Personal Emergency Response Systems: The True Life Saver

The dilemma that families face when caring for an aging loved one is understandable. Every senior wishes to maintain their independence, which can be challenging as senior mobility declines with age.  Seniors, on the other hand, can achieve this goal more safely by using a simple medical alert system.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are therefore advised. These devices are a quick, easy, and effective way to summon assistance in an emergency.  Medical alert systems, which are activated by the push of a button, provide comfort not only to seniors but also to family and friends who are far away.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

When activated, the system notifies all relevant emergency channels. There is no delay in receiving assistance because the response is instantaneous. As a result, this simple and convenient device has the potential to be a true lifesaver.

What is a Personal Emergency Response System?

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), also known as Medical Emergency Response Systems, allow you to summon assistance in an emergency by pressing a button. A Personal Emergency Response System is made up of three parts: 

  • A console that is linked to your phone
  • A small radio transmitter
  • An emergency response center that monitors calls

Who can benefit from PERS?

Seniors benefit the utmost from Personal Emergency Response Systems, especially if they want to live independently within their sweet home for as long as possible. The dangers of living alone are one of the main reasons why older people move out of their homes and into nursing homes.

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When a Medical Alert is available, these dangers can be mitigated. A Personal Emergency Response System is most commonly used by people aged above 55. As per reports, the number of people who own a device increases with age.

All seniors can benefit from Personal Emergency Response Systems, but the following are the ones who require an emergency response system the most.

History of Falling

For those who are at high risk of falling, in-home & portable medical alert systems with fall detection are required. Health problems, such as fainting & dizziness, can occur in the elderly. They may also struggle with balance, which can lead to falls.

When older people fall, time is of the essence because it can result in life-threatening injuries. A medical alert fall detection system can call ambulatory services to arrange for transportation to a nearby emergency room.

Elders who reside Alone

These people may not have anyone to depend on in an emergency. This can be hazardous if an emergency occurs, such as falling, the person not feeling well, accidentally starting a fire, and/or attempting to break into the home.

Seniors with Mobility Issues

It is dangerous to be unable to move during an emergency. If someone falls & is unable to get up, they may end up on the floor for hours or even days. This need not be the case. People who live alone and have mobility issues, particularly seniors, can reap the full benefits of Personal Emergency Response Systems when they are required.

While medical alert systems are most commonly used by the elderly, they can be utilized by people of all ages. They offer numerous advantages to anyone, including those with disabilities.

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Why should the Elderly Choose PERS?

A fall or any medical emergency can quickly turn tragic for seniors who still live alone if they cannot reach the phone or find help quickly. Security, safety, comfort, and peace of mind can all be provided by alert systems.

Here are some reasons why seniors should consider medical alert systems:

Easy to Use and Highly Convenient

Medical alert systems are typically worn as bracelets or pendants, or in the form of a smartwatch. They are less bulky or noticeable, and the subtle designs are meant to make them more convenient and less embarrassing. They offer a quick alternative to dialing a phone, remembering phone numbers, or pressing multiple buttons.

Hassle-free Installation

The majority of senior medical alert devices have a main home unit that resembles an answering machine or smart speaker. They also have two-way speakers to communicate with the companies that monitor them. Most are ready to use as soon as a phone line & power source is connected.

Monitor Living Space

Some systems also include environmental sensors that will notify you of a fire or high levels of carbon monoxide. They may also automatically alert first responders or monitoring centers depending on the system you choose.

Offer an Array of Choices

Monitoring systems, which were once bulky and obvious, are now available in a variety of configurations. Current models can be disguised as fitness or activity monitors, making them less noticeable. They can also have GPS, which allows family and other loved ones to track wandering seniors.

Ensure Absolute Peace of Mind

Knowing that their loved ones are constantly monitored can help family members relax. Some systems can also text or email family members when certain events take places, such as the front door opening or other events.

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Help Promote Independence

Seniors are in charge because they can activate the alarms when necessary. Feel free to shower, work in the yard, or sleep knowing that assistance is only a button press away. Seniors can continue to live in their own homes while knowing they are safe.

Get Help Instantaneously

Medical alert systems, in fact, are monitored around the clock and can dispatch family members or first responders as needed. You can get the help you want and need, even if it does not necessitate medical treatment.

Final Analysis

Nobody indeed knows your facility like you. What are the most pressing needs you face on a daily basis? There is almost certainly a system that can address several of your most pressing issues. 

Given the potential benefits, why not consider installing an alert system? Independent workers may be vulnerable to certain risks and dangers as a result of job requirements, including criminal elements and operational hazards. 

When a person’s safety is threatened by man-made or natural forces, the use of a Personal Emergency Response System device can provide a much-needed lifeline.

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