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Pro and Cons of Creating eCommerce Site on WordPress

Creating an eCommerce site on WordPress is a solution that has some advantages and disadvantages: here is what you need to know to make an informed and effective choice. In recent years, many brands have decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the web and open their own eCommerce website

The term eCommerce refers to a website capable of receiving transactions for the marketing of goods and services between producer and consumer, made through the Internet. The question that many have asked is whether an eCommerce site on WordPress is a solution with more advantages or disadvantages: here is a useful insight to clarify and choose the right solution.

Making an eCommerce site with WordPress: advantages and disadvantages

eCommerce Site

If until a few years ago the idea of creating an eCommerce site with WordPress might have seemed rash, compared to the decision to opt for an ad hoc structure, there are currently many statistical reasons why WordPress can prove to be an excellent solution:

  • Percentage of the most visited sites in the world has been created in WordPress;
  • More than 50% of the sites that use a content management system have chosen WordPress;
  • There are over 60 million WordPress installations;
  • There are numerous themes for an eCommerce site to choose from and can be customized;
  • WordPress is constantly updated so that its features are always at the top and guaranteed security.
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To create an eCommerce site with WordPress you need to install the Woocommerce plugin which is the most downloaded and is a leader in the eCommerce sector. Thanks to its popularity, this plugin currently offers personalized solutions of the highest level, ideal for professionals who come from any sector, but we will explore this topic in the next paragraph.

Compared to the disadvantages, on the other hand, it must be considered that the more an eCommerce on WordPress grows, the more the number of scripts that WordPress executes could undermine many web servers.

Furthermore, given that in the case of an eCommerce site, it is necessary to install some plugins to make it work to the best of its potential, there may be difficulties in performing the updates: in this case, it becomes necessary to contact an external professional who does the job. Read Also: WordPress Development Services

What is Woocommerce and what are its potential

The most used system for eCommerce site on WordPress is certainly Woocommerce. It is a CMS plugin that is attached to the WordPress platform and which has proven to be the optimal solution for many companies because it is more intuitive and easier to use than other software for creating an eCommerce site, in particular Prestashop and Magento.

The ease of use of Woocommerce derives from the fact that it is perfectly integrated with WordPress, therefore, anyone who already owns a blog or site with WordPress is facilitated in creating their own online store.

Another advantage over other professional software is that Woocommerce is not born as a real software for online sales, but as a plugin, so those who choose it for their business can always use the blog or the attached website to create a strategy of integrated promotion of its products.

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Regarding the payment methods, Woocommerce accepts several options, such as bank transfer, cash on delivery and PayPal, which is widely used among users when they decide to shop online. Woocommerce is also equipped with shipping costs that automatically update according to the geographical area of origin of the users.

Furthermore, it should not be underestimated that choosing WordPress for an eCommerce proves successful because, thanks to the use of SSL systems, it is possible to guarantee users the protection of their data during the purchase phase, thus gaining their trust in full.

eCommerce theme on WordPress: how to choose it

Before choosing a theme for your eCommerce to be created on WordPress, you must follow a series of indications and be clear about the ideas of how you imagine your online store.

Here are some useful tips to follow to make the best decision for your business

  • The mega menu option must be present which is a sort of drop-down menu that reveals additional pages and links as you move. In this way, it is possible to better organize the navigation, without creating chaos among users.
  • It must be equipped with the catalogue mode which helps visitors to browse the products without having to continually repeat clicks on the many pages.
  • Must provide the possibility to click on a product and immediately view the details or add the product to the cart. By reducing the number of clicks required from each visitor, the conversion rate to sales is more positive.
  • It is advisable to opt for a theme with a minimal design, with white spaces between the different sections and the different products, so as not to tire or confuse the user during the visit to eCommerce site.

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