Top 10 IT Courses Online For Tech Beginners

These top IT courses will help you to upgrade your CV. The demand for IT services has soared even before the coronavirus epidemic forced many businesses to operate online. Future tech skills will become more valuable in a highly competitive job market.

Your CV should not be overlooked as the world moves online at an ever-faster pace. FutureLearn offers a variety of IT courses online, including coding, web development, and cybersecurity. These classes will give you the foundation skills to start your career in this lucrative sector.

IT Courses Online

We have compiled a list of ten essential IT courses that will give you a head start, whether you are looking to upgrade your job or restart your career.

Introduction to web development from Raspberry Pi Foundation (Google)

Google and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have teamed up again to create a killer course that will teach you basic IT skills. This IT course will teach you how to create a website with HTML and style it using CSS. Then, it will be made interactive with JavaScript. You’ll even be able to create your own website and a quiz page.

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Learn how to code for the web from the University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

Every app and website you use every day, from Netflix to Google is coded in specific programming languages. This IT course will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and how to create your own projects.

How Computers Work: Decoding Computation by Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google

There is no better place to begin than by learning how computers work. This course will teach you the fundamental mathematics of computing. It will also explain how systems work and how logic and binary are used to function.

You will learn how to build simple circuits and gain knowledge about the workings of all computers, from the most powerful supercomputer to the smallest smartphone.

Computer Programming for Everyone at the University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

Programming is a key tech skill that every budding developer must master. It underpins the design of all things, from apps to games. This IT course is part of the popular Introduction to Coding and Design program. It will teach you how to solve problems using coding. You will be able to create your first computer program.

How to Start Your Career in Games Development From the BGI

Are you crazy for Mario or zany about Zelda? A career as a game designer might be the next step for you if you are a videogame guru. This course will help you understand the basics of applying for a position as a game developer. It will also teach you how to get through an interview.

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The University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding share current digital workplace trends

Knowing the most recent trends in digital work is essential to stay ahead of the curve in your career, as the majority of work has moved online since the COVID-19 pandemic. This section will help you discover the digital skills that you need to future-proof your CV and how the technological revolution is changing our thinking about work.

Programming for Everyone: Get Started with Python at the University of Michigan

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages on the internet. This IT course is for absolute beginners who want to learn the basics of one of the most important coding languages. In just weeks, you’ll be able to go from being clueless to a coder. You will learn the core concepts of programming and write your first program.

Introduction to Databases and SQL by Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google

It is a crucial component of GCSE Computing in the UK and other equivalent school computing degrees worldwide. This course will make students and teachers feel more confident using tables to interpret and manipulate data.

Introduction to Cyber Security at The Open University

Cybercrime is on the rise as the tech revolution infiltrates more aspects of modern living. Cybersecurity – the job that prevents cybercrime – has become a rapidly growing field. This course will provide a foundation for how to protect yourself online. It will also introduce you to key concepts such as network security, identity theft, risk management, and cryptography.

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Programming 101: A Guide to Python for Teachers from Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google

This course is ideal for teachers who want to master programming basics before returning to the classroom. Learn the basics of Python and then use your new programming skills to create your program.

No matter what your interest is, take a look at the entire range of tech and IT courses listed here. You can be part of the tech revolution right away.

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