Easy Steps to Abort 6 Weeks Unwanted Pregnancy at Home

Unwanted pregnancy brings a big change in every woman’s life. While some women are happy about this change, some are not. Unwanted pregnancy has been linked to many poor maternal and child health outcomes, regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy.

Efforts to reduce rates of unwanted pregnancy have focused on improving access to effective contraception through improved counseling and removing barriers to contraception access.

There are many reasons for a woman to get an abortion, like

  • Being financially unstable
  • Medical problems
  • Age, etc.

Getting a medical abortion is messy, and some women are not entirely comfortable with this procedure. Thus, such women choose to abort their unwanted pregnancy through an MTP kit.

Steps to Abort 6 Weeks Unwanted Pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy, also known as MTP, is a procedure of terminating an unwanted pregnancy through medicines. It is recommended for those women who are seven to nine weeks pregnant. To get a reliable and correct MTP kit, one should consult a doctor to avoid medical complications.

Never use abortion pills without the doctor’s advice, as some pregnancies may need surgical removal of the fetus. Consuming the wrong abortion pill at the wrong time can severely damage your body and may reduce the chance of conceiving again.

What to do before taking the abortion pill?

While some women purchase abortion tablets through online pharmacies like Grace Him, it is recommended to consult a doctor to know whether the abortion is the right decision for you. Along with it, the doctor may also talk about all the other abortion options.

Once it is confirmed that the pills are safe for you, the doctor gives you instructions on how to take the pills. After taking the abortion pill, you may suffer from bleeding and cramping; thus, plan beforehand to make the process more comfortable.

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What happens during the medication abortion?

The termination of the unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills has several steps and includes two different medicines.

  • Mifepristone
  • Misoprostol like Cytotec 200 mcg

The first pill to take to terminate the unwanted pregnancy is mifepristone. Mifepristone stops the production of those cells and hormones that help in growing the pregnancy. Some women feel nauseous or spot bleeding after taking medicine. If you bleed more than told, talk with your doctor to get some necessary medicine to stop the bleeding.

The second medicine to take to terminate the unwanted pregnancy is misoprostol. You may take medicine right after mifepristone or up to 48 hours after taking the first pill. This medicine aims to cause bleeding and cramping to empty the uterus.

These two are the most essential and recommended medicines in the MTP kit to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. For most women, cramping and bleeding usually start within 1-4 hours of the consumption of misoprostol.

However, contact the doctor if you don’t have bleeding or cramping within 24 hours after taking misoprostol. The bleeding and cramping can last for seven to eight hours or even more. The cramping and bleeding slow down after the necessary pregnancy tissues come out of the uterus.

Both things may happen on and off for an extra day or two. Some doctors suggest taking painkillers like ibuprofen for about 30 to 35 minutes before taking the second medicine to help with the cramps. One can purchase all the necessary medications from Grace Him at a reasonable price and get the package within three to four working days.

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How does the medication abortion feel?

Someone who doesn’t experience an early miscarriage before may experience it once they take the abortion pills. For most women, the medication abortion feels like having an early miscarriage. Some of the most common symptoms or things to experience after a medication abortion are mentioned below.

  • Experiencing worst cramping
  • Constant stomach-ache
  • Noticing hefty bleeding with large blood clots (as mentioned above, if you don’t experience bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine like Cytotec 200 mcg, consult your doctor)
  • Constantly feeling nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness and tiredness
  • Suffer from a mid-fever or chills
  • May have irregular periods after taking the medication

Things you can follow that help in easing the pain and make you comfortable are mentioned below.

  • Take some painkillers like ibuprofen but avoid taking aspirin as it makes the bleeding worse.
  • To soothe the cramps, use a heating pad or hot water bottle bag
  • Take a hot shower
  • Have someone constantly rub your back
  • Eat something sweet

How may a person feel after taking the abortion pills?

After taking the abortion pills from the MTP kit, the pill’s effect varies from person to person. After taking the second medicine, it is recommended to rest for at least two to three days. Avoid doing any hard work or exercise or lifting anything heavy for a few days.

One starts to feel better as the days go by. However, even after five to six days, if you experience severe cramping or bleeding, immediately contact your doctor.

As the days go by, you may see changes in your body, like a few stretch marks or tender breasts. Some women experience a milky discharge from their breasts or vagina. Purchasing the original abortion pills from a local store may burn a hole in your pocket.

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To save some money and earn some cashback, purchase all the necessary medicine from Grace Him. The website offers incredible deals and discounts to first-time purchasers. Once you start purchasing, you’ll get updates on upcoming deals and discounts on many medicines that may cost a lot through a local pharmacy.

If you experience chills, fevers, or nausea for more than two days, contact your doctor as it could be a sign of an infection. Besides these, hormonal imbalance is another common symptom in women after taking abortion pills. Some women start to regret the abortion decision and go through an array of emotions like guilt, remorse, and sadness.

Experiencing such emotions is entirely normal. However, if the hormonal fluctuation stays for more than two days, maybe you should talk with a doctor. Medicine like Cytotec 200 mcg affects some women who choose medication abortion above surgical abortion.

Sometimes, aborting a baby is not a personal choice but a medical necessity suggested by the doctors. However, not all women have to go through the uncomfortable surgical method. If aborting the baby through medication, abortion is safe and healthy for you, go for it. Within the comfort of your home, with your loved one, you can have a safe and healthy abortion without feeling any knife near your vagina.

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