Top 7 Coal Importers In The World

Coal is marked as one of the most widely used natural energy sources. Various mining operations are set up, and mines ventured for the extraction of coal importers worldwide. In many developing countries, it is used as a direct source of fuel and combustion.

In contrast, many companies use it to meet their energy or power requirements. Coal import is widely prominent in countries that lack the natural occurrence of the resource in the regions.

Top 7 Coal Importers In The World

The coal importer database suggests that the import and export of coal have increased in various countries, with China, India and Japan emerging as the leading coal importers of thermal coal.

Top Coal Importers In The World

The following list accounts for some of the most top coal importers worldwide:

Warrior Met Coal Mining LLC

Warrior Met is a coal importer company based in the US. They import coal from their exporting traders to produce a varied collection, including flight bars, flight bar straps, etc. They promise to follow environmental-friendly methods and lead the way in the production of high-quality steel.

Moreover, the company is dedicated to importing as well as mining metallurgical coal. This metallurgical coal contains low sulfur content, which serves as a favourable base feed for steel production. Their partnerships extend from Europe and South America to Asia. Their major operations are located in Blue Creek, Alabama.

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Mid Continent Coal & Coke Company

Mid Continent Coal & Coke Company ranks high in the coal importer’s list of companies importing coal. Their primary imports include anthracite ash, anthracite coal, bulk nut coke, etc. They import coal in bulk and formulate small metallurgical coke from them. As a result, they are among the widely popular companies in North America in the power industry.

Further, they have an excellent track record of delivering their products to the customers on time, and in great quality. Their products include

  • Metallurgical coke in small sizes,
  • Coke breeze,
  • Anthracite coal,
  • Petroleum coke, and more.

Drummond Coal Sales

Drummond Coal Sales come under the major umbrella of Drummond Company Incorporated that is the parent company for a wide group of businesses. The coal importer’s data suggests that their major product of import is Colombian steam coal in bulk.

They are a reputed conglomerate in the domestic as well as international coal markets. Moreover, they offer excellent delivery services along with high-quality products. They have extensive experience in the business with over 85 years in the US and around 25 years in Colombia.

They have a global branding and a strong relationship with customers from Europe, the Mediterranean, the US, South America and Asia.

Coal Fillers Incorporated

Coal Fillers Inc. is a US-based importer company that imports non-hazardous aerated coal in bulk to produce various products such as plastic doors, dry plastic, etc. The coal importer database confirms that the company owns an ISO certified laboratory and offers reliable service.

Coal Fillers Incorporated offers high-quality products, including Austin Black 325 and Recycled Carbon Black 325. The former is a versatile, affordable mineral filler used to manufacture rubber, plastics, and coatings for many industries.

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BNI Coal Ltd.

According to the coal importer’s data, BNI Coal is an American importer company that imports coal to manufacture many products, including drag links, mining equipment, machinery parts, and other such items.

BNI Coal Ltd. comes under its parent company named BNI Energy Inc., currently employed to develop a lignite energy resource for North Dakota. The BNI conglomerate owns an expansive area of land to carry out its operations.

Moreover, the company is filled with skilled professionals to facilitate the sales, marketing, and development of project management.

Coronado Coal

Coronado Coal owns a significant spot on the coal importer’s list when it comes to coal. The company primarily deals in

  • Metal contact supports
  • Hydraulic roof supports, and
  • Protected chains

Coronado Coal has locations in the US and Australia. Their major operations include Buchanan Mine Complex located in Virginia, Logan Mine Complex and Greenbrier Mine Complex located in West Virginia.

The company has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Their high-quality metallurgical coal facilitates steel production for their trading partners. Their products are reliable and low-cost and boast of their high-quality output.

Suncoke Energy Jewell Coal And Co

SunCoke Energy is based in the US and is credited as a significant importer of coal worldwide. They primarily deal in

  • Refractory bricks
  • Ceramic welding powder, etc.

Their most prominent exporter is in South Africa. Besides importing coal, SunCoke Energy also operates to produce metallurgical coke in their many plants. They have around 60 years of expertise in the business.

Moreover, they are experts in mixing a variety of raw materials. Their objective is to explore new fields and industries and grow their venture on an expansive, global level.

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What Is The Future Of The Coal Industry?

The number of companies investing in the production, operation, and supply of coal has increased substantially in the past decade. As a result, coal is still an irreplaceable energy resource and holds an important place in the energy industry.

While many companies use coal to manufacture their products efficiently, others produce smaller metallurgical coal or coke to supply to their customers. Another notable factor is the rising number of global mining operations and projects.

These factors point to the prospective future of the coal industry. Like other excavated raw materials, coal has special importance in society. Therefore, the future of the coal industry and its importers and exporters seems to be bright at the present moment.

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Top 7 Coal Importers In The World

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