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Top 5 Professional Gaming Translation Services

Thinking of going global has no longer remained a tedious task. The localization industry has paced up the development speed and progress. With the pace of digitization mainly after the expansion of the global pandemic, the world needs entertainment expansion.

Likewise, business expansion urges the need for entertainment expansion. In this genre, the localization of games has become mandatory for cultural amalgamation and social interaction. Gaming translation services are providing a roadmap for success in the entertainment industry.

Gaming Translation

In the time duration of the Covid-19, the word has seen a boom in the video games business, thanks to the localization industry. There are many companies and platforms which are providing professional gaming translation services.

5 Top Professional Gaming Translation Services

Let’s have a brief look over top-five professional gaming translation services

Alconost Localization

One of the most prominent names in gaming translation services is Alconost. It has been providing professional translation services for

  • Mobiles
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Apps, and software since 2004

It covers more than 70 languages. This company has produced more than 1000 videos and has localized around 1500 projects. To ensure quality, this company is integrating continuous localization to keep continuity and update.

Alconocast facilitates the users in that manner that they can select the region and the game can be translated into the native language. It respects the cultural variations and translates according to this context.

Moreover, this company works with various translation management platforms and professional computer-assisted tools (CAT) which helps to do continuous updates and changes via continuous localization.

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Level Up Translation

In the gaming industry, if you want to upgrade your game localization then Level Up Translation Company is the reliable choice. They provide professional localization services for video gaming in more than 20 languages.

For this, they use powerful localization tools for productivity. For quality assurance, they pass their project in four steps. Firstly, translators do the manual review of the translated content then an automated QA check occurs.

After that, proofreading and final review happen. Their services can be evident by their nominations, for example, they have been nominated for the best localization award for ‘Ghost of a Tale.’

CCJK Technologies

The idea of supporting, engaging, and sustaining people across the globe is the dream of CCJK Technologies. This platform provides 5000+ translators to promote translation support. Their video gaming translation covers all types of genres.

Moreover, they cover IOS and android phone game translation. Their efforts are serving the global needs of social amalgamation. They use the automation process along with human proofreaders to sustain the quality.

Furthermore, CCJK Technologies hires professional and native translators. As the gaming content needs technical write-up. They provide 2500-3000 words per day with a fast turnaround time (TAT). the volume of the words can be increased according to urgent-based requirements.

Glyph Language Services

Glyph language services provide translation consistency and efficiency through its cutting-edge technology and professional translation tools. Their CAT tools enable their translators, localization engineers, and editors to localize the content in a way that captures the attention of users.

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In order to meet up the requirements, their services are facilitated with integrated Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) solutions. All testers are native and professional video gamers. These offerings brand Glyph Language Services a top-ranked shop for game publishers.

Mars Translation

This platform is providing translation services along with localization. Their qualified and professional linguists are responsible for providing coherent video game localization. They offer their services for

  • Mobile gaming
  • Online games
  • Website games
  • Gaming software, and many more.

They have certified linguists who promote qualitative translation services and then quality assurance checkers of translated games enhance the gaming translation services. If you are looking for an affordable and productive gaming localization project. Mars Translation embedded with its advanced translation management system is a safe and reliable platform.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, this complex process is manageable with the help of professional companies and platforms. The above-mentioned certified platforms are providing their video gaming localization professional translation services with the help of their expertise and vigilant translators.

The gaming translation companies rely on advanced translation management systems with human proofreaders in order to reap out the best results. Now, we can say that the world has intermingled in true letter and spirit thanks to the localization services.

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