Root Causes of QuickBooks Error 12029 Overview

QuickBooks is accounting software that covers almost all the aspects of accounting or bookkeeping, and the kind of features and functions that they offer has no competition what so ever. QuickBooks Error 12029 mainly occurs when your network connectivity is not up to the mark.

QuickBooks Desktop software is vastly used by different companies, organisations and even the freelancers use the same software to manage their accounts. Intuit acknowledges this fact and keep on bettering their software according to the changing needs of the users.

QuickBooks Error 12029 Root

These needs keep changing because of the different guidelines of the government and the various errors, glitches and bugs.

(If in any case, you want to get rid of the errors or if you don’t understand anything related to QuickBooks Desktop software. Feel free to talk to our QuickBooks Technician at QuickBooks Error Support, and they will help you with the most appropriate solution possible.)

QuickBooks takes care of all these things by launching different tools like QuickBooks Doctor Tool and QuickBooks Tool Hub, and also they keep rolling out the other updates so that there are no bugs, glitches or errors there.

Talking about the different errors QuickBooks Error 12029 is also one of them. These errors occurring in the software is a very regular thing you don’t need to worry so much, but you should get rid of them as quick as possible.

In this post, you will get to know more about the QuickBooks Error 12029 and the root cause of the QuickBooks Error 12029 so please give it a very careful read.

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What is QuickBooks Error 12029

This error suggests that the QuickBooks has not been able to detect the IP address of either the PC or the different workstations attach to it because of the network connectivity. The servers in the backend have not been able to react to the command of QuickBooks in a particular time window.

(Please note that in case if you want a quick solution, you can always hire a useful QuickBooks Technician who is available 24/7 only for you at QuickBooks Error Support to solve any query related to QuickBooks Desktop Software.)

To understand QuickBooks Error 12029 better, you must know what the root causes behind the QuickBooks Error 12029 are thoroughly described in our next segment please give that a careful read so that you become fully aware of the error.

The Root Cause of QuickBooks Error 12029

The root causes of QuickBooks Error 12029 are as follows:

  • Like mentioned already, slow network connectivity can lead to the QuickBooks Error 12029.
  • A firewall is blocking the network connectivity that may result in occurring the error 12029.
  • Please check that if you’re using your home internet browser.
  • Check your SSL setting if anything is wrong there.
  • There can also be a network timeout in that case you can contact your ISP.
  • Corrupted windows.
  • Infected system file or .exe files.

These are the root causes of QuickBooks Error 12029, and please verify it with your PC if you’re facing the error 12029 if not you have this information now that you can use if you encounter with the same error.

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Like mentioned earlier, you can fix any error with the solution provided in the name of different tools like QuickBooks Tool Hub and QuickBooks File Doctor. And if in case these are not solving your purpose contact with one of our highly trained QuickBooks Technician at QuickBooks Error Support.


In conclusion, QuickBooks is unmatchable when it comes to providing after-sales services, features and functionalities and these services and updates that they regularly give to their users are one of the many reasons of their being on top in the market.

Like any other computer software, QuickBooks is also one of them, and it is prone to different errors and issues, but that is not the end of the world. Like mentioned QuickBooks Tool Hub and QuickBooks File Doctor and you can also talk to one of our QuickBooks Technician at QuickBooks Error Support, and they will help you assist with the error 12029. Hope you find this article helpful and worth your time.

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