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Social Media Manager Tool to Boost Your New Business Site

LinkCollider is a social media manager site for you to post your site for free and get thousands of likes, shares to social networks: StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook; site views. This is also the place to increase your site traffic daily and grow your SEO sales. LinkCollider is using direct social sharing media to help you increase your site views and boost your site SEO potential.

Social media is the social interaction among people where you create, share or exchange information and idea in virtual communities and network. Social media can also be defined as a group internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of the web that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Social media depends on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share.

Tips To Use LinkCollider Social Media Manager To Boost Your Social Media Profile

Social Media Manager

* Choosing the right channel
* Be flexible
* Create inspiring and consistent content
* Position yourself as a thought leader
* Research your followers
* Be responsive to your followers
* Put social media at the centre of all communications
* Bring your story to life
* Partner with relevant third parties

The best way to achieve all mentioned above is to register with LinkCollider

LinkCollider is offering an SEO service that uses direct social sharing with the most popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+ with their free services to offer you the following

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* Facebook shares
* Twitter followers
* Tumblr shares
* StumbleUpon share
* Google+ Share
* Twitter tweet
* Facebook likes
* Pinterest followers
* YouTube page subscriber
* Website traffic
* Website pageview

* Backlinks creation
* URL Shortening
* Directory Submission
* HTML formatting for SEO
* Unique article generator
* Article spinning
* Article compiler
* Search Engine Submission
* Site Bookmarking, and many more.

Full Advantages of Using LinkCollider Social Media Manager

Increase Web Traffic: More traffic to help you create a strong virtual community and qualify your site for a credible online advertising network:- BuySellAds.com. And also position your site for selection by thousands of internet advertisers.

No Proxy Servers: You will no longer need proxy servers or bot because your site will be viewed by real people who have unique and authentic IP addressed globally.

Social Bookmarking and Videos: They offer special packages that will boost your site SEO daily. The package they offer includes daily social media activities such as focused tweeting, blog posting, and video marketing.

Create Unique Articles: WIth LinkCollider, you don’t need to have a website or blog to create an article, you will have the option of creating unique with them and quality page ranking backlinks will come with your articles.

Drop My LInk: LinkCollider Drop My LInk service will assist you in finding a website that has a comment section for you to comment and get free backlinks.

Create Instant Article: Their unique Article generator will create new articles by replacing words with your own articles equivalent to synonyms.

Simple Sharing: Your website or blog will be listed on every member’s public page

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Website Optimization: They have developed Top Ten HTML Rules to increase your site’s and blog’s visibility. Those rules consider factors such as Google HTML content guide, Site developers, and high-ranking blogs. If you really desire to boost your site SEO and daily traffic, just opt-in and join LinkCollider today and start seeing the changes in your site in no time.

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