Top 5 International Literary Festivals of the World

Travelling doesn’t always mean to have the holidays on the beaches and the funny locations in the world. People in the world also travel for the literary festivals held in different destinations and it is really a unique thing to know. I travelled to a number of festivals myself through Virikson Holidays, famous holiday arrangers, and enjoyed, learned in all my trips I did.

Also, I’m listing out those destinations which are famous and also those that I visited myself to help you out to get to somewhere different in your holidays. Let’s explore the places together.

Top Literary Festivals You Should Not Miss

There are a number of Literary festivals different countries arrange. You can choose the enlisted festivals to set for your next excursion.

Edinburgh A famous Literary Destination

Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh is famous among the writers, directors, artists and other creative people. Especially when the bell of the Edinburgh’s International Book Festival rings and people around the world gather in Edinburgh in pleasant August. I experienced this world’s biggest festival this August and enjoyed it a lot.

For the first-timers, it would now hold in 2020 during August 15-31. Your presence in this festival will impact your trip good memories, meeting with the famous literary and nonliterary people in the festival and talking, listening to them in the present time. At the festival, there is not only a showcase of thousands of books but the workshops, conferences and lectures are also part of that very compact festival.

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Berlin’s Literature Festival Has Something Unique

Festivals are conducted to gather the writers and creative people to come to one place and converse. Berlin is a melt of traditions and modern values host the world’s most famous Literature festival and bring people from around the globe.

I when visited Berline to attend the berlin international literature festival, I could gather many memories including the gossips with my favourite authors in the local cafes there. You can attend the lectures, poetry sessions and theatrical events in the same event.

There is a show of thousands of top seller books at the festival. The question which my traveller friends would be interested to know is when the event takes place? Yes, it takes place on September 11 to 20 and will be on the same dates incoming 2020.

Morocco’s International Literary Festival

I also had an opportunity to attend Morocco’s International literary Festival held in Casablanca this year. It was held in February and had a lot of perfect activities there. Casablanca itself regarded as a romantic destination in the world as a classic movie “Casablanca” is also shot in the destination. It was an amazing experience to stroll around the Famous Hassan II tower Mosque where the event actually took place.

Literary Festivals

If you are travelling to Morocco I would recommend you to opt Virikson Holidays, reliable and very affordable travel agents working in the UK, they can facilitate you to get to the destination and help you to have the experienced guide and living, transportation etc.

Canada’s Vancouver Hosts Writer’s Festival

Every year in October, during 21-27, a festival takes place in Vancouver, Canada and it is a perfect escape for travellers to want something unique from the destination. World’s top political commentators and fiction writers come to attend the very famous festival which includes a perfect showcase of thousands of books and the lectures, poetic sessions etc.

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You will be entertained and educated by more than 100 events and lectures. In the coming year, get ready for the festival on the last dates of October.

Sitting on the cafes of Vancouver and take the unique sips of the coffee gossiping with the literary people have its own impact. I tried it, you should also visit the literary festivals and take the right literary, and traditional experiences.

Paraty Hosts Another Literary And Arts Festival In June

Paraty is in Brazil and Brazil is a famous literary and political place to get the right literary experiences. For me, the politics of Brazil is full of interest as the part of leftist parties is so important and the people linked with politics are the most famous artists. A romantic relationship between leftist politics and the literature, theatre and art is so famous and people regard it as a very focused thing in Brazil.

Attending Party’s International Book Fair will give you unique experiences like meeting the local and internationally known authors, attending the lectures of the authors and the theatrical performances in the event. The music has a great part in the festival you will enjoy I hope. People related to Cinema and theatre have a lot of things to gather from this festival. Get ready for the festival in 2020, the festival would take place from 29, June to 3 July.

Have a perfect time exploring the Worldly known Literature festivals

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