Solar Inverter with Battery Price: 4 Things to Note

Ask anyone and along with having a roof over their heads and food to eat, they’ll list electricity as a basic need. A blackout or even a few minutes is enough to raise tempers.

  • Children get irritated when they can’t watch their favourite cartoons
  • Cakes baking in the oven starts to sink
  • Work comes to a standstill as the computer suddenly switches off

Wouldn’t it be so much better if there was an alternative energy provider like a solar inverter?

Solar Inverter Battery,

Well, there is an alternative and it’s all around you. Rather than depend on the main power grid for electricity and have to deal with power outages and blackouts, you can run your home on a solar inverter alternative energy provider.

The only point that’s probably made you hesitate is the solar inverter with battery price. But, here are a few reasons why that should not matter.

Solar Energy Makes You Independent

When you install a solar inverter power system in your home, you are making your house independent from the main power grid. There’s no more worrying about power cuts and blackouts.

You don’t need to worry about days when they say the system is down for maintenance or when there’s a storm that brings the power lines down. As long as the sun is up in the sky, you’ll have enough electricity to power all your devices all day and all night long.

Of course, you can choose to have the best of both worlds and generate your power while staying connected to the main power grid. This is known as a grid-connected system. In this setup, the electricity generated by your solar panels is shared with the main power grid in exchange for credits.

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At night or on a day when the sun is not strong enough to produce sufficient electricity, you can draw power from the main grid. You still aren’t billed anything much since the amount is balanced against the credits earned for sharing power earlier.

Solar Energy Is Clean Energy

There may be an amount listed on the solar inverter with battery price but there is no price that can be put to cleaning up the environment and reducing pollution levels. The main grid draws most of its power from coal power plants. Coal is burnt to generate electricity.

Thus, though you don’t see it, every time you switch on a device, you’re contributing to pollution levels. This wouldn’t be the case if you used solar inverter energy power. Solar power is generated when the sun’s rays fall on solar panels.

The energy is converted to electricity and saved in a battery that powers an inverter and, in turn, powers all your devices. The sun’s power is considered a renewable source of energy and does not cause any pollution. Thus, you’re powering your home with clean energy.

If you use a grid-connected system, then, it’s not just your home that will run on clean power. The power you share with the power grid is directed to other homes in your neighbourhood. Thus, your system is indirectly powering their homes with clean energy too.

Solar Energy Can Be Used For Everything

Once solar energy is converted into electricity, it can be used in the same way as power from the main power grid. No matter how delicate your appliances are, they can be powered by solar energy with no additional risk. Of course, you need to invest in reliable inverters and batteries,

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The batteries that power a solar inverter can be categorized as a flat plate and tubular inverter batteries. The latter may be slightly more expensive but it is the better choice. Tubular batteries have a longer lifespan and charge faster.

Similarly, when it comes to solar inverters, you have a choice between pure sine and modified sine wave inverters. The difference between the two lies in how electricity is distributed. Pure sine wave inverters ensure a steady, even flow of electricity and hence are the better choice.

Maintenance Is Minimal

The solar inverter with battery price is a one-time investment that saves you a lot in the long run. Firstly, the moment you switch to solar power, you can say goodbye to monthly electricity bills. There’s no worrying about how long to run the AC in the summer, you can keep it on for as long as it’s needed and still have negligible electricity bill- if any.

If your home is off the grid, there’s no question of an electricity bill. If it’s a grid-connected system, the power you share with the main grid during the day will balance any power you need to take from the grid.

Secondly, solar inverter power systems require negligible maintenance. All you need to do is keep the panels clean and make sure they have unobstructed access to sunlight. You might need to trim trees that are shading the panels from time to time. Other than this, the panels generate electricity throughout the day without you needing to do anything.

Choosing The Ideal Solar Inverter And Battery

Now that you have all the reasons before you invest in generating solar electricity, the next question is how do you create your solar power system? Ideally, get a professional involved.

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Start by assessing your power needs to understand the capacity of panels and inverters and batteries needed. If you set a system and can’t run all the appliances you need on the power generated, your system isn’t going to bring you any joy.

Always shop for solar power system components from reliable brands. You will of course find locally made, unbranded panels, inverters and batteries at a cheaper price than what is offered by brands. However, remember that these local components do not have a warranty or guarantee for how long they will run.

Also, you won’t be able to rely on the seller for any kind of technical help maintaining the battery or the inverter if something goes wrong. Installing a solar power system should ideally be a one-time experience so invest your money wisely.

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