Top Free Microsoft Excel Tutorial Mobile App for Beginners

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful data analysis tool and almost all big and small business enterprise are making use of Excel in their daily functioning. Excel provides commands, functions and tools that make your data analysis tasks easy. You can avoid much time consuming and/or complex calculations using Excel.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in any industry. While some enjoy playing with pivotal tables and histograms, others limit themselves to simple pie-charts and conditional formatting. Some people may create an artwork out of the dull monochrome Excel, while others may be satisfied with its data analysis.

In this discussion, we will make a deep delving analysis of Microsoft Excel and its utility. We will focus on how to analyze data in Excel, the various tricks, and techniques for it. The discussion will also explore the various ways to analyze data in Excel.

Selection Free Microsoft Excel Tutorial Mobile App for Beginners

Excel Data Analysis: All in One

This app consists of an introductory course in the use of Excel and is designed to give you a working knowledge of Excel with the aim of getting to use it for more advance topics in Business Statistics later. The course is designed keeping in mind two kinds of learners those who have very little functional knowledge of Excel and those who use Excel regularly but at a peripheral level and wish to enhance their skills.

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In the tutorial, you will get a head start on how you can perform data analysis with Excel. You will understand with relevant examples, step by step usage of Excel commands and screenshots at every step

Also in this app, you will learn how to perform data analysis using Excel’s most popular features. You will learn how to create pivot tables from a range with rows and columns in Excel.

You will see the power of Excel pivots in action and their ability to summarize data in flexible ways, enabling quick exploration of data and producing valuable insights from the accumulated data.

You should have a basic understanding of creating formulas and how cells are referenced by rows and columns within Excel to take this app. If required, you can find many help topics on Excel at the Microsoft Office Support Site.

Offline MS Office Tutorial App for Microsoft, PowerPoint

Ms Office applications free tutorial includes detailed basics on MS Word, Excel and P.Point, Ms Office Essential Shortcuts for you to learn MS Office anywhere.

It also includes MS Office Important formulas, functions and concepts needed in day to day. Important Ms Office helps you in improving your data analysis skills using MS Office daily. Topics covered are:

Microsoft Word (MS Word) Complete Offline Tutorial

– MS WORD Basics
– Editing Documents
– Formatting Text
– Formatting Pages
– Working with tables
– Advanced Operation

Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) Complete Offline Tutorial

– MS Excel Basics
– Editing Worksheet
– Formatting Cells
– Formatting Worksheets
– Working with formula
– Advance Operations

Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint) Complete Offline Tutorial

– MS PowerPoint Basics
– Editing Presentation
– Formatting Presentation
– Working with multimedia
– Sharing Presentation and much more

Learn Excel – Tutorial

Microsoft Excel App

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft. You can install and use MS Excel in Windows, macOS, Android and iOS Operating System. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and macro programming. This app includes all of the Microsoft Excel knowledge you need to know. Like

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Excel Basics

– Getting Started with Excel
– Creating and Opening Workbooks
– Saving and Sharing Workbooks

Cell Basics

– Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells
– Formatting Cells
– Worksheet Basics
– Page Layout
– Printing Workbooks

Formulas and Functions

– Simple Formulas
– Complex Formulas
– Relative and Absolute Cell References
– Functions
– Working with Data
– Freezing Panes and View Options
– Sorting Data
– Filtering Data
– Groups and Subtotals; and much more

Advance Easy MS Excel Full Course

This is useful for people who are struggling with Excel formulas and a lot of difficulties, this app present this application complete excel formula. This application is suitable both for beginners, advanced, as well as for schools and businesses.

There are many different Excel functions and derivatives, such as date and time. Engineering, Financial, Information, Logical function, Lookup and reference, Math, Statistical, function about Text and other functions.

This Microsoft Excel app includes below topics with detail explanation

– Basic of excel
– Editing Worksheet
– Formatting cells
– Formatting Worksheets
– Working with formula
– Advanced operations

– Formulas in Excel
– Functions in Excel
– Processing in Excel
– Spreadsheet in Excel
– Advance Excel
– MS excel learning
– Learn Excel
– Microsoft Excel. and much more

Best Excel Formula Offline

For those of you who are struggling with Excel formulas and a lot of difficulties, we present this application complete excel formula. This application is suitable both for beginners, advanced, as well as for schools and businesses. Here are some of the features in this app that will help you learn ms excel:

Best Microsoft Excel Formula App to help you learn Excel

500+ excel formulas with an example such as Count, Sum, Average, Min and Max, Lookup, If, conditional formatting, data validation, Round, Date and Time, Date series, Text, Financial, and so on.

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200+ excel shortcuts for windows and mc which will speed up your work with this spreadsheet.

This app works well in many devices, if you get loading problems please recheck your devices.

Free Microsoft Excel Test Quiz

Use of this Free Microsoft Excel test quiz game learn, spend some free time with it, have fun playing it. It has 3 types which are a simple quiz, time quiz and hard quiz. In the free Microsoft Excel app, you can spend time and think about the answer.

In the free Microsoft Excel test mobile app, you must answer the questions within seconds. There are no multiple options to choose there is shuffled characters to answer them.

To increase your General knowledge in Microsoft Excel test, this is the best Microsoft Excel app you need, it will be helpful to you. It has above 100+ questions you can solve or learn here. The Microsoft Excel application is with negative marking can be also very helpful to prepare for competitive exams.

You can also access more Microsoft Excel tutorial Online Courses online if you want to learn Excel via an instructor-led and structured teaching method, then this is the best and quickest way to learn Excel.

These mobile apps allow you to favourite a blog tutorial so you can save and watch later as well as sign up to Newsletter where you will receive free weekly Excel lessons on Formulas, Pivot Tables, Charts and Analysis, as well as get free access to ebook

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