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Samsung Galaxy S10 Next Generation 5G Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a smartphone with the next generation of wireless technology that will enable users to stream and download movies and share their life’s moments HyperFast without Wi-Fi.

This new Samsung S10 smartphone puts the unrivalled power, speed, and connectivity of 5G networks to work for you. Users will be able to stream their favourite movies, shows, and games with faster speeds than 4G.

5G technology is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity is right around the corner with blazing speeds 3x faster than 4G, lower lag times, and much more reliable, real-time connections.

With 5G wireless technology, a tattoo artist in China can see their artwork come to life as a robot in Chicago applies the design in real-time. You supply the inspiration, 5G will help make it happen.

This new technology will put advancements in VR and other 5G-ready devices that will change the game. No controller needed. And 5G wireless technology will make it happen with virtually no lag time.

This advancements in VR and other 5G-ready devices will change the game. No controller needed. And 5G wireless technology will help take your gaming skills to the next level.

What are the Benefits of the 5G Technology in the new Galaxy S10 Smartphone

It will improve your health and wellness

From breakthroughs in wearables to remote monitoring for patients in remote parts of the location, 5G will improve accessibility to people and make our lives better and healthier through connected devices.

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Ability to stay connected to more devices

5G wireless technology will mean you can connect to many more devices to help make your life seamless. Just imagine connecting your smart car to your smartwatch with your smartphone while you settle in to watch your smart TV. That’s smart.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Bring home the benefits

Samsung Galaxy S10

Soon you will be able to experience the benefits of 5G wireless technology from inside your home or even on your way to work. Bring a favourite story character to life through AR, or increase your city’s efficiency by reducing energy usage. 5G will make it possible.

Game wherever, whenever, in real-time

Advancements in VR and other 5G-ready devices will change the game. No controller needed. And 5G wireless technology will make it happen with virtually no lag time.

The cinematic infinity display of Samsung S10 gives it so much screen and so little bezel. That means more detail and clarity, more immersive and uninterrupted content, in a slim, balanced form.

Galaxy S10 large 6.7″ dynamic AMOLED screen is engineered to provide an immersive, cinematic experience with realistic-yet-vibrant colours and reduce blue light to make it easy on the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Users just need to tap the screen to unlock. Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID embedded in the display keeps you secure using sound waves to detect the ridges of your fingertip in 3D.

The front Dual 3D Depth Sensing Camera puts pro portraits in your pocket and delivers nuanced depth and beautiful portraits through two front-facing lenses embedded in the Infinity display.

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With Samsung Galaxy S10, you can browse at the speed of thought. With 5G and a supernaturally fast processor, the Galaxy S10 5G loads sites and apps HyperFast. Stream shows or plays graphics-rich cloud games with faster speeds than 4G.* Even level up your AR and VR experiences on the 5G network.

The 24+ Intelligent Battery4 of the smartphone is a powerful battery that intelligently accesses power by learning how and when you use your phone to optimize usage based on how you live, to deliver intuitive and energetic peak performance throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G comes in a range of eye-catching, futuristic colours. Both sides of the device are made of highly durable Gorilla Glass 6, highly polished to emphasize the beautifully-reflective colours. The smartphone is wrapped in the thinnest metal frame in the Galaxy S10 series and emphasizes ergonomics in its elegantly curved design.

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