The Role of Testing in UX Design Process

Testing is the most essential part of a UX designer’s job and is the most essential part of the UX design process. It’s a great way to get rid of unforeseen problems and user difficulties during the design stage.

Test as early as possible: If you test early, you can make corrections early, and as a result, you can see a greater impact of testing on improving product quality.

UX Design Process Tips

Don’t wait for a fully functional product: You can test design mock-ups as long as you can explain to test participants what to do, or even half-functional prototypes (even low-fidelity prototypes).

After deciding which user task to test, check the design with the user. You can also use guerrilla usability testing. If you have a prototype, go out of the office and find someone who looks like your target user and start testing!

Clarify the purpose of the test: You need to set your goals clearly. Only ask questions that need an answer. Before you start user testing, ask yourself. “What should I know about this test?” Then, when you know what to figure out, keep that purpose in mind and make a list of questions.

Ask open-ended questions: Closed questions have a limited number of options to answer. You can only answer yes/no or multiple choice. Open-ended questions allow you to discover things you never thought of and let you learn your customers’ language.

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Think of design as a dynamic process: Many designers think that the design process is a linear process that starts with user research, goes through the prototyping stage, and ends with testing. However, you have to think of the design process as a dynamic process.

Periodic user feedback should be central to the UX design process. As much as coding, designing, and collecting requirements, testing is part of the iterative loop of the product design process. It is important to test every step if resources allow.

Test it with real users: The design should be verified in a test done to real users. It should not be tested only with friends or family. You need a user with an independent and undistorted gaze.

Let the user focus on the task: When setting up a task for a user, you may want to ask what they think of the product or how many points they want to give for every element. However, it’s a good idea to clearly write down the tasks the user needs to perform and get natural feedback the moment the user uses it.

The Role of Testing in UX Design Process

For example, if you redesign and test your website home screen

  • Bad question: How about a website? How many out of 10 do you think the usability of web services is
  • Good question: Where do you think you will click the first time you enter the home screen?

Observe the behaviour: It is important to clearly distinguish between listening to users and observing users’ actions. Both methods will provide valuable information to UX designers, but the mistake UX designers make a lot is that they are too focused on listening. By observing the user, you can discover much more in less time.

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Make the whole team interested in testing: It is important to ensure that the entire product team is involved in testing. Having the opportunity to observe users helps the whole team understand and relate to usability issues. We follow the same at our website development company Los Angeles.

Think quality, not quantity: Many companies do not test at all or only test after launch. Because they misunderstand that it will be too expensive or take a long time. In fact, testing doesn’t take that much time and money.

Don’t try to solve all problems at once: It is impossible. Instead, fix the biggest (most important) problem first, then test again. The best testing is when you solve problems within your capabilities, recreate products, get feedback on how to use them, and repeat the process.

UX Design Process Conclusion

There is no other way around testing. You can create or break an idea for a product with just one simple test. So, test it early and often.

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The Role of Testing in UX Design Process

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