Professional Multilingual Real Estate Marketing Software

Zeekin is a professional multilingual real estate marketing software designed primarily to connect the stakeholders in the real estate business by enhancing online opportunities in the real estate industry through the latest technology.

The real estate marketing software offers three different solutions for Marketplace, Agencies and Agents which will power complex real estate platforms and at the same time give solutions for boutique real estate agencies. Zeekin is innovative tools and functionalities that aid in catering better customer engagement along with best-in-class customer service.

This professional multilingual real estate marketing software supports video uploads for each property. This is one cost-effective platform and highly customizable, scalable based on innovative business models.

To make sure that Zeekin’s potential is fully used for benefit of the real estate entrepreneurs through the provision of pre-launch & post-launch training, support as well as help when the need arises.

Reasons to Choose Zeekin Professional Multilingual Real Estate Marketing Software

Multilingual Real Estate Marketing

– Robust Multi-Channel platform with powerful features
– Customizable platform for your creative concepts
– Expert consultation on structuring your web and mobile front end
– Well-defined real estate features and constant updates

– Inbuilt marketing and analytics features
– User-friendly Custom design integration
– It saves time and cost of development
– The real estate marketing software is built using the powerful Oorjit Framework

Zeekin professional multilingual real estate marketing software comes integrated with Geo-fencing technology which helps in viewing properties located near the user/agent without searching.

To make the search easy, the real estate marketing software lists properties near the app user

– Is a Mobile Ready, the fully customizable marketplace for your innovative business models
– You can easily integrate your Innovative Revenue Models
– Seamless browsing experience using advanced merchandising
– Analytics and reports to help you in decision-making
– Hassle-free migration from existing platforms

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Zeekin professional multilingual real estate marketing software is an effective solution to publish your properties, promote it online and manage agents and leads from a single dashboard. You will enjoy the great experience from social media login to finding, selling, renting etc. the Zeekin mobile app gives your users an easy and unforgettable experience.

Users can get ample information on every property, including property layout, images, videos, maps etc. You can personalise the real estate marketing software to make users feel right at home with our personalization features. The features like “Save

Your Search” lets users save their favourite search combinations and opt to get notifications if a new property listed matches the saved combinations. The app is intelligent enough to dynamically change the priority of property listing and suggests properties by analyzing and understanding the user behaviour.

The professional multilingual real estate marketing software engages by encouraging retention and repeated visits using our engagement tools like Q&A forums which allow users to post their queries, social media tools designed to make your content go viral and various calculators like mortgage, refinance, EMI etc.

The multilingual real estate lifting platform comes inbuilt with multiple promotion features like ‘Ad of the day’ using which you can schedule and automate advertisements on the website;

The ‘Featured Projects’ helps you promote a few properties on the website by showcasing them in the most visible areas in the app. The app has banners in highly visible locations which you can use for promotions.

Zeekin professional multilingual real estate marketing software lets users search for properties and amenities around their desired location and the app’s geo-targeting capability lists the properties near the user by default and while searching.

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The ‘Smart Map’ feature allows users to draw the area they are interested in on the map and all properties available in that particular area will be displayed, making the search a much easier experience for users.

In addition to this, the search module in the app predicts search terms, suggests keywords and even corrects typos. Learn more about Zeekin real estate professionals a multilingual listing platform to empowers your real estate business and helps you stay at par with market trends.

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