Top 8 Animated Video Company: Which is the Best

When choosing an animated video company, finding one that does all aspects of production in-house is essential. It is a sign of professionalism and quality. The animated video company has refined and perfected the art of visual storytelling through animation. The companies understand that video’s success lies in great storytelling embedded in creative script writing, artistic visuals, and animation that checks all the right boxes.

It would help if you also looked for the smoothness of the animation and clarity of the voiceovers. Both of these should blend perfectly with the animation. Standard quality of animation and audio is more likely to attract viewers.

Which is the Best Animated Video Company?


Ydraw is an animated video company specializing in whiteboard animation and explainer videos. Their talented team of cartoonists creates videos that are engaging and educational. With ten years of experience, the animated video company knows how to make whiteboard animation videos that will stand out.

Ydraw is not only known for its whiteboard services, but they also offer other animation services. While the animated video company doesn’t provide professional-level animation, you can easily use its whiteboard animation tool, which is an excellent option for small budgets.


VideoScribe is another excellent option, which helps create whiteboard videos without the expertise of a pro. VideoScribe is one of the world’s most iconic animation tools, created by Sparkol, and is available for desktop or through browser Addon. You don’t need animation, design, or video editing skills to get started, just an idea or a story.

Search the image library, drag and drop across the canvas, and you’re on your way to creating exciting custom animations. With VideoScribe, you can create unique animations using a range of features. Check out the three key animation styles in action and VideoScribe to get started and explore all the possibilities.

However, it is essential to remember that using templates may sacrifice the quality of the video. It is why hiring a professional animation video company is recommended in certain situations.

The DVI Group

The DVI Group is another animated video company. The company produces more than 500 animated and explainer videos for clients. They specialize in helping companies create more brand awareness and attract more customers. Although based in Ukraine, they have a worldwide clientele. They provide different video solutions for businesses and have worked with well-known brands, including

  • Revlon
  • AT&T
  • Shoprite
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Choosing the right animated video production company is critical to the success of your business. The right company can take your ideas and turn them into a captivating video. With an experienced team of animators, you can expect a quality product that will make your business look good. However, you must remember to choose a company that will listen to your input before making a decision.

The animated video company is also a good option for whiteboard animations. They specialize in making videos that easily explain complex ideas. They have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and new startups. The animated video company’s videos have helped their clients increase their online engagement.

Demo Duck

Demo Duck, a Chicago-based animation company, is known for its explainer videos. It has produced videos for world-renowned brands and helped them increase their conversion rates and revenue. Their explainer videos combine humour and animation to communicate complex business concepts effectively. The animated video company’s goal is to keep viewers engaged and entice them to act.

The company offers several animation and motion graphics options and is flexible in terms of style, duration, and complexity. A video price can range from ten to twenty thousand dollars, and revisions are included. Demo Duck produces

  • Animated explainers
  • Commercials and corporate videos
  • Educational videos

Demo Duck has an excellent track record of producing award-winning videos. It has worked with global corporations and Ads agencies, collaborating with their creative directors to produce entertaining and creative videos. The animated video company’s clients have included

  • Subaru
  • Forbes
  • Panasonic
  • La Poste
  • Nickelodeon

Its design-driven approach has garnered high customer satisfaction ratings and placement in world-renowned market rankings. Demo Duck has become a leading name in the industry for explainer videos. Their team of skilled artists and filmmakers create work that inspires and enhances the viewer’s experience.

The animated video company work with brands to create videos that communicate a complex message in a fun way. Their team comprises talented animators, voice artists, and illustrators who make each video unique and captivating. When choosing an animated video company, it’s essential to consider the cost and quality of the final product. Generally, cheaper companies use templates and deliver low-quality videos, while more expensive companies deliver customized videos.

Common Craft

The animated video company has recently focused on licensing its videos rather than producing them in-house. It has resulted in high demand for their work and a decline in the production of custom videos. While there are some differences between the two styles of animated video, both share the same basic concept.

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Common Craft’s videos are short and explain complex subjects in an easily understandable manner. They cover topics such as computer basics, technology, and net safety. These videos can be downloaded from the company’s website or embedded on a website. Teachers can play these videos in their libraries or show them to students in their classrooms.

The company has over 115 videos in its library and is used by Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions in more than 50 countries. The company also offers cut-outs downloadable images; you can use that in multimedia projects. The animated video company’s explainer videos have two distinct goals:

  • Getting the point across quickly
  • Equipping your audience with the information they need to make the right decision

It takes these two goals and creates a simple, engaging video that can use in courses, classrooms, and online presentations. The company has a proven track record in explaining complex concepts and topics to an audience.

Another company that produces animation videos is Switch video. Based in Canada, this animation production company specializes in 2D, whiteboard, and motion graphics explainer videos. Their videos have received numerous awards and are featured on some of the most prominent media outlets.

Yans Media

If you’re looking for an animated video for a business presentation, consider Yans Media. Their custom-made videos are designed to tell stories and interact with the audience. They have worked with various brands and agencies to create video presentations that meet their specific needs. Their prices range from $2000 to $15,000, and their videos can reach audiences of many nationalities.

Yans Media specializes in animated explainer videos. They produce videos for startup companies, landing pages, and product demonstrations. It takes them about two months to create a video, and they offer two free revisions. Additionally, their pricing is very competitive. A 60-second animated video can be produced for $4500 by the animated video company.

If you’re looking for a high-quality animated video that can make an impact, consider working with Yans Media. They create animated explainer videos for various industries, including marketing and corporate videos. The company offers several packages:

  • HD animation
  • Custom script
  • Professional voiceover
  • Background music
  • Quick turn-around

The process is simple and customizable, and they provide a free quote and creative brief. Yans Media also specializes in whiteboard animation and 2D animation. Their team has extensive experience working with both startups and multinational corporations.

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They use a rustic style for their animations. Their scripts are short, witty, and engaging. They have a diverse client base and enjoy working with companies of all sizes. Its mission is to create engaging, informative videos that educate and inform.

Planet Nutshell

Another animation studio to consider is Planet Nutshell. From story consultation to final video, Planet Nutshell is a full-service animation studio that has been serving

  • Technology companies
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Non-profits
  • Education sector.

The animated video company listens to its clients. They learn from them. That’s how they create impactful, beautiful things for them. The company is highly rated and is highly responsive to customer feedback.


An animated video company like F.Learning focuses on creating educational videos that are visual and engaging. It helps reduce stress and improve understanding and learning outcomes. An example of their work is the Permaculture Design Online Course, a 12-week program that focuses on developing abundant ecosystems. Geoff Lawton created it.

Their explainer videos help educators explain complex topics in simple and easy-to-understand terms. These videos help translate text-heavy online learning materials into digestible visuals. These videos also include audio and elegant motion. They help teachers and students understand and retain information more easily.

animated video company

The company has even created a platform for ESL/EFL teachers to use motion graphic animation to enhance their teaching methods. Animation is not just about delivering information – it can impact your students’ emotions and motivation. The company first used the animation during the Covid-19 pandemic that forced schools to move online, and top universities soon adopted it to help deliver information.

Animated videos combine audio explanations with visual ideas, breaking complex concepts into bite-size content. Explainer videos help educators reach a wider audience. The visual representation of information makes them more appealing to the public than text. Animated videos help educators reach people worldwide and help them understand complicated concepts. In addition, explainer videos are short, so viewers retain them more easily.

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