Successful Marriage Tips for Young Nollywood Couples

A successful marriage is a marriage when year after year, the happiness of the couple being together persisted, and there must be understanding and tolerance between couples. A successful marriage gives room to establish a successful family.

Marriage is an institution that is groomed before the family is formed. Marriage is the foundation of a family unit; therefore, if the marriage is successful, the children will have a very conducive and friendly environment to grow in.

We can also see a successful marriage as a union that embraces.

  • Understanding
  • Commitment
  • Sacrifice
  • Responsibility.

The most crucial thing in a marriage that will be successful is unconditional love. Unconditional love is needed because nobody is perfect. Everybody has their flaws, so partners are supposed to understand each other’s flaws.

Couples are supposed to work towards understanding each other better. A successful marriage must give room for love, trust, and understanding sustainably from the very first of the wedding till the end of time.

After 64 years of marriage, Fausat Balogun, popularly known as Madam Saje, shared tips for a successful marriage that keeps her wedding waxing stronger with her husband, Rafiu Balogun.

Recently in an interview with City People, Fausat Balogun revealed why her many marriages in the movie industry in Nigeria are crashing like a Domino.

Fausat Balogun Biography

Fausat Balogun was born on the 13th of February, 1959, in Ifelodun town, Kwara State, Northcentral part of Nigeria. She’s regarded as the most featured veteran Yoruba actress, who joined acting at age 10 under the tutelage of her boss, Rafiu Balogun, whom she later married when she was age 18. Their union is blessed with wonderful children.

When City People asked her about her fans, admirals, and whether other men are not asking her out since people do ask many actresses out after seeing them on Tv,

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Fausat Balogun said

“Nobody has ever asked me; maybe I wasn’t destined to have many toasters.

Frankly speaking

No way you will be in the Nigerian movie industry that such harassment won’t surface, but it depends on you as a person.

According to Fausat Balogun

Someone like me is now a big fish in Nollywood, and there is nothing you can do again than to face your job and the well-being of your children.

She prayed for those facing challenges in their marriages today in the Nigerian movie industry; may God almighty settle it for them.

Why are Marriages in Nollywood are crashing

When Fausat Balogun was asked her opinion on why many Nollywood marriages are crashing
almost every time, she said.

“It is terrible to follow your colleagues’ steps to define your own life.

If someone like me had tried that in the past, I wouldn’t have had a successful marriage and gotten to where I am today, and I always advise them that we came to this world with different purposes.

Taiwo’s destiny is different from Kehinde’s own. If you are mad at me the way I am, you are angry with God because that is how God created me.

Fausat Balogun Net Worth

She narrated,

I suffered before I got to where I am now. It is not as if I have money to that extent, but I am contented with what I have. Many had travelled abroad before I did. A woman in London called Iya Isla has invited me on several occasions, but I didn’t force myself until, and it was like a miracle.

There is no latecomer in success. I have been to London, America, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and all that at my convenient time.

Why most Nollywood Actresses are not having Successful Marriages

Most of them want to belong; this is one of the reasons many marriages are successful and crashing in the movie industry. May God change their mind for the better to have a stable marriage.

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My colleague has done this, and I must do my own at all costs,

Do you know where they got the money?

As a result, they involve themselves in things they are not meant to do, which will cause crisis in the union”.

Her opinion on young actresses who are riding exotic cars worth N15million and more

“Where would I see money to buy such?

Though, from the beginning, I didn’t like big cars like that because where would I see money to fix the parts or maintain them?

But that is not the same case with our girls in the industry.

Her advice for the married ladies in the movie industry, especially those whose husbands are also in the acting industry to have a successful marriage

“They should stay glued to their husbands because that is how it was destined to be, especially when you have kids for each other”

Most married women stay in the marriage because of their children, not the husband, because all men are the same. If you leave your children, it is as simple as you preparing them for suffering because another wife will maltreat them.

Fausat Balogun further said

I, as a person, can’t leave my children for a minute. My husband married 2 wives, and I nurtured my kids alongside my second wife. We cannot afford to create enmity between ourselves and others during this short period of our lives.

I tell ladies in the industry to be contented with their husbands because other men will always pretend to like you more; meanwhile, they want to sleep with you and run away; that is why it pays to make your marriage tight.

Fausat Balogun will be 60 in 2 years and has been married since she was 18 years old” these are parts of what has helped her to build a successful marriage life and sustained her marriage, she narrated.

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No marriage is happy all of the time. There are ups and downs. Success in marriage does not come merely through finding a suitable mate but through being the right mate. Love is a decision to be committed to another person. It is far more than a fleeting emotion portrayed on television, on the big screen, and in romance novels.

Marriage is a decision to be committed through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. When things are going well, commitment is easy. But true love is displayed by remaining committed even through the trials of life.

Wise couples realize that a lovely home, car, or retirement account may appear friendly, but they do not make a successful marriage. They understand that there are far more important principles at play.

Successful marriage partners learn to show unending patience and forgiveness to their partners. They humbly admit their faults and do not expect perfection from their partner. They do not bring up past errors to hold their partner hostage.

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Successful Marriage Tips for Young Nollywood Couples

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