So You Think You Can Create A Wikipedia Page?

Creating a Wikipedia page can be a difficult task. For starters, it may be difficult to follow the Wikipedia guidelines which a writer needs to follow in order to get the page published on site. Today, Wikipedia is used more as a marketing platform than a source of information for a college thesis.

Companies approach agencies providing Wikipedia experts for hire to be able to create a Wikipedia page. The fact that Wikipedia ranks in the top five most visited websites in the world which helps businesses in gaining authority and recognition in the digital world.

Here are some tips that you can follow to write a well-researched Wikipedia page

Think Before Writing

Writing a Wikipedia article means the topic the writer has chosen to write on has some kind of historic worth of hype which was not yet covered by Wikipedia. Being a Wikipedia writer, the best rule to follow is to write an article which is easy to understand containing simple vocabulary and a formal tone, so it sticks on the site instead of getting deleted.

Never Rewrite, Go For the Edit Instead

Before composing your article, make sure you have done our research, many times it happens that the article I already present on Wikipedia and all the hard work goes in vain because Wikipedia prioritizes the information already present on the site.

Wikipedia Page Creator

If you already got an entry of your topic on Wikipedia, you can start editing and updating it, instead of writing the information all over again. Make sure that you enter correct and credible sources for reference to make your information stick.

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Follow the Sequence when creating a Wikipedia Page

Being a Wikipedia expert for hire, you must be knowledgeable about the sequential form of Wikipedia. It follows a pattern according to which it must have an introduction, the history, followed by the other more important aspects of the article. You don’t want your readers to get confused or worse, get the page deleted for not having clear information.

Keep It Neutral

Wikipedia being an encyclopedia requires unbiased tone for the article, so it doesn’t have any glorifying facts painting an exalting picture in the provided information. Besides the fact that Wikipedia is used for marketing, it does not allow to post anything that promotes a business, except for authentic information with credible proofs as evidence to the claim. State the obvious facts in the information, so it does not get deleted.

Write Short Paragraphs with Catchy Headings

Any reading material needs to be appealing in order to keep the reader engaged with it. Therefore having short paragraphs and catchy headings written in an informative tone is essential. Make sure that your headings summarize the main content of the paragraph so it can develop an idea about the paragraph under the headline.

Never Overemphasize the Fact when Creating a Wikipedia Page

Say what is necessary to keep the reader engaged with the information. Concise the fact to certain words and make it short for the reader, so they don’t lose their interest.

Give Notes

Citations are considered important when writing a Wikipedia page. You need to provide the link in the footnotes of the information as external sources for information to make it authentic and worth trusting.

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Proofreading Eliminates Errors

This is not something to be neglected. Proofreading makes sure that the information you have written inauthentic and does not contain any misinformation or a grammatical error which can get your article neglected and deleted by Wikipedia. You must remember that even the slightest mistake can destroy a writer’s reputation on the site.

All in all, you need the following factors which a writer must follow to become successful. Practice makes perfect, which means you need to practice your skills to make sure you become an expert in creating a Wikipedia page

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