Sea Freight and Air freight Summation: China to Canada

Setting up your business abroad is a great idea until the point of importing and exporting your goods arises. If yours is a multinational company then transporting viable goods through Sea Freight and Air freight in a flexible and timely manner is an essential part of the business.

Even if you are a newly budding startup, if you are looking forward to expanding your mark beyond the land and sea you currently reside on then our services can cater to your needs. In the business world, the company, brand, and customer services all come down to the fact.

How fast are you willing to transport goods?

In today’s digital era every other company has to export and import to relay their business as a top-notch competition. Our services for transporting goods from one country to another are un-matched. Our Sea freight from China to Canada is customized according to your needs.

Sea Freight and Air freight Summation: China to Canada

We make sure that yours will be the service your customers can rely on though they may be present in any part of the world. Globalization is the trick to expand your business and we work over that aspect of the business while you focus on developing products.

  • Our Services:

We provide you with a wide variety of services. So, whether the items are large, small, heavy, or light. It doesn’t matter. Your goods will be delivered with due care on time by sea and air freight. So, the following are some of our services that will be provided by China freight when shipping from China to Canada.

  • Customs brokerage
  • Warehousing
  • Express Services
  • Cargo insurance
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Sea freight from China to Canada

Through time and beyond, sea bodies have been used for transportation. We provide sea freight from China to Canada. Our sea freight services expand beyond numeric. We are responsive to your need and want to see you expand your business using our services.

In our field of work, we rely completely on Door-to-Door service. We help ensure that goods are distributed via a clean, stable, and environmentally friendly framework. Our trucking, intermodal services have been backed up by a range of customers who vouch for our services.

We use logistics and efficiency to cross seas to have your goods delivered safe and sound. The services that we provide have an affordable range so that the delivery of your goods does not bear a large impact and thus become a draw-back to your business.

Service Specification related to sea freight

Our services begin from taking your booking of the cargo. This is followed by one of our services trucks pick up your goods for delivery. The export/ import documentation can be a hectic procedure involved with a lot of paper works depending on your sample sizes. We handle the documentation work for your sea freight.

Advantages associated with our service

  • We provide access to premium FCL sailings that fit with the complexities of your supply chain. With services ranging between 10 and 50 days, we have experienced teams settled at the origin and destination points. These help you optimize your shipment per the cost, route, and transit time.
  • We understand that some goods need to be delivered on an urgent basis. Our services ensure that your urgent cargo arrives at its destination on time, even when the circumstances change. Our customer’s satisfaction comes foremost. We acquire guaranteed top-notch services.
  • China Freight services are working upon laying a technology that makes the whole shipping process faster. We work to digitize customer details that can ensure accurate inspection of packages, we ensure that the likelihood of customs violations is drastically reduced.
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Air freight from China to Canada

Sometimes the product you need to get delivered has to be delivered accurately on time. What is a faster measure of deliverance than flight? Our Partnerships with reliable and top-class carriers allow us to provide diversified and high-quality air solutions to meet the pace and speed of delivery that is ideally tailored to customer requirements.

Our service is one of the best. We provide a remarkable service that confirms to the international standard of transportation. If you opt for our air freight services we are sure to cater to your needs., we understand that your customers are important to you.

Types of Air Freight

The air freight from China to Canada can be optimized using a variety of options available. These are as follows,

  • Economic Flight

For your more relaxed and time-consuming cargo requirements, we have a dedicated and highly affordable economic alternative. We follow a Transit time of 7+ business days. Flexible delivery times make it feasible for you to have Absolute savings over the air freight services that we provide.

  • Standard Freight

For an efficient and quick timely delivery, we provide premium service to meet your requirements. The standard freight service has a Transit time from 3 to 5 business days. The rates are affordable and the delivery can be scheduled accordingly.

  • Urgent Freight

Some goods need to be delivered urgently. We understand how this can give an edge to your business over the competition you might face. So, irrespective of the size or volume of your shipment, we will meet all your urgent and time-critical freight requirements.

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Specifically, air freight services can be thoroughly managed if it’s urgent. We acquire a transit time from 1 to 3 business days. We will make sure to arrange an Urgent shipment delivery is made viable.


Whether you sought for sea freight services or air freight services. As a China freight forwarder, we focus on delivering our services in the best way possible. Our main goal is to have you focused on your work while we manage the transportation associated issues.

A satisfied customer is as much our concern as it is yours. We want to see you thriving in life while you extend your business. Then services can always be customized according to your need. Be sure to rely on a trustworthy companion like us.

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Sea Freight and Air freight Summation: China to Canada

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