Top 5 Blood Pressure Monitor to Use at Home

The new innovative blood pressure monitor is really making it easy for people to monitor their blood pressure within the comfort of their homes. If you are searching for a blood pressure monitor you can buy it. there are many factors you will need to consider to find that one that is as accurate and functional as possible.

According to the American Heart Association, an automatic cuff-style, bicep monitor is the way to go. The American Heart Association says that wrist and finger devices “yield less reliable readings.” Other important things to consider include making sure that the device is validated for certain conditions (such as pregnancy or old age) and that the cuff fits correctly on your upper arm.

American Heart Association said further, that if you will be relying on a blood pressure monitor, it is a smart idea to bring the device to your next doctor’s appointment so that the doctor can verify it is getting accurate results. When it comes to purchasing a blood pressure monitor that will meet the American Heart Association guidelines, you will need to turn to the top 5 blood pressure monitors on Amazon.

The blood pressure device can be ordered along with honest customer reviews. It is a solid way to suss out which of these products are highest-rated and worth the price tag. As an added cost-saving bonus, many of these come with Prime shipping, so that you can save additional money.

We have rounded up 5 Blood Pressure Monitor that meet the American Heart Association guidelines

Top 5 Blood Pressure Monitor to Use at Home

GreaterGoods Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Since blood pressure changes so often, it can be hard to track the overall trends and understand what they mean for your health. This blood pressure device was designed to make it easy.

The BT Monitor has the same high accuracy as another top-selling upper arm monitor, now with the ability to sync results to the device of your choice. When you take a measurement, your monitor sends it to the Balance Health app, where it is displayed in the context of your overall measurement history and healthy averages.


Once you download the free Balance Health app and pair your monitor, your results will transfer automatically when the app is open. Comes in a professional kit that has everything you need to get started, including 4 AAA batteries, a wall plug, a premium fabric upper arm cuff, and a storage case.

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Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as a pulse with a single button. The hypertension indicator bar and irregular heartbeat sensor alert you to any issues. Large, backlit LCD display with oversized numbers. Adjustable cuff comfortably fits arm sizes from 8 3/4″ to 16 1/2″. 2 users can store up to 60 records each (120 total entries).

Cleared by the FDA for use as a medical device. Requires BT Smart technology (in most recent Android phones, and an iPhone 4S or beyond, running iOS 7.1 or later.) The app works with iOS & Android only and integrates with Apple Health.

Omron BP742N 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This 5 Series home blood pressure monitor with Omron’s Advanced Accuracy helps ensure consistent, precise readings. This model is quick and easy and has a few more features than the 3 Series Upper Arm, like dual settings for two users, memory storage space for up to 100 readings and a wide range cuff that fits standard and large arms; When you trust your heart to Omron, will be empowered by accuracy.

You can use this device to take your reading at the same time every day to avoid exercising, bathing, eating, smoking, and drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages for 30 minutes prior. Ideally, the rest is 15 minutes before you begin. Your results are automatically stored in your readings so you can share them with your doctor later.


  • Up to two users can measure, store and review up to 50 blood pressure readings each (total 100 readings with date/time stamps); Displays the average of up to your last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes; Includes irregular heartbeat detection
  • Omron is the #1 recommended home blood pressure monitor brand by doctors and pharmacists for clinically accurate home monitoring, and the #1 selling manufacturer of home blood pressure monitors for over 40 years
  • The contoured soft cuff is designed to comfortably fit standard and large adult arm circumferences from 9 to 17 inches in circumference
  • Package includes one blood pressure monitor; One wide range, contoured soft cuff; Quick start guide; Instruction manual and 4 AA batteries
  • Note: Blood pressure varies constantly due to many factors including stress, time of day, and how you wrap the cuff, may affect your blood pressure

One-touch start provides consistent and precise at-home digital blood pressure readings and detects irregular heartbeats during measurement.

You and a friend or family member can monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate together because our advanced unit stores 50 readings for each user and includes the date and time stamps. The Advanced Averaging feature automatically displays the average of the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes.

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Vive Precision Blood Pressure Monitor

Use this blood monitor device to take control of your health. The device allows you to accurately track blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) from the comfort of your home. A large, luminous LCD screen displays your measurements instantly. The user-friendly interface will have you taking accurate measurements moments after opening your package.


Individually tested for Accuracy

Obtain clinically accurate blood pressure readings at home or on the go with the Vive Precision blood pressure monitor. Displaying blood pressure readings, pulse rate and irregular heartbeats when detected, each monitor is individually tested for guaranteed accuracy. NEW 2019 updates improved device accuracy tolerance and pump stability.

Out of the Box Ready

The Vive Precision blood pressure monitor includes everything necessary for out of the box use. The set includes a user-friendly bp monitor with a simple, one-touch operation, self-inflating arm cuff up to 16.5” in arm circumference, 4 AAA batteries, an illustrated user manual and a two-year guarantee.

Two User Memory for Easy Tracking

Easily switch between two users to store measurements separately when sharing with a spouse or loved one. Great for doctors visits, the bp monitor stores up to 250 measurements per user with a date and time stamp for easily tracking heart health.

Easy to read Display

A bright backlight LCD screen shows all measurements in large, easy to read numbers and also includes a colour-coded blood pressure indicator and instant alerts when heartbeat irregularities are detected. The displayed measurements include systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and the selected user. Vive Guarantee: 2-year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

Care Touch Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a fully automatic arm blood pressure monitor is the perfect solution to quickly and effectively monitor blood pressure from the comforts of your own home.

The device displays the date and time stamp of the last 250 readings for up to 2 separate users, making it easy to track your blood pressure over time. You can start testing with this Care Touch Digital Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Platinum Series, Medium to Large Cuff – Batteries Included, for clinically accurate results


  • It is easy to use and is clinically accurate.
  • It can keep track of up to 250 readings each for 2 people, with an average of your last 3 readings.
  • It has a Clear Large LCD display so it is easy to read.
  • It powers off automatically.
  • It has an irregular heartbeat indicator as well as a low battery indicator.
  • 4 AAA batteries are included.
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Product Specifications

  • Pressure Accuracy: +3mmHg
  • Pressure Range: 0 to 300mmHg
  • Pulse Accuracy: +5%
  • Pulse Range: 40-199 beats per minute
  • Cuff Size: Medium to Large, 8.5” – 16.5″
  • LCD Size: 2.36”x3.6”
  • Power Source: 4 AA Batteries included or AC Adapter available separately
  • Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 4 in

How to set or calibrate the monitor

  • With the monitor powered off, hold the S key for several seconds (5-6 seconds) until the year starts blinking
  • Press the S key again 6 times until the 0 shows up
  • Press the M key either once or twice until it says mmHg underneath the 0 (not 0.0 with an underneath)
  • Press the S key and it should say “Done”
  • You can now begin testing

To get the most accurate results when testing

  • Test the same time every day
  • Put the cuff on in the right place as per instructions, right above the elbow.
  • 30 minutes prior to testing don’t eat, exercise, smoke or drink alcohol.
  • While testing sits in a relaxed position with your feet straight in front of you and your arm resting on the table. Do not cross your legs.
  • Use this Care Touch Platinum Series Blood Pressure Monitor to stay on top of your health! Don’t lose out on this great deal!

Balance Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit

The blood pressure tools you use to keep track of your health should give you peace of mind, which is why we made sure our upper arm monitor is accurate and comes with everything you need. It’s easy to use, easy to read, and the professional kit gives you the versatility of two power options and a travel case.

It is newly updated with a premium cuff and a professional kit, this monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as a pulse with a single button. The hypertension indicator bar and irregular heartbeat sensor alert you to any issues.

Large, backlit LCD display with oversized numbers. Adjustable upper arm cuff comfortably fits adult arm sizes from 8 3/4″ to 16 1/2″. 2 users can store up to 60 records each. Turns off automatically. Kit includes a case for convenient storage and a power cord. 4 AAA batteries are also included. Cleared by the FDA for use as a medical device.

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Top 5 Blood Pressure Monitor to Use at Home

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