6 Best Online Software Testing Courses Websites

The online software testing courses will teach you to think like a software tester, find bugs in code earlier, and write better code. You will also learn everything you need to kick-start your test automation career through the online software testing courses.

Software testing will help you identify gaps, missing requirements, and errors contrary to the requirements. Software testing involves executing software/system components using manual or automated tools to evaluate one or more properties of interest.

6 Best Online Software Testing Courses Websites

The primary purpose of software testing is to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements in contrast to actual conditions. In simple terms, software testing the Verification of Application Under Test (AUT). This Software Testing course introduces testing software to the audience and justifies the importance of software testing.

Details about Software Testing Courses

Software testing courses are part of the curriculum of Undergraduate engineering courses (BE/BTech) in Information Technology or Computer Science. But, engineering and other graduates can choose from different certifications to get professional knowledge of software testing.

Certificates help the testers/candidates to be more efficient and effective in their respective works. One can grow in their career by taking the following levels of software testing courses and gradually becoming an expert. Get to know about Software Engineering Courses After 10th details.

Software Testing Courses Required Skills

The following-technical and technical skills are essential to becoming a good QA tester. Compare your skillset against the following checklist:

Non-Technical Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skill
  • Time Management
  • Positive attitude
  • Passion

Technical Skills

  • Basic knowledge of Database/ SQL
  • Knowledge and real-time experience of a Test Management Tool
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands
  • Knowledge and real-time experience of any Defect Tracking tool
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience of Automation tool

Software Testing Course Job Profiles

  • Test/Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (Computer Software)
  • Software Tester
  • Senior Test Engineer
  • Software Test Lead
  • Test Engineer
  • Test Analyst
  • Senior Test/Quality Assurance Engineer (Computer Software)
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
  • Test/Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst (Computer Software)
  • Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst (Computer Software)

Software Testing Course Online


If you want to learn about Appium software testing, you’ve come to the right place. These courses focus on the essentials of this automation testing tool. These online software testing courses include hours of hands-on training, comprehensive explanations of concepts, and job-search assistance.

You’ll also be exposed to real-world industry use-cases and mock interviews. You’ll have the tools you need to get started in this field and be able to demonstrate your newfound knowledge with confidence.

You will learn how to automate mobile applications using the Appium testing framework, which supports various mobile platforms. This open-source framework can access a variety of DBs and APIs.

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It supports the Selenium WebDriver API and most popular programming languages. It also has support for reading data from an XLS/properties file. This training will prepare you for the many challenges of testing a mobile app.

Appium testing is a fantastic way to boost your software testing career. The open-source Appium testing framework allows you to test a variety of platforms and languages, including

It also supports many popular development languages, including

Appium is a must-have for your testing arsenal regardless of which platform your application runs on. You can find a course tailored to your needs and start testing your next mobile application today.


For REST Software Testing Courses, it is essential to understand the basics of the technique. This software testing course will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to test REST services and web APIs. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of software testing and how to write test cases and API documentation.

The software testing course is ideally suited for beginners, architects, and IT professionals who want to learn more about RESTful API testing. It will teach you to write test cases using the Postman tool and manual testing techniques.

REST API Testing Courses teach you how to use a popular open-source API to test a web application. You will learn how to test applications using this technology and how to use it to create a faster, more secure system.

The software testing online training will also teach you how to use potent practices for lifecycle management, versioning, and documentation. Software testing courses will also introduce you to real-world scenarios and case studies that will help you to understand how REST APIs work.

REST is a style of architecture that lets users access cloud-based services and applications. It is defined by a uniform interface and uses the HTTP protocol as its application state engine.

APIs are programming instructions that allow a web-based application to interact with another system. Google, for example, has an API for several functions. When a user accesses these functions, they must use the GET method to retrieve information from the server.


The SoapUI is a robust and flexible framework for API testing. This framework helps detect vulnerabilities, including javascript code injection, API security, and web services. SoapUI also performs database scans and suggests remediations to fix any issues found.

Its comprehensive test coverage is an invaluable tool for any software testing team. This training focuses on the basics of SoapUI and provides hands-on experience. SoapUI is the world’s leading open source API testing framework and is widely used in web services.

This robust framework supports a variety of protocols, including REST and SOAP. The SoapUI training program helps you learn the basics of SoapUI software testing, and it also helps you learn groovily. This programming language allows you to comprehend the built-in SOAP techniques.

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SoapUI training courses will give you the knowledge and expertise to make the most of the robust Soap framework. SOAP UI PRO supports multiple environments, including the cloud and local environments. You can switch between them seamlessly.

You can run tests in different environments, and there are many ways to customize reports. SOAPUI integrates with Apache Maven, a software project management tool. With HUDSON, you can execute SOAPUI tests from within Maven Build.

Another popular continuous integration tool is HUDSON, a Java-based continuous integration tool. It can detect bugs quickly and easily. SOAPUI also integrates with other tools, including JUnit.

Rapid Software Testing Course

The main goal of Rapid Software Testing Courses is to improve the tester’s skill sets and abilities to test products efficiently and effectively. This type of testing emphasizes identifying and exploring problems, bugs, and issues that could undermine a project’s or product’s value.

The test team must communicate their results clearly and concisely to ensure they do not overlook any crucial issues that might impact the business or product. The class is a three-day, intensive training course where students learn the fundamentals of testing software.

They will use hands-on exercises to learn the theory and practice of software testing. This hands-on learning is highly recommended for those who want to develop their testing skills and become better testers.

Some exercises will be computer-based, while others will involve solving puzzles and thinking experiments. Courses are interactive, so students will learn how to solve real-world problems by performing testing exercises.

Another advantage of the Rapid Software Testing course is the emphasis on testing under uncertainty and extreme conditions. The course emphasizes the “thinking” part of the testing process, often neglected by traditional approaches.

The latter approach emphasizes paperwork and never-ending analysis. Traditional testing methods have become outdated and unreliable because of the complexity of products. Moreover, testers and time are too costly. Instead, rapid testing uses a cyclic process that constantly improves testing.


Learn about testing and how to execute tests efficiently. This software testing course overviews software development lifecycle models and tips for successful testing. It is geared towards developers and testers and is appropriate for those with little or no prior programming knowledge.

You will learn about risk management, metrics, and estimating test durations and costs. The software testing course is suitable for project managers and testers, regardless of the testing methodologies used.

A technical training coach delivers comprehensive courses on Agile methodologies and software testing. The coach also facilitates training courses on quality assurance and software development. He teaches students the theory of agile software development and helps them apply the view in practice.

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The software testing courses are also designed to help individuals maintain their certifications. With a wealth of options available for training, Coveros is a great place to start learning software testing. Experienced professionals with real-world experience teach its courses, so you can be confident that the curriculum is relevant and valuable to you.

The software testing course starts with a brainstorming process to identify current challenges. Based on the challenges identified, the instructor maps these challenges to techniques covered in the software testing course. The course applies to both novice and experienced software testers.

The course is tailored for both traditional and Agile projects and can be completed in a week. The instructor also provides a guide for students on how to apply testing techniques to their work. They can also choose to learn about white box testing and developing User Scenarios from Use Cases.


If you’re new to software testing and want to gain a competitive edge over your coworkers, you can enrol in one of the Udemy Software Testing Courses. The courses cover everything from traditional testing techniques to newer approaches, such as acceptance and model-based testing.

This software testing course is perfect for anyone considering a career change or simply wanting to brush up on their foundational skills. The software testing courses are accessible on Udemy, but they’re only a fraction of the cost of conventional training. In addition, you can sign up for a yearly membership.

You will get instant access to more than 7000 courses when you sign up. And with that, you’ll be eligible for a 14 per cent discount! Investing in an Udemy Software Testing Course will boost your career prospects!

Udemy’s Robot Framework course is perfect for you if you’re a beginner. Designed for beginners, it gives students hands-on experience on real projects. The course explains each concept in detail.

By the end of the software testing course, you’ll have a solid understanding of QA basics and know the tricks and techniques of software testing. You’ll also learn how to develop test plans and document defects.

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6 Best Online Software Testing Courses Websites

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