social Share Add-on

This add-on enables you to reward your users every time they share your website content on their social media channels. It is customizable, which means you can set the points criteria for rewarding users.

You can install this add-on on a single and multisite. It provides you with the extensive customer support you need for one year and free updates. Also, an admin can set the point system according to the type of activities.

Benefits of Social Awareness

Businesses have more opportunities for brand empowerment through social media channels. Moreover, they can add an emotional factor to their businesses for grabbing the people’s attention towards their business that they are serving humanity.

Such as running a donation campaign can help a lot in building a social reputation. People empathize with it. Let us shed light on more benefits.

  • Social awareness can help businesses grow in a very short period.
  • Social awareness can bring more opportunities for businesses to expand in various ways.
  • Social awareness keeps the businesses up to date and with the latest trends.
  • Social awareness lets businesses stand in the competitive environment where your business faces every level of competitor.
  • Social awareness builds brand recognition and lets people know more about your products and services.
  • Social awareness builds a rapport with your customers.
  • Social awareness takes your business to the next level of achievement and opens ways to interact with different companies.
  • Social awareness builds communities and provides businesses with a chance to stand in national and international level competitions.

Ways to Implement Smart Strategies to Your Business

  • Give Importance to People – it will help you grab attention and maintain trust with public and online communities. They will start relying on your business.
  • Modernize your HR – allow your HR managers to use social media platforms for employee hunting. People are more into social media channels and find relevant ways to find their desired jobs. It is another way for social awareness building using gamification app.
  • Sales Targeting – talk about your brand’s product and services on social media groups. This way, you can drive more sales and achieve your target.

Stop Thinking and Start Doing!

To sum up this blog, we first take the name of the gamification plugin for WordPress that has been mentioned above. myCred will surely help you achieve your task to build social awareness of your business using a gamification app.

Once you implement the plugin on your WordPress website, you will not require anything more to do. The add-ons will work efficiently and fulfil all your business requirements.

That would be all for this blog; we have discussed all the smart ways to build social awareness of your business using gamification app techniques.

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