It is indeed that  Error 500 is the most common error that user often encounters. But it is frustrating because it doesn’t describe the reason behind it. Users feel clueless when they don’t figure out the accurate methods to fix this error. Multiples methods are accessible over the internet to eradicate the internal server error 500. We have a thorough guide underneath that will assist you to eliminate this error.  

Construct a New .htaccess File 

Search the .htaccess File and then rename this File by doing the right-click. This would automatically remove the website’s .htaccess File that indicates; there is a need to construct a new .htaccess file

After changing the .htaccess File, check your site and see if the 500 internal server error is still there on the website. If the problem is wiped out, then it was .htaccess File bringing issues. Save changes and construct .htaccess File.

Navigate to>Permalinks>Save Changes 

That would generate a new .htaccess file for the website with accurate rewrite configuration to ensure that the published page doesn’t send error codes. If the 500 server error continues, then try other methods.  

WordPress Error 500

Enhance the PHP Memory Limit of WordPress 

If the PHP memory is being exceeded, then Http WordPress error 500 appears on the website. Boosting the PHP bandwidth could help to eliminate the error. In case the error 500 pops in during the user tries to upload an image in WordPress, then PHP memory should be enhanced. Try the guidelines below to increase the PHP of the website.

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Connect the WordPress file via FTP login or CPanel credentials

  • Search the php.ini File Write the error code “memory=256MB” without inverted comma
  • Save changes to the File
  • Upload the File into the server 

In case the internal server error happens due to the PHP memory reached its limit, then performing the above steps eliminate the error. 

Turn off All Plugins 

One of the core reasons why internal server error 500 appears could be a flawed Plugin or one or more plugins. It may be possible that WordPress plugins are not compatible with the website, or some of the plugins are conflicting with each other. The best way to ensure if a plugin is obtaining the error is to disable all the WordPress plugins. 

If this method solves error, then it is absolutely a Plugin that is obtaining the WordPress error. 

Go to the WordPress Admin dashboard and click on Plugins and then enable plugins one by one until you search the one that is acquiring an error. Uninstall Plugin and install other plugins to reliance on the old one. 

Re-Upload the Core Files 

WordPress Error 500

When the plugins are not the reasons, then you need to reinstall the core files, including the wp-admin folder, which can easily solve the error. The finest virtue of this process is that none of the details is removed or lost. Even it rectifies any problems that are being appeared due to damaged files. The core files don’t usually create problems on the site. That is the reason; it is always advised to upload core files.

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Enable WordPress Error Log

Though enabling the WordPress error log won’t solve internal server error directly, but it helps in detecting the reasons for the error. This error log performs like a debugging tool. Through FTP login, the user can find the wp-config.php File, the most sensitive and significant File of WordPress. Click on the File and edit the File through the text editor. Find the phrase that shows /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */. And write the code before the phrase define (‘WP_DEBUG’, true );

This error log navigates WordPress to enable debugging mode. Also, write down another code juts below this code.define ( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

These both code enable WordPress to restore an error log and detects error appear on the WordPress website by then and now. 

Consult Your Hosting Provider

If the above-described steps are not enough to troubleshoot the internal server error 500, then contact your hosting provider. You can ask the technical team of the hosting service. They can fix the problem by navigating your site settings. The help desk representatives are experienced and well trained to come out with a precise way out. 

Users can experience several other error messages associated with WordPress error 500 internal server error because they are related server. For example, 502 Bade Gateway is one of them. The WordPress hosting team will also assist you in solving WordPress errors. Have a word with your WordPress cloud hosting support team, and they will guide how to eliminate the error.  

Concluding Thoughts

We expect this guide will help you to rectify the error. You can solve the WordPress error 500 internal server error problem easily. There are many experts working for the solutions of different WordPress error. Our team is always prepared to deliver hassle-free assistance so that your website runs efficiently.   

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