6 Social Copywriting Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

The best strategies and techniques of social copywriting to improve engagement on professional social networks. Making Social Copywriting is not at all simple since the posts published on social media make synthesis and immediacy their strong points. For this reason, it is very important to know how to identify the right words and to know how to package the message in the best possible way.

Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to convince users to perform the desired action, pushing them naturally towards their strategic objectives. Since nothing can be left to chance, it is appropriate to establish some fundamental guidelines, between strategies and techniques useful for improving engagement on social media through Social Copywriting.

  • What is meant by Engagement and why it matters
  • What is meant by Social Copywriting
  • How to improve Engagement with Social Copywriting
  • Social Copywriting Tips: Know Your Target
  • Social Copywriting tips: focus on needs and benefits
  • Social Copywriting Tips: Be Clear and Concise
  • Social Copywriting Tips: Beware of hashtags and emojis
  • Social Copywriting Tips: Don’t forget readability
  • Social Copywriting Tips: Encourage UGCs
6 Social Copywriting Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

What is meant by Engagement and why it matters

We have already mentioned the importance of improving engagement on social media but it is good to clarify, first of all, on the precise meaning of this term, which is translated with the not immediate and ineffective word “engagement”. By ” Engagement “, in the specific area of Social Media Marketing, we mean the involvement that a given content or, more generally, an online initiative arouses in users.

Each social media follows its own metrics to measure the Engagement rate, but the goal of those who do Marketing on social media is independent of the chosen platform: the common goal, in fact, is to activate the public in order to lead it naturally and without forcing towards a useful interaction , based on pre-established objectives. The best techniques and strategies of Social Copywriting are very effective tools in this sense.

What is meant by Social Copywriting

Before clarifying the concept of “Social Copywriting” it is necessary to first define the more general term ” Copywriting “: this word means the art of writing persuasive textual content aimed at conversion.

The spread of social networks made further professional specialization necessary: the Social Copywriter is, in fact, the one who writes the texts and makes them suitable for social media from the point of view of advertising.

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This last aspect is central: in fact, knowing how to write correctly in the USA respecting the grammatical rules is not enough. To communicate the Brand’s advertising message on social media through the text, it is necessary to use (and therefore, beforehand, know) specific techniques and writing strategies for the web.

How to improve Engagement with Social Copywriting

The time has come to find out what the best Social Media Copywriting tips are. Since each social media has specific characteristics, functionalities and objectives, it is good to clarify, first of all, that it is important to know well the differences existing between the various platforms, in order to understand which is or which are the most functional (and vehicular) your promotional message. This, however, is certainly not the only thing to know.

Social Copywriting Tips: Know Your Target

Those who engage in Social Copywriting must be clear, even before starting to write even a single word, to whom the message is intended. Knowing your target , in fact, helps you to choose both the social media through which to communicate your communication and the language to be adopted to make yourself better understood by users and to push them more effectively to perform an action.

Having clear ideas about your target, more concretely, allows you to concentrate resources and attention on one or more social channels (those most “inhabited” by the users to whom the message is addressed) and allows you to modulate the tone of voice , so as to get more in tune with users using a language consistent with their expectations and current trends .

In Marketing there is an ad hoc tool to get to know your target better and it is called buyer person : it is an ideal typical representation of the public potential, based on personal and socio-demographic characteristics. More concretely, the buyer person is a fictitious character who generally represents a piece of the target audience and thus identifies the typical customer (or one of the typical customers) of the company.

Social Copywriting tips: focus on needs and benefits

Knowing your target is also an excellent prerequisite for better assessing what to write. A particularly effective strategy, in fact, is to focus your message on the specific needs of your audience. Users who surf on social media, in general, do not do it to buy products, therefore, it is important to intercept their needs and give them what they need, making clear the immediate benefit they can get through the purchase.

In this regard, it is important to know the concept of Unique Selling Proposition, in the USA translatable as “exclusive sales argument”: an advertising campaign must offer an advantageous benefit to the consumer, such that competition is not in the possibility of offering it.

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A good Social Copywriter is one who can communicate this benefit clearly and directly. The formula to remember is FAB, which means Feature (what the product can do), Advantage (what advantages it offers) and Benefit (what it means for users).

Another concept to keep in mind is that of the scarcity of resources: according to this principle, opportunities are desirable when their availability is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate to the potential customer a sense of urgency in view of depletion of resources, leveraging various aspects including the so-called micro-moments to create conversions.

To further encourage the user to reap the proposed benefit, it is also possible to leverage social proof. This concept refers to the fact that users tend to trust real figures and tests that help certify the goodness of the purchase choice.

6 Social Copywriting Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social Copywriting Tips: Be Clear and Concise

We have already mentioned it: the message must be clear and direct, as well as concise. Social media impose limits on the length of the text and generally favour short content. In this sense, it is important to immediately capture the user’s attention with a direct concept, capable of breaking the mould.

As mentioned, it is important to focus on the immediate benefit that the user can obtain, without dwelling too much on the technical characteristics of the product and on the processing phases.

To ban, then, useless words and phrases, repeated concepts, amazing words to inflate communication, redundant and subordinate verbal forms that make reading more complicated and risk diverting attention from the content of the message.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of adjectives: only those that really add value to the message and help communicate emotions must be used, avoiding those that make no positive contribution to the meaning of the text.

The Call to Action, that is the phrase used to entice the user to perform an action, must be equally clear, concise and direct, as well as imperative but always in line with the chosen tone of voice. It is very important to personalize the text, in order to make the message more direct and effective.

Social Copywriting Tips: Beware of hashtags and emojis

In the same way as words, you have to be “cheap” even with hashtags. Also, in this case, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the various social media: a post published on Instagram or Twitter can justify the use of hashtags (always in moderation) while on Facebook their use can even be harmful to the performance of the content.

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As for the emoji, in order for their use to prove strategic and effective in the Social Copywriting area, it is important not to force their use and stick to the tone of voice and the Brand message. Of course, it is fundamental to know the precise meaning of the emojis that you intend to use and avoid the most ambiguous and not immediately understandable ones.

Social Copywriting Tips: Don’t forget readability

Even on social channels, regardless of the fact that each social media has, as mentioned, its peculiarities, it is very important to pay particular attention to the readability of the text. Particularly useful measures on social platforms are, in this sense, the division into paragraphs of the text (when it is particularly long) and the creation of bullet points (perhaps using emojis to identify the various points).

Social Copywriting Tips: Encourage UGCs

Now that the Social Copywriting tips on how to write persuasive and effective conversion texts on social media are clearer, let’s focus on another method to further improve Social Engagement: the possibility of encouraging users to publish their content through storytelling.

From a Digital Marketing perspective, User Generated Content (i.e. user-generated content) is very important because it allows you to cultivate the desire for protagonism inherent in users, to shorten distances and play with them, to obtain valuable feedback, to create meaning together and sharing and, therefore, to make Brand Awareness and push them to perform certain actions. In addition, users tend to trust more of content posted by another user than a promotional message from a company.

If you need to improve Engagement on social media through Social Copywriting but you do not know how to put the strategies and techniques mentioned above into practice, you can request advice from a business consultant and thus rely on a team of professionals: an expert on the subject will collect information essential for the creation of your advertising messages and will build together with you the most effective communication plan for your company, also advising you on the ideal investment mix and the right periodicity and providing you with an estimate of the returns you can get.

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6 Social Copywriting Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

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