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Pubg Mobile (KR) 0.17.0 APK for PC Free Download 2020

Just as we already see in Beta, the new Team Elimination Mode allows you to team up with other people, with 4v4 boys and girls inside closed settings, especially ready for its big spot. ۔ In addition, each team is associated with a monster Pubg mobile Godzilla King of Monsters, Godzilla He, King Ghidorah, Mothra, and King Corporation.

Pubg Mobile Godzilla Event 0.13

Patch notes:

Team Death Match mode was added to Eva Ground. All of these modes feature high-speed firefights in both FPP and TPP. You can even create cards with players’ cards.FPPL includes control settings. Get players separate settings for FFP and TPP. Detection of Virtual App, emulators and reformers’ third-party app detection system and fraudulent behaviour. All players receive a default MVP pose. Top 3 players in Pubg mobile classic form or the MVP of the winning team in TDM.In Wakanda, players will now leave footprints, trail and tire tracks on the ice.

The Pubg mobile series included a dedicated button with enough settings enabled. Friendly Fire Forever comes to players who live from fellow merit new gift of popularity and rating prize. Each week, the top 100 players on the list gather in full-time popularity or current popularity titles. Charisma ratings add to the charisma of any player’s permanent outfits and firearms with the completion of weapons/vehicles.

Pubg Mobile

New Features

  • Victory Lashkar: Team Dietmuch completes 1/5/10/20 match with Dominating
  • Alpha & Omega: Get the first hit and the last blow in Team Dietmuch
  • T-800: Get Terminator 1 time in Team Death Match
  • Battle Elche: Complete a series of missions in Team Dietmuch.
  • Pubg Godzilla skins
  • Other improvements
  • Avoid early morning and dark night changes:
  • Old zombies have not changed zombies into 4 types.
  • Mike Nitrogen has been behind the grenade campus for a long time, leaving behind a cloud, which has a slower rate of movement and movement of a unit.
  • All mode combat fixes added.
  • Some zombies now have new machines: tanks will power close allies. Skinner can slow down nearby players.
  • Replace a new factory.
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Pubg mobile Game modes

  • Inventory improvements
  • Players can now join batches.
  • Quipped items appear on quotes. The new population copied will not be indicated with a red dot and “all” tags.
  • The bag and helmet tab was moved to the Customization tab
  • Protective environments are now 25% more durable. No change.
  • The player is now completing the move down to the site, instead of moving/reloading the moving bolt action rifle coat.
  • Improve FPP mobility on the go while holding SMGs.
  • Vehicles now have a better opinion of the amazing.
  • Events centres are now directed to improve interaction and better lessons in the Event Center.
  • Expansion camp looks like a staff challenge qualifying round. Now there will be 5 qualifying matches every day. From 5, each team takes 3 to 3 matches each day, before taking part. As of 2, each squad is allowed to participate in more than 12 qualifyings, 18 qualifying matches. The staff has been added to the shop.
  • Players have no refusal to register for the Crew Challenge Now the match has begun 10 minutes ago in the Notes section.
  • Players now collect all the rewards, along with daily missions, development missions and achievements.
  • Signs for 3 large tribes for Lv are included. 7 L Lv. 9th, and Lv. 10.
    The main screen has a hint of late. Green, Yellow, and Red are in sudden, average, or poor contact points.

Gear Arena

  • Gear Arena, the new vehicle battle royale is now available
  • Race and shooter ride the car together and fight off enemies!

Second Anniversary of the Global Release

  • Together We Play! Time to start the festival!
  • Enjoy a special theme park built at Eringel, the second-anniversary celebration!
  • Play small games, ride rides and get great rewards.
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Pubg mobile Classic mode update

  • Datacom added, adjusting the balance of the Micro UZI, Mk47 mutant and M16A4,
  • Added colourblind mode, improved match UI setting
  • Check out Improved Classic mode!

Brothers in Arms System

  • Don’t worry even if it’s your first fight.
  • Former soldiers of Pub Mobile will fight together with shopkeepers!
  • Rookies can earn their fighting skills, while former soldiers can receive different rewards

Option optional item

  • Services outside these permissions related features will still be provided even if the user does not have access to the photos/microphone apps.
  • Services outside these permissions related features will still be provided even if the user does not have access to the photos/microphone apps.

Yin Eringel Winter Mode 1

  • What if it snowed in Erangel? Winter mode has arrived!
  • Watch the Irish covered with snow, snowboards and cable cars!


  • Weapons boots are now available at TDM.
  • Weapons can be edited to boot out. Check it out!

System Gallery System 1

  • So the gallery system has been released!
  • Collect skins and earn extra rewards.

Access to photos

  • Unable to share, upload or save screenshots of the game without allowing access to the photos.
  • Access to the microphone is allowed:
  • Unable to chat or record without allowing microphone access

How to cancel access to each Pubg mobile app

Settings> Field> Switch microphone
Setup> Field> Close Photos

How to revoke access per feature

Turn off Settings> Privacy> Microphone > Fields field
Close Settings> Privacy > Photos > Fields

Services outside these permissions related features will still be provided even if the user does not 
have access to the photos/microphone apps

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Some Important Detail About This Game

  • Latest Version: PUBG Mobile (KR) 0.17.0 APK for PC – Download
  • Requirements: Windows 7,Windows 2008,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 98,Windows 2003,Windows Vista,Windows 2012 & Android Mobiles
  • File Size: 1.7GB
  • Autor/Product: PUGB Corporation
  • New Update: 27 March 2020

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