Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands in the UK

A clothing brand is an important thing that tells many things and helps people in identifying the perfect one. The UK includes a well-deserving reputation for producing some finest clothing & footwear. The UK is an international country that offers various brands that might surprise you in any way.

Whether you visiting the UK and want to take some best British fashion designs home with you, or you just want to support home-grown talent, you will always find great fashion labels that are surely appealing to you. Clothing brands denotes the quality of your outfits and is also a thing on which people generally focus first.

The UK, an international country is well-equipped with various clothing brands to showcase your fashion sense that will surely get good appreciation and makes you fell in love with. With so many brand options to choose from it have become a quite harder task to select a particular one.

Here is a list of Top 10 Clothing Brands in the UK

Alexander McQueen

This fashion label was founded by Late Alexander McQueen but is now operated by Sarah Burton, who designed the wedding dress of Kate Middleton. Alexander Mcqueen was basically known for his histrionics, complicated tailored designing with a strange influence; but Sarah Burton had now included her trademark feminine, classy touch and graceful line to this brand.

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Vivienne Westwood

This fashion label was started by Vivienne Westwood in the 1970s. She is highly responsible for introducing punk fashion into the mainstream, whereas her designs are as famous as ever today. She had designed for several British royalty members and other biggest celebrities across the world.

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands in the UK

An ideal V- Westwood’s outfit got featured in a Hollywood movie named Sex-and-the-city.

Victoria Beckham

This Fashion Label was launched by Victoria-Beckham in 2008 and she had wined several awards for her designs including Designer of a year at British-Fashion-Awards; whereas her collection includes ready-made women’s fashion, shoes, accessories, makeup and eye-wear.

Jennifer Anne

This fashion label was started by Jennifer Ison, who is passionate about providing quality clothes, especially for smaller women. This UK womenswear brand has been prepared using lots of planning & research, which ensures the perfect fitting choice and elegant clothing for smaller women. Only quality fabrics are used in this brand; whereas the clothes were designed and manufactured in London.

Stella McCartney

After graduating from Central Saint Martins College in 1995; Stella McCartney begins her fashion career. Stella McCartney, daughter of Linda and Paul McCartney, launched her fashion-house in 2001.

Her collection was modelled by supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Lebon and Kate-moss which created her status as one of the top designers in Britain. She is also known for supporting animal rights and now her fashion-house includes menswear, womenswear and kids collection.


It is one of the popular and well-known fashion brands in the UK. In the year 1924, Eli Belovitch, a Staffordshire businessman aims about creating waterproof motorcycle jackets using waxed cotton. As the year passes, since then his outfit popularised and found a home on everyone’s shoulder from Steve Mcqueen to Pope.

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands in the UK

Today the collection also includes leather options, but the classic-belted TrialMaster Jacket remains the label’s most ideal silhouette.

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This is one of the popular UK’s footwear brands and is also known as a king of casual footwear. Since 1825, this British shoe brand has been cementing its name across the world as a seller of providing superiority in quality & comfort.

Jackie Maguire

This fashion label was started by Jackie Maguire and she designs seasonal and bounded-edition women-wear collections especially jackets & coats in typical tweed and pure wool. The collection includes statement coats and easy-to-wear outfits in modish and classic designs. Inspired by ideal British designs.

Teddy Edward

This fashion label was founded in 2015 by Teddy Edward and is also home to exclusive British-made outfits along with modern touch. The Teddy collection includes women’s and men’s outfits and accessories and the clothing prepared here by using the finest material and skilled artists.

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands in the UK

With a combination of new classics and brilliant modern pieces, Teddy’s collection will easily merge with your town wardrobes.

Oliver Spencer

This is one of the popular and well-known clothing brands in the UK, but now is also the most respected name among British-menswear. This fashion staple is known for creating relaxing apparel for everyday use and merges the quality & tailoring craftsmanship along with a contemporary touch. This fashion-staple have rapidly gained popularity in terms of smart-casual standard.

Choosing the right clothing brand is not an easy task, as it requires good marketing research and deep understanding. Some brands attract you for providing superior quality, while others got chosen for delivering appealing casual apparel along with good shades.

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When it comes to selecting the best Clothing brands in the UK, there are plenty of good options available and waiting for you. No matters, whether you are staying in the UK or looking for online shopping for your favourite fashion brand in the UK, You will always find a good variety of options to fulfil your needs.

Mentioned above are some of the popular UK clothing brands. Just click over your favourite one and start exploring.

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Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands in the UK

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