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Role of Distance Learning in the New Normal

When distance learning was first introduced to the world as a new way of learning, it was revolutionary in the education world. It was something new for everyone and created a lot of buzz in the education system. It changed the way learners acquire knowledge.

It changed the ways of learning and communicating with the instructor. And, it opened a whole new world for those who wanted to learn but had some limitations. Distance learning provided many benefits and broke all barriers for the new generation of students.

Now, they can get the same quality of education and guidance as to any other traditional institute. And with time, it only got better. Nowadays, every major institution is providing distance learning programs that are specifically designed for students‘ needs.

Distance Learning

This new way of learning is now accessible, flexible, and affordable to all. With the help of revolutionary technology, distance learning has proved that education is for everyone. It became a true essence of acquiring knowledge.

Ever since distance learning became the new addition to our education system and opened doors for many despite its various benefits there were many, who were skeptical about entering this whole new arena of learning. Mostly they had this question about credibility.

Will it have the same value as the traditional way of getting a degree?

Often it is found that while giving an interview people who got their degree by getting a traditional way of education receives more acceptance than the one who studied through distance learning. Even though distance learning has lots of benefits without hampering the quality of acquiring knowledge, still it is not given the same kind of recognition.

Where a COVID-19 pandemic has spread its terror in the world and shut down the whole enchilada. Distance learning came as a savior and saved the education world from a complete shutdown. Where most industries were struggling, the education sector was flourishing. All thanks to the virtues of distance learning.

Distance learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic helped many to get those long due certification and knowledge which people always thought of doing but couldn’t as they were busy in their professional lives, now able to add new skills and certificates in their spare time which is going to help them in the long run.

In this pandemic, people have started exploring new skills and fulfilled their childhood dream to be a cook or a painter. With the help of distance learning, not only kids but adults are learning new foreign languages but also learning how to do coding and this doesn’t stop here.

With such a facility and abundance of knowledge access to everyone only makes one limitless. Distance learning has helped many to explore and be productive with their spare time. Really in this pandemic distance learning became a blessing in disguise.

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Now the whole world understands the benefits and the importance of distance learning

And with the help of the technology, it only makes better interactive sessions for students and instructors. In 2020, distance learning became the only medium on which the whole education system depends on and now in this pandemic more than ever.

Where people are confined to their homes and trying their best to adjust in this ‘new normal’, distance learning got well adapted by the world. Now schools and colleges are launching distancing learning classes based on resources and digital tools are available with them.

Teachers are now fully embracing the new way of teaching their students. Distance learning provides a great experience which has opened doors for greater possibilities. Previously, teachers have this reputation of not being tech-savvy.

Digital learning now bridges the gap between teacher confidence using technology

Digital learning was first introduced to the world in the 18th century by the University of Chicago which was introduced as a new concept that existed for many years but only now it has become even more evident in recent months.

By the use of dynamic technology, educators, students and parents are discovering many benefits regularly. Whilst distance learning will not be able to replace the traditional way of classroom experience but distance learning has made a strong footing in the education industry.

To understand it better why distance learning is a great alternative for learning

We must understand the strategies or methods practised by the leader of knowledge. One practice is well known in education for many years; it is called ‘retrieval practice’. Retrieval practice is a strategy that is used to bring out information to mind and enhance the ability to learn new lessons.

By deliberately recalling information, it helps the students to examine what they know and to improve their long term. Retrieval Practice became synonymous with learning. Teachers were already using technology in many ways to practice their previously taught lessons with the implementation of retrieval practice.

Technology very well adopted this strategy to make the learning experience as close as to the traditional way of learning. So, students can have the same kind of classroom experience in the comfort of their homes.

There are so many websites which provide a vast range of quizzes which have multiple choices to recall the right answer. Some have different features to support learning as it is completely based on retrieval practice.

From the educator’s points of view, there are a lot of digital tools that allow teachers to work efficiently. They can easily collect data to analyze and quickly give feedback. This will help them to assess their pupils’ progress and work accordingly.

This way it will only help the student and better the learning experience. Now the technology has evolved so much it only made it easier for everyone. Now teachers don’t have to mark every student individually, technology can do itself.

Another huge advantage of distance learning is that with the help of technology, it reduces the workload of teachers to a great extent and saves time. It has only helped teachers to better plan and communicates with their pupils.

Due to COVID-19, schools are completely shut down globally

Approximately 1.2 billion students are now out of the classroom. This pandemic has changed education upside down. But with the rise of distance learning, students are easily adapting to this new normal and made it possible to take classes remotely.

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Various researches suggest that an increasing number of digital classes has increased the retention of knowledge and takes less time. Therefore the sudden change is now becoming the new reality of our lives and makes more sense.

In response to the increasing demand for digital marketing during COVID-19, many online platforms are providing free online free classes. Covid-19 pandemic has a staggering impact on global education. Companies like Byju’s, have seen a 200% growth in the number of students using their services. Many companies globally are seeing the same amount of growth in demand for services.

So, some are wondering what is the future of distance learning?

While some believe that there is still a lot of work required and suffice the need for the high quality of education. But due to rapid move to online learning without proper training and little preparation – will have a poor impact on the whole user experience which is not feasible to sustain in the future.

Others believe that a new model of education will evolve, and bring significant change for the better. It is believed that distance learning will further accelerate online education and will become an integral part of getting an education. Many are quite happy with the whole experience of learning digital.

However, some challenges can be overcome. Some students find it difficult without a reliable internet connection which can surely ruin the experience of learning remotely. There are still many regions where access to the internet is not available. And it is a huge concern for many.

But the growing need for internet connectivity, people are constantly looking for a solution to have internet connectivity. Those days are not far away when everyone will enjoy the benefits of the internet.

Meanwhile, those who have the privilege to access the internet are experiencing the benefits of distance learning and find it more effective in many ways. It only helped students to acquire more knowledge and made it enjoyable.

Distance learning is more helpful for students as it helps in learning faster

Now they can learn at their own pace – a digital platform made learning more interactive and interesting to help students have a better understanding of the concepts. It only made learning interesting.

Students who didn’t like studying math, physics, and many subjects are now their favourite subjects. Every subject is now presented in whole new ways. This has made the learning process easy and interesting.

Therefore, it is now evident that distance learning has been seen as a very important part of getting knowledge. While many still have their concern and still see it as a temporary alternative during this pandemic, but many believe that seeing its benefits will change the ways one takes their lesson.

As of 2020, technology has evolved very much and it continues making distance learning better. Although it can never eliminate the traditional ways of teaching and the learning process, it will certainly go hand in hand with teaching methods.

Distance learning will still be true with its core of providing education from everywhere. Distance learning has great potential and opportunity one can gain the knowledge and explore the possibilities with its full potential.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, this has brought everyone together and technology made us build our community stronger more than ever. In the education industry, everyone came together and with the digital platform, people shared their knowledge with the world.

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It was amazing to see the change. Distance learning doesn’t discriminate and it is available for everyone. Anyone can have a degree from their dream college. Now even the most prestigious colleges in London or any further lands have distance learning education programs available for all. So, everyone can get an education from across the border.

People now understand the importance and effectiveness of distance learning

They are open-minded to the possibilities of new experiences. This new wave of learning is just the beginning. There are many opportunities and unexplored territory which are yet to be discovered. Whatever it will be, the future of learning and acquiring is going to be an amazing journey.

It is only going to make our lives better. It will surely remain true to the essence of providing knowledge to everyone from everywhere. This was the whole point, limitless Knowledge, without any boundaries and for everyone. Therefore, with times the core will remain the same but it will keep on finding new ways of learning. Distance learning will always remain relevant with changing time.

The role of distance learning is as relevant and effective as it was introduced the first time into the world

Since then it came a long way. With the sudden change in the world, distance learning has proved how relevant and competent this pandemic situation is. During COVID-19 pandemic, distance learning had already been learning, adaptive and innovative experience. In the years to come, the whole experience will stay.

With the help of distance learning, teachers, knowledge leaders, students, and many other knowledge seekers will continue to enjoy its benefits even after post-pandemic. The radical change in policies, the mindset will promote and play a monumental role in the education system. Teachers and the students have flexibility and time to learn at their own pace.

In conclusion

Distance learning has proven to be the more convenient, cheaper, and confidential student-friendly mode of learning. The global enrolment rates in the institutions of higher learning have shot up tremendously judging from the ongoing trends, it is evident that distance learning will continue to gain prominence over traditional face-to-face education.

Distance learning can be a great way to learn valuable knowledge and tools for your future. Distance learning has added a different perspective to your learning method. So, get a fresh perspective on everything and start distance learning courses to develop your skill and raise knowledge.

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