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Top 5 Trending Electronic Gadgets for the Year 2020

Excellence does not come cheap! So, when you are hell-bent on buying the latest and the best electronic gadgets, you should not allow ‘price’ to come on your way and distract your attention. If you are fine with lightening your wallet for the crème de la crème of technology, it’s important to make sure that your spending is going towards nothing but the best items in the market.

From smartphones to fitness trackers, there is a wide range of electronic gadgets to welcome in your life. Whether you have taken New Year resolutions to put your life in the first gear or just wish to slob through rest of the year, there is always a way to bring some charm to your life by befriending any or many of these electronic gadgets for your regular use.

To relieve you from having to do painstaking research for the superior-tech setup, our experts have prepared a list of the top 5 electronic gadgets available right now

In each category, only one entry is registered. The list will remain unchanged until a new entry knocks the king off the throne. Therefore, what you see on the list are only the best in the leagues. If you belong to the camp that is interested only in the best and gives a damn about the rest, take a closer look at the latest shopping list for the best electronic gadgets.

Best Laptop – Dell XPS 13

Regardless of who makes a list, Dell XPS 13 has never failed to make its way to the list of the best laptops for the last few years. Huawei Notebook X has recently emerged as its closest competitor but the 2019 version makes a glorious return to its much-revered form. From light and lustrous design to powerful components, it shares almost everything that we cannot help but love from Dell’s 13-inch sensation.

Furthermore, Dell XPS 13 comes with a vast range of options to enable customization. The 2019 flagship model comes with lots of improvements but at the same time, needs not much for improvement either. The webcam appears at the top centre of the display area and not at the bottom. The 2020 model guarantees a long battery life.

Best Smartphone 2020 – Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the best in this category. We have covered both S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus as aside from size, there are no big differences between the two. The company has put together the best of what’s available in the smartphone market in an attractive package.

The Super AMOLED display is, undoubtedly, the very best model around. With excellent dynamic range and exciting colours, the AMOLED display offers the best viewing experience on a smartphone. A crisper screen, more camera shooting modes and long-lasting batteries make it a remarkable upgrade to the Galaxy S9 that previously topped the slot.

Our experts suggest that if given a choice, you should go with Galaxy S10 Plus featuring a bigger screen and selfie snappers. However, both models deserve a tag – the reigning champs

Best TV 2020 – Samsung Q90R QLED TV (2019)

Samsung Q9FN was the last year’s topper. It received plenty of accolades for its outstanding image quality and exciting features, not to mention its improved smart platform that arrived with Samsung SmartThings and Bixby support.

Let us admit it was not far from being perfect and many users were right in complaining about viewing angles. The most annoying feature of the electronic gadgets is the offensive local dimming system that causes details to collapse above black.

The brand seems to have taken these criticisms quite seriously and addressed those in Q90. It features a visibly improved viewing angle that commands a respectable stand against an OLED TV. The local dimming, without sacrificing shadow details, delivers deep blacks. On this front, Ultra Black Elite filter is a noteworthy revelation, discarding light in a shocking way.

Images produced by the Q90 can give a tough competition to an OLED on strength of its natural colours, deep blacks, well-defined shadows and brilliant highlights. Truly speaking, electronic gadgets can give an OLED a run for the money if it comes to HDR, with its dynamic range and breath-taking detailing.

However, this new model is not above criticism, at least from our viewpoint. Unlike some of its close competitors, the Q90 offers no support for Dolby Vision. But in other segments, the Samsung Q90 is a showstopper to take the QLED to a different level.

Best Fitness Tracker 2020 – Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is more sophisticated than its predecessor and one of the most refined devices coming out of the den of Fitbit. Compared to the last gen, it is a lightweight model and looks nice on wrist.

There is little doubt that it’s going to be the numerous all-round fitness tracker after a slight drop in its price. Electronic gadgets will offer a lot of information about your health. And yes, it’s waterproof!

It features no onboard GPS and no experimental design that was quite a signature style of the Moov Now, the previous rockstar that surprisingly has no screen. The Charge 3 offers a complete fitness suite that includes a heart tracker.

Best Games Console 2020 – Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite

We’re going through an interesting time in the console cycle, with both Xbox One and PS4 on their way out of favour and their next-generation legacy carriers set to enliven our living room are supposed to hit the market in late 2020.

Hybrid Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite siblings they are are both handheld-home consoles set to rock in the transitional period. They are surely among the top-class consoles right now unless Xbox Series X and PS5 finally claim marketspace. They offer a unique experience way different from the mainline Microsoft and Sony consoles at a lower end on the price range and ultra-convenient portable play.

Saucing up the user experience are third-party Indie games and the horde of first-party Nintendo exclusives – Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild etc that perfectly fit into the console’s compact screen. A great handheld time spender for you! If you are a tech-crazy person and love blogging, you can write for Business Module Hub about the best and the most affordable electronic gadgets available in the market right now.

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