Tecno Camon 15

Tecno Camon 15 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM Smartphone

If you’re looking for a smartphone with specs that are top-notch, the Tecno Camon 15 Smartphone could be the one you’re looking for. The manufacturers of this product have given the device a great deal of thought and give it a look and feel that is very different from that of other similar products. And, that’s exactly what makes this model so different.

The range of features available is incredibly impressive. There are a number of activities that you can take advantage of, including being able to send and receive emails. That’s right. Emails. On top of this, there are also a number of applications that you can download that will add to your user experience.

Such applications include the camera application, which allows you to capture pictures with a wide range of resolution and clarity. It also includes the ability to edit photos. This means that you will be able to create a high-quality photo that has been edited to provide you with a wonderful photo of the family.

If you enjoy typing on a keyboard, the keypad of the Tecno Camon 15 Smartphone will suit you just fine. The keypad is a bit smaller than the rest of the keyboard. That way, you’ll be able to comfortably type when you’re sitting still without having to reach up to touch the keys. The keypad is also easy to use because it’s very user friendly.

To go along with the all-important email, Tecno Camon 15 also includes a good software application. The software provides a number of useful applications to help you take better care of your devices. One of the most useful applications is the app for the camera.

The camera application includes a variety of settings that allow you to take beautiful pictures of your family. You can choose a wide range of frames, zoom in on the ones you like, and adjust the contrast and lighting levels. The result is something that you really will love taking.

8x Ultra Clear Photography

  • Featured with 48MP clear lens, support 8x to zoom in the picture after taking a shot. Click the shooting to capture the beautiful view and unforgettable memories, you will find that every detail is perfectly captured and shown. The clearness of the whole picture has upgraded by 68%.
  • The four pixels were combined into a 1.6-micron megapixel to create high-quality night shots. The large 1/2” sensor captures more light at night, producing a photo that is brighter and with less noise.
  • With new launched CAMON 15, capture more details both at daytime and night. See magic happens.

Ultra Night Lens-TAIVOS

  • This time, CAMON 15 takes the unprecedented step to start TAIVOS(TECNO artificial intelligence vision optimization solution) to bring you truly ultra-clear night shot. the Ultra Night Lens makes better edge correction and multi-frame noise reduction, producing more pure and clear night shot.
  • Reduce overexposure to restore true night scene in all directions, improve the image brightness and dynamic range at the same time, shooting brighter photos in dark environments. Find the beauty of the night.

2cm Macro Photography

  • The extreme 2cm close-up shot lets you discover the unseen beauty of the minor things around you.

Newly Developed Background Bokeh Effect

  • Background Bokeh Effect has been fully upgraded, making the portraits have better focus in the whole picture, and details are carefully processed

AI Body Shaping

  • Background Bokeh Effect has been fully upgraded, making the portraits have better focus in the whole picture, and details are carefully processed..

Super HDR

  • Super HDR controls the light part from getting overexposed, showing more detailed and crisped dark parts. The color lossless output presents every detail and makes the selfie portrait more colourful and vivid.

AI Scene Detection

  • A newly added multi-dimensional portrait mixed scene is available fully covers both simple and mixed scenes at the same time. The detectable rate has reached 90%.
  • Once the scene is recognized, it would offer corresponding AI optimization, letting you take more realistic and detailed photos.

16MP AI Clear Selfie

  • Stay the spirit of Clear Selfie, CAMON 15 prepares 16MP clear lens for your selfie time. Enhanced clarity, high-quality lighting effect, real-time image optimising, we would not miss any charming moments of you.
  • The newly upgraded facial algorithm of Tecno Camon 15 offers built-in light beauty effects, saving your time for more retouch.
  • The new version of HDR, no matter scenarios, you could always take clear and bright selfie portrait.

Dual Front Flash

  • Breaking through the limitation and hiding the dual flash in the dot-in display, you can still capture clear selfies even in low light scenarios.

Fun Social Interaction

  • Continuing the style of previous AR Sticker and AR Emoji, this time, we have updated 12 AR Stickers and 4 unique AR Emoji figures of Manchester City Football Club as amazing gifts.
  • Much funnier for social interaction, GIF expressions have been launched. Especially designed as TECNO X Manchester City Football Club version, generating fun GIF expressions on one click. Now, you can show your mood with a lovely GIF!

Portrait Bokeh Effect 2.0

  • Tecno Camon 15 smartphone edge refinement has improved greatly, making the portrait bokeh effect more focused on main portrait object while blurring the rest smartly.

Social Turbo

Best WhatsApp Assistant Box with multiple features is available to make fun chatting with friends. Tecno Camon 15 has a powerful toolbox that can make your DIY Emoji, save present WhatsApp status, and automatically open flash while you have incoming WhatsApp call. More considerate features are prepared.

5000Ah Battery

  • 5000mAh super battery satisfies your needs of power supply for daily work and life. Longer time connecting with the world.


  • Store your favourites with 64GB ROM space, less worry of frequent clean-up to get more storage. 4GB RAM offers stable and fluent performance. Multitasking and gaming get faster and smoother.

Face Unlock

  • Face Unlock 2.0 automatically detects your closed eyes, greatly improving your phone privacy and security.

Tecno Camon 15 manufacturer has done an excellent job of making sure that all of the aspects of the phone are easy to use. Everything is laid out in a very user-friendly manner, making it very easy to navigate.

So, you can see why this is such a great cell phone. It’s great for the people in your life. Just sit down, pick up the phone, and start enjoying your Tecno Camon 15 Smartphone.

One of the other great things about Tecno Camon 15 is that it will fit in very well with any style of wardrobe. The details on the phone are excellent. You can see it from a mile away and know that it’s going to be a great phone.

Also, you’re going to get a great range of coverage, with a broad spectrum of features. That means that you won’t be short on features. You can be confident that there will be some additional functions that you’ll enjoy using.

In addition, Tecno Camon 15 is very easy to use. The user interface is clear and easy to understand. You won’t have any problems using it. That makes it a great buy, especially if you want to get into the market for a smartphone. You won’t have any trouble making this purchase. But, be aware that the Tecno Camon will set you back a fairly large amount.

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