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Best TikTok Beginner Guide for Online Marketing Websites

Launched in 2017, TikTok happens to be the ultimate destination for short videos. It is said to be the Western predecessor of the Chines App-Douyin which is created and owned by ByteDance, the famous technological company.

TikTok brings together the most ephemeral and playful elements brought forth by Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Vine which is owned by Twitter. TikTok has become the popular youth app and is presently just unstoppable.

From January 2018 to March 2019, TikTok said to be the most downloaded app. That is almost 5 consecutive quarters


But most of the marketers above the age of 30 had not heard about this platform until recently. What’s more, there were also some concerns regarding whether this app is safe to be used by the kids.

A high Court in Madras, India had banned the app previously from App Stores as it was allegedly encouraging illicit content. But fortunately it was lifted soon and henceforth there was no looking back. TikTok today enjoys more than 800 million installations.

Naturally more and more businesses are trying to tap in its popularity and get access to the huge diverse audience. Your business can particularly benefit from this if –

  • Your products are visually demonstrative and appealing
  • Most of the customers are below the age of 35 years
  • Your brand offers the cool kid vibe
  • You are an artist or musician
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How TikTok Can be Used by Brands

There are 3 primary ways that brands can be marketed in TikTok

  • You can work with the influencers for spreading the content to the broader audience
  • You can create own channel and upload relevant videos through the channel
  • You can pay for advertising on TikTok which is still at an early stage. However, it can become more established and popular over time.

You can use combination of these tactics for marketing your business. To help you out here is a guide to get started with the TikTok marketing. Take a look.

Download the App and Sign Up

Go to the Google App and download TikTok. Just when you open it, TikTok makes it super-easy to sign up. You can also use FB, Twitter or Gmail to sign up. Apart from that, you can also use standard signup for the account if you don’t want the accounts to be connected.

Set Up Your Profile

once logged in, you will be brought to the feed videos almost instantly. Tap the “person-outlined” icon on the lower-left corner for editing the profile. Tap the edit profile button and then choose the profile video or photo. Also, add the bio information and username. You can also link up the Instagram and YouTube pages if you want to show off your profiles on social media.

Once you are done with setting up the profile you should start engaging with the users.

Find Videos and Engage with the Users

You can do that by following the steps enlisted –

  • View the Video Feed
  • Like, Comment and Share the Videos You Enjoy
  • Search for Videos
  • Follow the Users through Videos, TikCode and Search
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Now let’s learn about how to create TikTok Video

Online Marketing

How to Create TikTok Video?

For the TikTok video just tap the central button with the “Plus Sign”. This will enable you to record the video for 15-60 seconds with a plethora of features like the following

Beauty: An AR filter that can hide blemishes and can smoothen up the skin.
Speed: It allows you to record in speeded up or slow motion.
Timer: Want to film hands-free? This allows you to auto-record the countdown
Filters: Let’s you change the colour filter

Effects and Music: On top of the centre of the camera screen you will also see the music sound next to them. You can add to select the musical overlay of the sound effect that you may want to work with. On the bottom of the camera, you will see an upload button on the left and the Effects button on the right, in case you want to record the videos outside the app.

By tapping on the Effects button you can see a giant lineup of AR filters for augmenting your surroundings and face. There is a black bar below the camera where you can time limit the video or tap the Photo Slideshow instead of the video.

Make Final Edits: Once the video is recorded you can make final edits with filters, musical overlay and other special effects. Add a caption and then save to the album after putting on the hashtags. You can change the privacy settings of the video. And you can also save the video with the Drafts button and save it for later.

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The experts of the reputed digital marketing agency in India suggest that you can go forth with the user-generated contents, In-feed native ads, Hashtag challenges, traditional influencer marketing and much more. With TikTok, there is a lot of scopes and your business can definitely solidify your brand image and attract more conversions for you.

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