Top 3 Project Management Software for Developers

Seemingly, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner then productivity and resource management would be your foremost task to build up your business identity. Your efforts will definitely reward you with an enormous amount of benefits. However, it is not possible to forecast everything and sometimes the entire process isn’t tolerable enough. It means that you need more skills and sustainable instrument management such as task management software and time tracking apps.

Significantly, the aforementioned scenarios often happen in the entire software development process with the help of a project management software and time tracking apps, when a project manager takes a project, the essential thing that keeps beyond the budgeting constraints and time frames.

In these scenarios, project management seems to aid your basic functions and technicalities of knowledge acquisition, instrumental measures, skills and seamless techniques, which are implemented to the entire project activities concerning the aim to meet the requirements of the assigned project.

Nowadays, there are multiple project management tools and resources such as task management software are at your disposal that covers overall aspects of effective project management. Hence, in this blog, we have discussed the top 3 project management tools and resources for software development.


Jira is a cross-platform issue-tracking solution and a task management software, which is solely based on Agile and Scrum projects. It allows you to:

  • Creating User Stories.
  • Managing Issues.
  • Distribution and Prioritization of Assignments across the development team.
  • Planning & Initiation of Sprints.
  • Using custom-tailored Scrum and Kanban boards with the intention of iteration.
  • Monitoring & Tracking of Project Performance Metrics.
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The competitive advantage of Jira consists of an improved set of advanced features with seamless integration of API which makes it a state-of-art task management software. The only drawback of Jira’s is that its UI is not user-friendly and engaging. This tool is priced at $10 per month for ten or fewer users, $75 per month for fifteen users, and $300 per month for teams with fifty users.


The most powerful and efficient task management software for small business and focus groups. Seemingly, it’s a matter of fact that every team member can easily track every team member’s activities. It is valued for the possibilities to:

  • Create and follow multiple tasks, subtasks, projects, sections, etc.
  • Provide comments, instructions & guidelines to complete your tasks.
  • Clearly plan and design templates for the workflows.
  • Usability Support.
  • Get engaged with effective communications services.
  • Using reminders to meet the deadlines.
  • Assigning the tasks to specific individuals, creating project descriptions, deadlines etc.

The foremost advantage of this task management software is that it is quite flexible and responsive and provides seamless opportunities for third parties resources and integrations including Google Drive, Chrome, GitHub and Dropbox etc.

However, the drawbacks of this task management software are that it lacks certain features such as task duration and dependency on projects. Initially, it is free for the team of 15 users, albeit for premium subscriptions you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month for each member and Enterprise Subscription as special offerings and productivity.


Management Software

Basecamp is a software application that is considered as one of the most popular project management app and a task management software that consists of a large number of followers around the marketplace. Primarily, Basecamp consists of plain and user-friendly interfaces for cooperation between teammates and potential customers. Hence, Basecamp allows you to:

  • Plan and creates to-do lists.
  • Manage Records of Employees.
  • Manage and share your files.
  • Setup discussions
  • Schedule date and time
  • Monitor and report on project progress.
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Hence, this renowned task management software application is responsive and user-engaging, so you can enjoy various options from any device with a single click of a button. The user-interface of Basecamp is engaging.

It is a flexible tool that provides state-of-art services. Likewise, some of the useful third party products such as Google Drive or Dropbox need additional services that are needed to be incorporated that seem to be a complicated task.

The pricing plan of basecamp is priced at $99 per month for all the plans that feature unlimited users. However, this task management software allows free subscriptions are available for students and teachers that consume 10% of discounts for non-profit organizations.

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