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Setting up an eCommerce Business Website without Coding

The eCommerce business product catalogue WordPress plugin is an easy-to-use with 100% responsive and free product catalogue plugin for WordPress eCommerce or simple product catalogue website with the request a quote functionality. The eCommerce business WordPress plugin is a powerful, highly customizable and simple solution that works with any WordPress theme and most WordPress plugins.

It will make your web development even more effective. eCommerce business Product Catalog is built from the ground at impleCode. The plugin, documentation and the extensions are in constant development. New features, tweaks and fixes come regularly.

The WordPress plugin is a great solution for those who look for an easy way to add product management to their WordPress website. The eCommerce business WordPress plugin store like solution works with any theme and most of WordPress plugins. It is based on custom post types.

eCommerce Business Product Catalog WordPress Plugin Features

  • Display products anywhere on your WordPress website with or without price and custom parameters
  • Fully customize product display with WordPress customizer, template files or CSS
  • Organize products into multi-level categories, tags and multiple product catalogues
  • Let your visitors request a quote for all or selected products from the catalogue
  • Enable full WordPress eCommerce functionality at any time to create a shop or online store with or without payments.
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The eCommerce business product catalogue WordPress plugin SEO functionality will give your site a nice boost in search engines with SEO optimized product pages. There are all meta tags and schema.org rich snippets included. Also, a product feed is generated by default.

You can easily change them with your custom template or use a third-party SEO plugin for more titles and meta tags optimization. The eCommerce business Product Catalog is compatible with all major SEO plugins out of the box! You can create a sitemap and manage meta tags for all WordPress eCommerce pages.

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You can organize your product catalogue using categories easily with well-known WordPress categories screen. If you know how to use WordPress post categories there will be no learning curve for you to use it in the product catalogue.

You can display as many multi-level product categories as you need! All of them can have an image and a description. Product Categories can be listed on the main product listing or with [show_categories] shortcode.

The eCommerce business WordPress plugin is designed to work well out of the box in most cases. However, if you need some adjustments you can fully customize the product catalogue display in settings. Once you download and install the plugin, you will be able to do the following

  • Set colours of various product catalogue elements on a product page or product display
  • Set custom labels, headers and all product catalogue text output
  • Choose product display design
  • Disable or enable price and set the currency and format, and much more

There are many product catalogues that need some limits table for quick comparisons. With the eCommerce business Product Catalog, you can specify as many attributes or custom fields for each product on your business website as you need.

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