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Top 5 Custom WordPress Development Trends to Watch Out

Since, its inception WordPress development has been significantly helping businesses & blogging websites leveraging up their game-changing aptitude by massively populating mesmerizing features & functionalities that are appealing in visual appeals, navigation purposes, and customer engagement trends.

With the overall passage of time, Custom WordPress development trends got an edge in the website market trends as it allows the brands to represent their strategic story with tailored CMS websites integrated with user-centric components and extra capabilities to balance out the business goals in the long term environment. WordPress CMS development has brought a wide range of trends for website users to explore & adapt for driving actionable results to their virtual existence.

Here are the top 5 most popular trends for WordPress-enabled sites built for the enterprises who are currently owning their websites or want to own one for them

WordPress Development

Next-Generation eCommerce Solutions

With the power of AI & ML has given rise to the next generation Shopify app development solutions through WordPress Plugin popularly known as WooCommerce will be the major highlight of 2020 assisting retail businesses effortlessly develop their robust, scalable & securable eCommerce configuration systems with new WordPress themes. Furthermore, some of the WordPress development trendy elements like mobile shopping concerns, personalized shopping, subscription-based services will be focal for this year

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Powerful Visual Illustrations

The visual illustration is a representation such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. The aim of a visual illustration in WordPress development is to elucidate a story or piece of textual information as in newspaper article, traditionally by providing a visual representation of something described in text format.

Seamlessly, Images can speak volumes over simple words and websites not deploying videos and image contents would possibly lose traction with the target audience. In 2020, the right use of visual illustrations in WordPress sites for businesses to secure quality traffic, generate leads & conversions.

Deployment of AI Trends

The rise of AI trends will possibly revolutionize the web development industry makes WordPress websites accelerate and touch the smooth user-experiences. AI will help to prepare websites that have early time to market, automated business expenditures, and higher cost-effectiveness.

AI gives a new outlook on the whole scenario of website development. Most industries have been influenced by AI and have come across the importance of Artificial Intelligence in website development trends. AI made things automated and helped humans by analyzing their user’s behaviour based on their past search and past transactions and the pattern of their usage.

AI Integrated & Smart Automated Chatbots

The chatbots helps in eliminating complexity and helps WordPress developers in building the best possible messaging experience for customers. Chatbots provide robust administrative features and enterprise-grade security to comply with regulatory mandates. If you deal & support the customers’ interaction with the websites, these personalized chatbots with software emotions human behaviour will be integrated with the enterprise CRM.

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This process integration within the website will help enterprises gain information about the user’s preferences and guidelines. The overall products or service demands, complaints, order queries and major findings on their behaviour to prepare business strategies & caters to the user expectations and satisfaction.

The trend of Voice Search Optimized Websites

It has been estimated that over 71% of users these days prefer voice assistants for browsing over manually typing. Alexa & Siri have set have the primary necessities for the voice-enabled digital assistants. Moreover, The Year 2020 will see the massive rise of voice-enabled compatible WordPress websites.

WordPress Development Summing Up

In a nutshell, the aforementioned and several other trends are out there and waiting to dominate the WordPress development solutions in the consumer marketplace. The features such as drag & drop, without sidebar layouts, micro-interaction based integrated UI/UX designs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and other inconceivable ones.

To stay updated in the bottleneck competition of the market segment, the timeframe is neither too early nor too late to apply these trends whilst building WordPress CMS solutions with the help of WordPress Development Service Providers.

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