Security breaches are always bad news! Such incidents have taken place multiple times over the years but businesses still struggle to protect themselves from this threat. To make things worse, it was reported that most businesses have no or only a partial business security system to protect their valuable data.

This easily makes them the victim of cyber-attacks. So, if you are a business owner and are eager to know how to save your business from security threats then this article is just for you to learn about all the latest business security system!

Read on to find out four of the most common business security issues and how to resolve them

Business Security Issues

Mobile Devices (BYOD)

Employees are habitual of using Spectrum internet on their mobile devices when in the office. However, did you know that mobile security breaches have affected a lot of organizations during recent times?

don’t realize this but their data can be easily stolen when they use their mobile devices to access company information, share data, or don’t change their password. So, what’s the solution to this business security issues?

Well, you should introduce a BYOD policy that should define the device expectations to the employees. Also, this will allow companies to better monitor the files that are being downloaded on their devices. It would also help them to have more insights regarding the mobile data loss risk and can take necessary action if the device is stolen or lost.

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Disgruntled Employees

There is no doubt that employees are the company’s greatest assets. But they can also become the reason for demise. You must know that internal attacks are and will always be the biggest threat of business security that your company faces.

Rogue or disgruntled employees especially those belonging to the IT team can cause some serious damage as they have all the access to data centres, networks, and admin accounts. To minimize risk, the first thing you should do is to identify all the privileged accounts and credentials.

Then, you should eliminate those accounts that have already been terminated or are no longer in use. Next, you should disconnect the account with the employees that don’t work in the company anymore. You shall also manage, control, and monitor the privileged credentials closely so that it might not be exploited.

Unpatchable Devices

There are different network devices such as servers and routers that use firmware or software in their operation. If a vulnerability has been discovered in them but there is no patch for it then attackers can quite easily use their hacking abilities to access the sensitive data of your company. This will ultimately cause a lot of damage to your company.

Make sure to have a patch management program that will help you ensure that the devices and software are updated timely. You should also introduce a policy where if a certain piece of equipment is not patched or updated within a time frame then it will be taken offline.

Careless Employees

A careless employee who can leave his/her mobile unlocked in a cab is just as dangerous as a disgruntled person who maliciously leaks information to a company’s competitor. I remember how my friend left his cellphone in the cab with the Spectrum TV app running.

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Luckily, the driver saw his mobile on the backseat of the car and returned it to him. Similarly, employees who are not aware of the security’s best practices or have weak passwords, open links in email or visit unauthorized sites expose their data and systems to different threats.

The employees should be properly trained regarding ’s best practices. They should be taught how to manage and create their passwords. Also, teach them how they can avoid being hacked or spammed. In addition, they should be made aware of the importance of creating different passwords for different sites.


You should make sure to take proper precautions when it comes to your business security and save your business from cyberattacks. If you don’t pay any heed to business security, then there is a chance that your company’s sensitive data might get stolen or leaked. This would really hurt your business. Hopefully, the above-stated issues and their solutions can help you in securing your business.

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