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Top Finance App Investors Can use to Select the Best Dividend Stocks

Investors can earn a return on their excess cash by investing in the right stocks instead of just leaving the money in a checking account. Studies have proven that shares with dividend payments that grow year after year out-perform the other shares. Investors can select the best stock for their portfolio using Boachsoft Plata finance app.

Dividends consistently provide shareholders with good returns and are associated with less risk which is paradoxical because the lower the risk the lower the expected return.

To determine dividend growth rate just when you are ready to purchase stock using a finance app like Boachsoft Plata first just use an online tool like Yahoo finance to search for the dividends that have been paid over a few years.

All you need to do is just to switch on your phone or tablet and start a finance app like Boachsoft Plata. Choose the Time Value of Money Calculator. Enter your first dividend in the present value field.

This should be the earliest dividend paid out that you wrote. Skip the annual interest rate field. Enter zero in the payment field. The number of periods is the number of consecutive dividends you have written down minus one.

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How to use the Boachsoft Plata Finance App

If you write down 5 dividends paid out down your number of periods would be 5 minus 1 which is four. Enter the value in the period’s field. Skip the ‘Compounded/yr’ field. Enter the latest dividend in the Future Value field. Precede it with a negative sign. It is also called a minus sign (-).

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At the bottom, you would see a drop-down list box. The value should be equal to the time interval at which the dividends were paid. If you recorded annual dividends leave it as annual. If you recorded quarterly dividends then select quarterly. Finally, press the Annual Interest button. The value obtained is the growth rate of your dividend.

Investors can use the finance app to calculate dividend growth rates for as many stocks as they can use the technique described. Picking the stock with the best dividend growth rate. Combining this with more information like the analysis of the prospects of a company investors can choose the best stock and optimize returns.

You can visit the Google Play Store to download the Boachsoft Plata financial calculator that has excellent financial calculators and planners which will save you time and money.

Finance App Investors

The finance app can help you reduce your costs and optimize your financial decisions. Calculate TVM, present value, future value, annuities, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value(NPV), EAA, loans, savings, retirement income, and return on investment (ROI) with ease.

The finance app runs on several platforms and has several financial calculators like Time Value of Money (TVM) calculator will help you make good financial decisions on the go be it on your smartphones or tablets. The secret to calculating values like internal rate of return, the present value of an annuity and so on is now within your pocket.

Boachsoft Plata Financial Calculator Features

  • Time Value of Money Calculators (TVM)
  • Capital Budgeting Tools
  • Cashflow Tools
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present > Value (NPV) Tools
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Loan Calculators
  • Savings Calculators
  • Perpetuity Calculators
  • Company Growth Rate Calculators
  • Stock Valuation Calculators
  • Simple Return Calculator
  • Return on investment (ROI) Calculators
  • Breakeven Point Calculators
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Tools
  • Bond Valuation Calculators
  • Inflation Calculators
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Boachsoft Plata finance app is unique in that it lets you calculate almost every variable of the most common financial equations out there. You can even experiment with variables to find the most optimal values.

The financial calculator is 100% Free. However, ads are shown from time to time. Data entered into any of the financial calculators included in the app resides on only your device, but is not stored.

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