Top 10 Best React Native Development Companies

Technology has evolved a lot in the last ten-fifteen years. An obvious example of this is the enormous growth of mobile app development. Nowadays, app developers are using modern web techniques on mobiles and other smart devices. An excellent example of these techniques is the React Native development technology, which has empowered many successful apps.

Developing mobile applications with just a single paradigm for all platforms seems impossible previously, but with the React Native development, many developers have effortlessly created world-class applications. You can also build top-notch React Apps to give a better user experience to your clients.

Best React Native Development

For this you can hire React Native app developer or you can outsource it to remote developers. In this blog, we have compiled ten best React Native development companies that you should look at before you hire react native developer.

Top React Native Companies

React Native is a platform that was first developed by Facebook. It attracted a lot of apps development companies and even global leaders want to invest in it. Global businesses have left no stone unturned to make React Native development part of their prominent services. Like technology, React Native development also making headlines every single day.

But why do big players decide to leverage React Native development in their mobile apps? Read their stories to find out


Peerbits is an ISO 9001:2015 certified mobile app development company established in 2011 at Ahmedabad. It provides its services in India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Oman, UAE, USA, and Colombia. Peerbits has a workforce of over 150 employees. Its hourly rate starts from $25 and its minimum project size is around $10k to $20k.

Peerbits offers cutting edge mobility solutions to startups and small businesses. Its expertise lies in developing tailormade mobile applications and advanced PHP, Python, and Magento websites. Along with this, Peerbits provides an app launch plan to align the app with the strategies of the business.

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Moreover, Peerbits got accolades from prestigious institutions like Gesia, Clutch, NASSCOM Foundation, Silicon India, and GoodFirms. It also has some popular names in its client list such as Al Maha, King Saud University, Bahrain defence force royal medical services, Fishency, AstraZeneca, Medtronic, Kuwait University, etc


Founded by a young and energetic entrepreneur, Apptunix is an innovative mobile and web solutions provider. It was established in 2013. Apptunix has its offices in the UAE,India, UK and USA. Apptunix holds a strength of in-house veterans of 100+ professionals.

Apptunix offers Native App development, cross-platform app development, 2D and 3D Games Development, Web development, web designing, etc. It has served 1000+ clients, and it completed over 1500 projects. The hourly rate of Apptunix is around $20 to $25. Its minimum project size is $5000.


ChopDwag was established in 2009 in the United States. It has launched over 350 next gen applications for its clients. It has more than 400 employees. ChopDwag’s expertise comprises digital product design, development, and strategy. It offers set-rate pricing with dedicated project management.

ChopDwag’s minimum project size is more than $25,000. It charges an average hourly rate of $150 to $199. Major brands like Siemens, Mister Softee, Wawa, LA Gear, Six Flags Great Adventure, Choice Home Warranty, etc are the clients of ChopDwag.

WillowTree Apps

WillowTree Apps is a popular mobile and digital product agency established in 2007. It has a team of 500 employees. WillowTree Apps’ minimum project size is $2,50,000+ and its hourly rate is $150-$199.

WillowTree Apps has delivered more than 1000 mobile and digital solutions. Its client list consists of many popular clients such as Fox Corporation, Regal Cinemas, Synchrony Financial, National Geographic, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

WillowTree Apps offers its services in product strategy, product Design iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web App Development, Bot and Conversational Interface Development, app Analytics and Reporting and growth Marketing.

Mindgrub Technologies

Mindgrub Technologies is a software development agency and consultancy founded in Baltimore in 2002. It is specialised in enterprise mobile and web development, digital marketing, devOps, app testing, branding, application support, etc.

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Mindgrub has led digital transformations for Fortune 100 corporations, universities, healthcare organizations, global retailers, and public sector agencies. Exelon, NASA, Wendy’s, DELL, Yamaha, The Economist, University of Maryland, etc. are some of its clients.

Mindgrub comprises over 150 employees. It serves the minimum project size of $50,000+ and it charges an hourly rate of $100 to $149.

Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a Denver based digital product development company established in 1998. It contains 5000+ skilled professionals. It helps tech startups and enterprises to build successful business-critical applications that seize opportunities to increase revenues, operational efficiencies, market share, and customer satisfaction.

Spire Digital charges an hourly rate of $100 to $149 for its services. It provides multiple services to its clients, such as Digital Transformation, Innovation Lab, Agile Process Consulting, DevOps, UX Design, UI Design and Testing, and User-Centric Design Consulting.


Resourcifi was established in 2016. It has a team of 40+ people. It offers the latest tools and technologies to create robust mobile and web apps. Resourcifi mainly operates in software testing, mobile app development, and digital marketing.

Furthermore, Resourcifi uses advanced front-end, back-end and full stack frameworks such as Angular, Vue, Drupal, Ruby On Rails, React and Laravel. Resourcifi’s minimum project size is $10,000+ dollars. Its hourly rates range from $25 to $49 dollars.


PromptWorks is a New York based software consultancy founded in 2013. It is the specialist of Ruby, Python, JavaScript and other related technologies. It helps software businesses to build new web apps and APIs.

Also, it solves problems with existing apps like scaling, testing and automating development operations. PromptWorks has an employee size of over 30 employees. The project size of PromptWorks is over $50,000 and its hourly rates are from $150 to $199.

Daffodil Software

Daffodil Software is a reputed software project engineering and augmentation company. It was founded in 1999 and its location is Gurgaon, India. Daffodil provides the latest design approaches, technologies, and software development methodologies.

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Daffodil has a team of over 1000 professionals. It has served over 1500 customers in more than 32 industries and 25 countries. Daffodil’s minimum project size is $10,000+ and it charges $25 to $49 per hour for every project.


ScienceSoft is a USA based software development and IT consulting company founded in 1989. It has a strength of 600+ employees. Its average hourly rates are $50 to $99.

ScienceSoft has received Ernst and Young award in 2014, It has also gained recognition from prestigious associations like BBC, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. Popular global companies such as IBM, eBay, Robert Half, and Viber are its clients.

ScienceSoft offers custom mobile and web development, testing and QA, CRM, content management, collaboration solutions, data analysis and security intelligence. It serves multiple industry verticals such as banking, retail, healthcare, telecommunication, manufacturing, entertainment and other industries.


The ten React Native development companies that we have discussed here can make highly engaging applications. The popularity of the React Native development platform speaks for itself, as app developers all over the world are deciding to well use it.

React Native is here to stay. It can produce excellent user-friendly apps. That is why Facebook is constantly improving it. To get further information on React Native development or to hire react developers, feel free to reach us at any time. Thanks for reading this blog.

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