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Task Tracking and Time Tracking Tool Uses and Benefits

In this face-paced world piled-up, unorganized and unprioritized work is a common dilemma that leaves us all facing serious consequences and losses. Making a schedule seems like a dream due to so much work and organizing it is not even a dream anymore for some people.

However, every problem comes with a solution, which in this case is the availability of certain tools to help you manage, organize, and schedule your work so that you can finally make time to pursue that hobby, visit that new restaurant or maybe simply just get a break.

Time tracking tool and task tracking tools have revolutionized the way we manage our work and time. By giving a deeper insight into our existing process, they help us evaluate our situation, analyze the current flow and finally, increase our productivity.

Time Tracking Tool

No more the traditional way of “we will cross that bridge when we get there let’s just complete the work at hand first”. These tools let you thoroughly define a path for managing your work and employees. Let us have an individual look at both these and understand why it is so important to use a task tracking and time tracking tool.

Task Tracking Tool

Identifying which task to complete is a challenge on its own. Some tasks are important, some are urgent, some both and some are just tasks to be completed. Let’s assume you complete an urgent task but you postponed the important task leading to a delayed deadline. You just lost the client’s or the stakeholder’s trust.

Task management is an imperative practice that helps you organize your work and ensures that such situations never occur and the use of task tracking tools lets you incorporate task management in your daily life.

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Essentially, a task tracking tool, varying from a basic spreadsheet to an advanced application, is a tool used to organize and manage your work, track the progress of work and the time taken for it leading to a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. Let’s look at what does a task tracking tool brings to the table for an individual, team or organization.

Benefits of Task tracking tools


Task tracking tools leverage the benefits of visualization to provide you a clear understanding of your routine. This includes a deeper understanding of the following questions

  • How much time you spend on each project
  • How well do you manage the task priority
  • Which areas need more focus
  • Which tasks are consuming excessive time and why

A glance at your task tracker will allow you to form a quick answer for these solutions and removing all confusion.


Every task can be broadly classified into 4 categories

  • Urgent and important
  • Not urgent but important
  • Urgent but not important and
  • Not urgent and not important

A task tracking tool helps you identify the task which further lets you decide which task to complete at what time. On the other hand, if you do not successfully identify your tasks, you are in for a major setback sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, better identification also leads to a better prioritization of tasks which essentially holds the same benefits.


The assessment of your tasks and efforts from a task tracker tool will help you reach your goals faster. By identifying which tasks you are good at, you can decide your future assignments to make more money. Or you can also assess which tasks need improvement and increase your overall progress.

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Increased productivity

More productivity is the biggest reason for the popularity of task tracking tools. By providing a clear understanding of your current process and allowing you to improve not just your timeline but also to complete the required work at the required time, task tracking tools help you in exploring new horizons of productivity.

Employee tracking

For the organizations or senior members, these tools also act as employee task tracking. Keeping tabs on the tools of individual employees and their tasks, you can monitor their performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses and experience greater transparency in the daily work progress.

The employee tracking tool holds even greater value to the freelance industry. For the clients, it lets them keep tabs on the freelancers working remotely and for the freelancers, it helps them analyze their performance and generate more revenue.

Time Tracking Tool

Time Tracking Tool

Tracking the amount of time you invest in a task and further managing it to achieve better productivity is the basic objective of a time tracking tool. Considering the fact that “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”, time tracking tools are a must for anyone with the desire to grow.

The time tracking tool is also a great supplement to your project management methodology. Adding such a tool enables you to keep track of work done and the breaks taken by every employee. This, in turn, helps you decide the compensation for a deserving employee.

In some aspects, a time tracking tool provides somewhat similar benefits as a task tracking tool. Apart from increasing productivity and tracking employee performance, mentioned below are some of the remarkable benefits of a time tracking tool.

  • Detailed billing by calculating the exact hours you put in, including client calls.
  • Maintain discipline and motivation by keeping tabs on deadlines and lost time
  • Decide which project holds a greater advantage by comparing the timelines and budgets of previous tasks and projects.
  • Improve your rates by analyzing the tasks involved in the project, their time consumption and the rates of your employees involved in those tasks.
  • Better planning by understanding your capacity.
  • Acts as employee time tracking tools holding numerous benefits especially for remote workers and freelancers.
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Apart from their obvious benefits, incorporating these tools in your daily work gives you an edge and makes you Stand out. In a time where competition is freakishly high, task tracking and a time tracking tool represent your organizational and management skills. It also adds employee task tracking and employee time tracking, displaying your absolute control over tasks.

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